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Pleinair Mar 21, 2020 8:49 PM
Hey dude, been a while. Don't know when you'll see this message, and maybe I'm being a little dramatic by saying this, but in the face of what's happening right now in the world, I just want to say that I wish that everything goes well with you and your family. Hope you are safe and we all will certainly come out of this stronger.
Pleinair Aug 20, 2019 8:10 PM
Hello, how's it going? I spent some time away and now I see that you, too... haha. Welp, dunno when you'll see this but I'll just write a small message anyway.
Did you see the news lately about or waste of oxygen we call a president, who is basically destroying the Amazon and talking shit after shit every day? I saw some news this week about germans wanting to boycott and sanction Brazil, and boy, how I wish you guys would do that... I'm so different from how I was two years ago, I used to be more calm and all and everything that is happening here really makes me mad, now I just want that all possible bad things happen to us because fuck it, everyone that voted for that piece of shit deserves it. Me and the other people that didn't vote for him will go to the same hell, but I'll take that just to see those people suffer too.

Welp, the paragraph above is kinda psychopathic and edgy, sorry about that, but all the absurd things that I have to listen to or read everyday would make anyone mad...

But in any case, I came here to ask how you are and then I go talking about politics again, lol. Anything new, watching/reading anything good? Your lists haven't been updated since May, but I doubt that you aren't even reading anything... like, even if it isn't anime or manga, you must have watched some movies or read some books...
Also, I remember that you liked Wednesday Campanella, I listened to another album by them called Superman, and my god it's so good! I think it's better than the one you bought (Zipangu), and I'm currently obsessed with this song, really love it so so much!

Edit: oh, someone uploaded the full album to youtube, maybe give it a listen if you want. :)
Here you go.
My favorite songs are Zeami (song 9, it's the song I sent the link above, it's my favorite one), Onyankopon (song 4) and Ikkyuu-san (song 3). There are timestamps in the description!
Iplemons Jun 15, 2019 7:17 PM
I just thought it was a bit too fetishy for my liking and when the furry came in I had to stop lmao.

Nothing is berserk-sized.... nothing at all....
Pleinair May 31, 2019 12:02 AM
Oh, I thought it was something like that... but don't worry, actually I wish I could do the same as you and stop coming to sites like this while I'm studying because if I could devote 100% of the time to my responsibilities, I'd be able to reach my objectives a lot sooner, and then some 2 years from now I could come back to here and to playing games and stuff without having to worry all the time because I'd already have my life settled. But in the end it's impossible and everyday I end the day thinking I should have studied more...
Can I make a super personal question? What's you job? You don't have to be specific or anything, just say your area like "I work in IT" or something, it's just that your message left me a bit curious, but if you don't want to answer it's okay, or you can say "I'm doing something I like and I'm happy" or something like that, just please don't lie. D:
And I agree that it's unpleasant to write on the phone, computer all the way.

And actually I'm not very knowledgeable about european politics, brazilian politics already make me exhausted just to keep up with... so to be honest I don't know much about what happened in Europe. I mean, of course I know about May's resign from her post, and now the UK will be absolutely fucked if someone like Boris Johnson becomes the PM because it would basically mean that there will be a hard brexit and there would be no chance of a new referendum (not that I think that the chances from one happening now are big, but then they would basically become 0%). But about Austria for example, all I know is that a lot of people resigned because some guy was caught on camera teaching someone about how to do frauds? Or something like that. I could just go read the news but it's just that Austria isn't really very significant for us and like I said, politics from here are already exhausting enough... oh, by the way, these days I was reading about this guy and his plagiarism scandal, and you know the thing that surprised me the most? His name. Holy crap, it's big... reminds me of the names of the royalty in some countries some centuries ago.
And about the EU election, I didn't even have any idea it happened haha, just because you said I searched here for a bit and apparently Le Pen's, Salvini's and Nigel Farage's parties got the most votes from their countries, so what I take from that is that the world is fucked. We're fucked. The right keeps and will keep rising and the only way to mitigate that is, unfortunately, to wait for them to get more power and fail miserably, like the current president in Brazil is doing (his government already has the worst approval rate in history for the first 5 months), but the problem is that their actions will take years or decades to revert. So it makes me happy that our incompetent leader is already showing how shit he is, which means that he won't have the same strength in future elections (if he wasn't elected and someone else wasn't doing good right now, the amount of voters for him later would probably rise), but until then, his global warming denying ass will have already done too much harm for us. In the same way, I don't think that someone like that pig called Salvini will be around for too long, but until he steps down, the rise of fascism will be very prejudicial for everyone that isn't a bigot.
Pleinair May 11, 2019 9:02 PM
Alright, you got me, I never heard of Beirut or Mission of Burma 😄

To be honest, these aren't as famous as Depeche Mode, but you understand nonetheless.

Bizarre Love Triangle

"Everytime I think of you I feel shot right through with a bolt of blue" might be my favorite opening line of a song of all time. One phrase that conveys more emotion than I could do if I wrote ten pages; Summers is a really underrated lyricist in my opinion.
Also that video that I sent you is so ❤❤❤ (don't say "so hearts? what do you mean?"), the scenes are from Chungking Express, which is one of my favorite movies ever, the first time I watched it I was obsessed with it for a while, it's just so ❤❤❤

Personal Jesus

I actually liked this one, it's really catchy and easy to listen to over and over. The lyrics are kinda alright I guess, I didn't take much from them, but most of the time I'm a rhythm > lyrics person anyway, otherwise I wouldn't listen to a lot of japanese artists that I don't even understand.
Actually I'm also surprised that Enjoy the Silence is their most famous song because that was one of the songs that I least liked of that bunch... but it might be the case where I'll like it more after repeated listenings. For example, I absolutely hated this song the first time I've heard it, but now I actually like it. (Looool, I can't believe I'm actually sending you a link to that song... but it's not a favorite of mine or anything, it's just to give you the most extreme example of something that I didn't like at the beginning but did later. The first comment on youtube is also funny as heck, "Honey, they're playing our song...", bahahaha)

You know what, I'm listening to Enjoy the Silence again and I already like it a more than the first time, the first 30 seconds before he starts singing really makes you want to dance, and the lyrics are pretty good. The only thing that I still don't like is that "Enjoy the Sileeeence" after the song ends, it's kinda random and out of place...

You know what², I'm listening to it again and it's a good song, I'll listen to Violator right goddamn now!

maybe I should just remember them the way they were and just ignore the new stuff from now on

Oh wow, I just searched on google, and I had no idea about this, but Depeche Mode is still going strong! I had no idea they were still putting out albums up to this day, probably because every time I see someone talk about them, they talk about their songs from the 80s and 90s, so I always thought that they had disbanded at some point in the 90s, color me surprised at this.
Pleinair May 11, 2019 1:16 PM
... my god.

Like I said, there are so many artists and bands in the world that we're bound to find some famous ones that we haven't heard yet. In my case the biggest one, I think, was Depeche Mode, now it's probably some rap or metal group like Death Grips or Rainbow. There's also some other bands like Tears for Fears or A Flock of Seagulls... but with time I'll listen to them all, and then there will be some other big bands that I've never heard... it won't ever end.
So let's say I take ten random famous artists from my playlist, let's see: Talking Heads, Tortoise, The Byrds, The Flaming Lips, M83, Funkadelic, Beirut, Mission of Burma, Pulp, Massive Attack. I'm sure that there's one of them which you have never heard anything from, so don't act like I'm some kind of alien or something. :P
And if you've heard all of those, then I know that there's some very famous artist out there that you still haven't heard, it happens to us all.

In any case, first thing I have to say is: dude! You put 15 songs in your message, you basically assembled an album for me to listen, haha. But I really liked your story about why the band means so much to you and the bonds that you made with people because of it. That's really great, I still have a great friend from high school whom I came to befriend because we had a similar taste in music (although he doesn't agree with me that Loveless is the best album of all time, humanity's greatest achievement and the pinnacle of the form of art we call 'music' — it's ok though, everyone can be wrong sometimes, the guy will learn someday).

About DM, I have to say that I really had never listened to them before. Nope, not one song rang any bell, there was nothing that made me think "oh!, this rhythm from these five seconds of this song sounds familiar!". Nope, everything sounded very new to me.
It's also different to how I thought their sound was. I always pictured that Depeche Mode sounded a bit like New Order, especially this song that I absolutely love, but it doesn't even sound any familiar to that. I probably just thought that because the two bands are from around the same time and so I kind of associated them in my head.
But anyway, I listened to all the songs that you've listed and yeah, the band sounds good! I like and will always like this synthpop sound, although I'm not really the biiiiiigest fan of the genre. I like it, it's cool, I just don't see myself getting all addicted to the bands or artists and listening to them all the time. I just like to hear it here and there.

The songs that I liked the most were Everything Counts, A Question of Time and Policy Truth. I think that these three had the most upbeat sounds and that's probably why I liked them more than the others. The one that I didn't really like was Walking in My Shoes... and now brace yourself because I might be commiting a sin and saying some absurd foolishness, but this song just sounded like a second-class The Cure song... so if I want to hear The Cure I'll hear The Cure, not something that sounds like an imitation... and now bam! Now you want to kill me. Have this picture to wash your murderous feelings away.
There was also another one with darker tones that I didn't quite like, which was Barrel of a Gun. Again, it's not bad, just not the kind of thing that I tend to like.
I gotta say though that I think that their earlier songs sounded better to me, from Walking in My Shoes until Useless it looks like the band kind of went in just one way, the songs sound more similar and darker than the earlier ones did. Then with Dream On they sound kinda different, more pop-ish... not like they weren't already pop before... but it sounds a bit more commercial. Before you say it, I know that they already had sold thousand (millions?) of albums in the 80s and 90s, but I'm talking just about the sound, really. Argh, it's hard to describe a personal feeling like this.

But anyway, the documentary looks interesting because it's not just a concert film but also shows travelling fans and the backstage of their shows. I'll put in my 'plan to watch' list, but I have to say that this list already has thousands of movies, so I will probably not see it any soon. At the moment I'm also not really watching movies (still haven't watched A Clockwork Orange... it's been 40 days since I've downloaded it, lol), so I can't promise to watch it now... will try to see it someday, though.

Also, about the Singles Collection you've sent me, I'll listen to it in the following days, but I think that first I'll listen to one of their normal studio albums. I prefer to hear the songs in the place you were supposed to hear them in the first time, so I'm not really a big fan of compilation albums. But now I'm conflicted, because I was going to listen to Violator, which is their most famous album, but from the songs you've sent me, the one that I liked the most by far was Everything Counts, which is not from this album; on the other hand, Enjoy the Silence was not one of my favorites, and it's from Violator, so now I don't know if I should listen to Violator, Construction Time Again (the album where Everything Counts is from) or just the Singles Collection anyway (since you've told that it has that same version of EC)... yeah, guess I'll go with the collection for now.

Anyways, danke for the big showcase of the band's work. Now I can't say I haven't listened to Depeche Mode anymore... it's a part of me that is gone... forever...
Pleinair May 10, 2019 8:00 PM
Phew, took me some time to understand that you were using the schattenpark numerical system created by renowned mathematician Helmut Wasserhund from the city of Bielefeld. Apparently xyz equals 1, so I think you should just start the manga from the beginning? Because with just the first episode you probably haven't seen much anyway.

Okay, I'm awfully bad with jokes. Here to just say thanks for the link! Still busy, but tomorrow night I'll try to hear the songs that you put the videos in your message.
Pleinair May 9, 2019 5:19 PM
Ayy, you sent me the message at the exact time I just logged in to update my anime list. Didn't read the full message but I guess that soon I won't be able to say I haven't listened to Depeche Mode anymore, haha.

And I just saw the end of your message, I deactivated the option to receive private messages because there were too many bots sending me random links and also people giving me random questions like "what chapter of One Piece should I read if I stopped watching the anime at episode x?", but I'll activate it again then.
Pleinair May 8, 2019 1:09 PM
Talking about MGS, reminds me that, since I've never played any game from the series, I've bought this game in around 2013/2014, and never even put the disc inside my PS3 lol.

So... they are Muricans? Seriously, that sounds exactly like the bullshit they do in the north american "bible belt".
Oh, we import basically every bad thing that there is in the US. We already have our first wave of flat earthers and the anti-vaxx movement will soon make its way here too.

Can you give me an example of the biggest mess he has done so far?
Now you've gone and done it. I said "let's forget about politics" exactly because I didn't want to write about this stuff, but now that you asked, I feel compelled to give you a general rundown about why the daft pillock we have to call president was elected and all the dozens of stupid actions he and his troupe did in these few months... but it will take me quite a while to write it, so expect this for next month or so. Meanwhile, here's a small article from today about his most recent action in trying to destroy Brazil's environment. And he will succeed. His government doesn't believe in global warming, with his son making a video with the stupendous argument, when he was, I don't know, in the US or Canada, that it was cold there, there was even snow, so how is the world getting hotter? Must be a lie from those marxist-gayzist commies!

About the mosquitoes questions, yeah, like I said, I never went camping, so I wouldn't know better haha. I asked because I watched this movie a few years ago (directed by your own Werner Herzog), and I never forgot how many insects are flying around the guy at like 13:18 in that video. I know that he's in the middle of a lot of grass and plants and you don't camp in a place like that, but you camp at least close to the woods, a grove or a florest, so I thought that there would be at least a few mosquitoes. So this thing you said:
In european winter (and japanese, because they are almost on the same longitude) there are basically no living insects around for like 4 months.
Basically sounds like heaven on Earth for me, and I have to say that I'm soooooo jealous ><

I understood what you told about Berlin, I just didn't have anything to say haha, thankfully there's no city in here that's like that (in the sense of receiving money from other states and using it for parties and stuff).

And Depeche Mode! Might be the biggest band that I've never even heard a song of. Like, all big bands I have heard about, I have listened to at least one song, but Depeche Mode is actually a band that I've known since, like, 2009, and I've never heard anything by them. Of course, it's bound to happen sooner or later, but this just goes to show how many bands and artists are there in the world, holy crap. I could basically just listen to music every day, every hour, from now until I die, and I still wouldn't have listened to everything I want.

I'm sorry for this 'small' (by my standards) message, but it's because I'll have some tests in the following weeks so I can't really take too much time writing this. :(
I promise that I'll give you that rundown I talked above though until next month though. :p

Also, I got a question. The time of most of the messages you send me is from around 1~2 a.m., and I use my timezone in this site (GMT-3). I could use a map to verify what's Germany's time zone, but going by the world map I have in my mind, you guys are a bit to the east of England, so if I had to guess, your timezone is probably GMT+2 or GMT+1, probably the first one. So if you're five hours ahead of me, it means that you've sent me your messages at like... 6 or 7 a.m. Taking into account that it maybe takes you 1~2 hours to write one, I'm thinking that you were awake at like 5 a.m. writing me these messages, which is quite an unusual time to be online haha ^^'

And at last, you started watching Kobayashi-san! Quite a good anime in my opinion, I actually have quite a lot of problems with it but in the end it manages to be a fun and relaxing watch and that's what matters the most. So even if you don't like it in the beginning, I'd say that if you keep watching it, you might change your opinion by the end.
Pleinair May 3, 2019 12:57 PM
Well, you probably already know this, but Lucas said he altered the films because he wanted "to achieve the ideal versions that he could not initially due to limitations of time, budget, and technology" (yeah, I took this from wikipedia). I really wonder if he thinks the movies are better now.
I don't remember Darth Vader yelling "no!" when killing the Emperor, but like I said, watched it some time ago. The only "no!" I remember is that one at the end of Revenge of the Sith, but that's because people bring it up a lot on the internet.

It's basically like an archived forum thread now. It's still a great source of information and you can still read some good posts in it, but it's locked and it's done. Nothing new will ever be added to it anymore.
Yeah, I thought about this after writing my last message, that's the worst part, that there won't be new works using the expanded universe. But who knows? Like you said, it was 30 years of new characters, world development and many other stuff, so maybe they (Disney) will use some of them someday in some new series (plural), be it on TV, movies or even comics. You said that there are a lot of fan favorite characters there, so will they really just kick them to the curb and never use them anymore? Now, the question is if those theoretical 'new series' will be good or not, and it will also probably take a while for them to exist.

And about the New Republic not working out, you've hit the right point when you said:
I'm not supposed to take anything from this, I'm not supposed to think anything about this part.
That's exactly what they intended though, you can't take the Expanded Universe into equation because they simply ignored its existence, and how did this new Empire come to be? Who knows, what matters is that it's here and that we got new (and old) heroes to fight against them! (I'm not saying this is good or anything, just saying that this is how the creators dealt with this, so I think it's a bit of a futile exercise to try to think what happened... as lazy as this sounds.)

And they want me to believe that he gave up everything and ran away into exile on some shit hole planet, because of one mistake?
I don't know, I don't know where Luke is or what happened to him because I haven't watched The Last Jedi. 😁
I'm kidding, I don't care about it that much, I hate spoilers when it's something that I really want to see or when it's about some series I love, but since this movie came out 1 and a half year ago and I haven't watched it yet, you can see that it's not something I'm really excited about or anything, will probably watch it someday along with the last one just to say I finished the Star Wars series. Again. Until some 5 years later when they announce episode 10.

In fact, I am an evangelical christian.
Well, I'm sorry, but like I said, these ones in here just want money, and they also advocate creationism, geocentrism (yes, some people here are still in the middle ages), talk about a "gay cure"... it was not my intent to insult you or anything, I'm pretty sure that the ones there are totally different. Also there probably are some 'good' evangelical churchs in here, but unfortunately these ones I'm mentioning are the biggest ones and are growing in followers everyday, the future here will be some scary stuff.

Ah, the "Brazilian Trump".
Now you're the one insulting somebody else here, you're insulting... Trump! No, don't mistake me for a Trump supporter or something, he's a piece of shit and you probably already noticed that I'm very left-leaning, and so if I lived in the US I'd probably vote for the Democrats, but the thing is... the clown we have for a president doesn't even begin to compare to Trump. He's miles, miles, hundreds of kilometers, thousands of light-years stupider. I could probably waste a whole week here giving you links to different news about all the imbecile things he and his ministers are doing, but I'm starting to try to ignore the news because I want to maintain my sanity. Maybe when I've got the time later I'll send you some, but eh, for now let's just laugh at Brexit together, it's better this way. Goddamn, that whole thing is the best representation of this picture in real life that I've ever seen.
And yeah, the rise of downright fascist parties is happening in the whole world, I can only hope that they'll never achieve the power they want. Here we elected our incompetent fascist already and the government is a disaster (oh, who would have known...), so I think that four years from now in the next election they won't be able to get even a fraction of a the votes they got now. But who knows, here we have a saying that things can always get worse...

But you know what, let's not talk about religion or politics, I was the one that brought them up but let's talk about some better stuff like...

I've finally reached the halfway point! And I must say, every episode just makes me want more and more to abandon the city life and go camp by a lake to watch the sun rise. But now answer me one question, because I think you said that you already went camping or something like that.
I see this and the first thing I think is "hm, so cozy", but the second thing is... what about mosquitoes??? Like, in the anime everything is all sunshine and roses, but I started to think that in real life my face would probably get bitten by mosquitoes if I stayed like that, and also they would keep buzzing right by my ears during the whole night, and that's a big NOPE NOPE NOPE I WANT TO SLEEP. So now I want to camp but want to bring a fan along, hahaha.

And also I have a new favorite character! Of course she is still mighty adorbs, but I think that now I actually like this one more:

Woahh, I wish my father was tech-savvy like that, last year I had to buy him a Nokia phone from 2005 because he doesn't want to use new phones lol.

I may have seen pictures of that castle before, but I've seen pictures of a lot of castles and they never look very different to me, so I never remember that I specifically saw a certain one. But in any case, got it. Munich and Berlin, rich people.

And don't worry haha, I said that about xenophobia but I've never actually suffered it, like I said to you I've barely even left my home state once... I do see some people saying awful things on the internet, but it doesn't affect me in the least. The same way somebody in the south thinks they're superior because of the place where they were born, somebody in the US thinks they're better than everybody in here and that we are a bunch of lazy latinos that want their jobs or something. And then somebody in Germany probably thinks they're better than anyone from the US because they have pure European blood, and then somebody from...
So you see, to me these are all just people with sad lives that have never accomplished anything and so have to act this way to vent all their anger and frustration with themselves. Nobody is better than anyone else just because of the place where they were born, so I don't care about this stuff. Plenty of great people in the world to talk to, I won't let my day be ruined by the rotten apples of the bunch.
Now if someone said something personal to me like "You started studying japanese in 2015 and still can't string a proper sentence!", that would hurt me... a lot... sniff...

btw, I had to write this twice. Accidently deleted it yesterday, just when I was about to finish it. That was painful...
Mwahaha, young padawan, I see you're new in this town. That also happened to me before, so now I always copy my message to a .txt file after every paragraph, bwahaha.

Oh yeah, one more thing, thanks for introducing me to Wednesday Campanella. Found it in your playlist, checked it out and just bought the album Zipangu. Great stuff!
Wait, wha-
You actually bought it? And here I am pirating everything I listen to aaaaargh, I need money to properly support the artists I likeeeee. But that one I just found randomly and downloaded an album, not really a favorite or something haha. I like to pick a lot of stuff to listen to for weeks, and then when I listen to all of them, I go and get other albums, rinse and repeat. For example, these are the albums that I downloaded in 13~14 of April and now I'm going through them all. I think I told you that I basically spent 2013 to 2018 just listening to the same stuff, so I'm loving now that I'm discovering a lot of new artists that I've never heard before.
I remember from visiting your profile that your top artists were Nine Inch Nails or something, so I thought you liked more of the 'heavy' stuff, although I'm seeing that you do listen to a lot of electronic music.
But anyway, since you brought that one up, now permit me to give you a recommendation of mine, which is that girl whose video I've put up in my profile. I actually had listened to her album in the beginning of April, I liked it, but then put it away. And then this week I listened to it again and oh my god it's so good, and now she is my new waifu addiction. You're not obliged to like it, but here's a song, not only the song is great in my opinion but I also love♥ the video!
Pleinair Apr 24, 2019 5:46 PM
I just wondered because you went to Italy but not some closer countries like France or Poland, but tbh that was just a moronic question because, if I think about it myself... the only country in South America that I really want to visit is Peru, so if I went to Europe later and had this exact same conversation with somebody else, and they said "Oh! You went to Europe but not to Argentina? Why?", my answer would be "Huh, because I didn't want to?", so yeah, kind of a stupid thing to say, haha.

That video though! Right at the beginning I run into a Kombi! That car was very popular here in Brazil during the 70's and 80's, to the point that it's still not rare to see one in the streets during a normal day. I've put the page in portuguese so you could see the pictures, because the english page had a lot of different models, apparently it's called Transporter in Europe, but the two first models are the ones I'm talking about.

It was a cool video, I always like these documentaries that show random excerpts of people's daily lives in the 50's or 60's, looks like such a different time and also seems to me that it was a long time ago, but there are a lot of people that were adults in those decades and are still here with us. I always find it fun to imagine if they compare the technology of their time with what we have now. Like, someone that graduated in the 60's, had to go to the library everytime they wanted to find a book, sometimes it took a while for them to find it, had to go to other places, sometimes they never found it... and nowadays most of the time we can buy a digital version of the book we want and start reading it soon after. Stuff like this, I like to imagine it.

But anyway, fun video, and now I'm gonna turn this in a sad moment and say that I know you're joking, but the way you talked about bavarians kind of reminded me of how people in the south of Brazil treat the people from my region, haha, I'm from the poorest region here and the people of the richest regions like to act superior and say a lot of xenophobic stuff about us. Not that we care, they're just a bunch of wanna-be europeans because their great-great-grandfather came from Italy 140 years ago and they think that makes them better than us. Bayern is probably different, since the famous club is from there (yes, I'm basing this on nothing besides the fact that your most famous and richest club is from that region, lol), I assume that it's actually the richest part of the country? And then you're saying that people from there are snobbish or something like that.
Pleinair Apr 24, 2019 5:11 PM
No no no, you've set your feet on Switzerland, then you were on Switzerland! And that picture of the mountain roads looks great, must be a great experience travelling there, looking out the windows and seeing those huge snowy mountains.
That TV program is genius, they should air something like that in here too. Don't know, maybe a boat going down the Amazon river and other locations. Instead, during late night, we get random bad movies, infomercials or, worst of all, evangelical churchs' programs with a load of bullshit like "John was in a wheelchair his whole life and came to the church and is now walking" (there's a chance higher than 0% that you might be a protestant and I'd be insulting you, but these churchs I'm talking about just want to steal the money of their believers, probably nothing like the ones in Europe).

I'm sorry to ruin your party, because it seemed you were having fun, but... hm... I had a PS2 since 2006. 😅
I was about to say that this thing you remember wasn't true, but I searched in the internet and it really was officially launched here in 2009. But the keyword is "official", so, you know... doesn't mean we couldn't have bought it before that... so yeah, in 2009 everyone and their neighboor probably already had it, and I think a good amount of people already had a PS3, which was launched in 2006.

About ROTJ, I watched it two times, one as a kid, one a bit older. The first one was that version where Hayden Christensen appears as a spirit at the end, the second time I looked for the version that's generally seem as the best, and at the end Anakin was played by an older actor whose name I'm ashamed to admit I don't know. Here's a picture so you can understand. So, apparently, the last time I watched it, it was a version that has the same ending as the 1983 original one. But it was still full of those remarkable CGI aliens that Lucas seems to be so fond of, so it definitely wasn't the original version.
So the original 1983 movie might be better than the ones I watched, I'll give you that, but there were other things that I didn't quite like... I just didn't want to get deep in this conversation because I just can't remember most things about it, really... I like Star Wars, but I'm not that big of a fan, so in no way I can describe the movies as well as you did. But things like the Ewoks, I particularly remember that the first half of the movie was very boring to me, and the Ewoks played a part on that, but to be sincere I don't really remember why exactly I didn't like them. Palpatine to me also didn't have this terrifying and mystic aura that he seemed to give you, but the first time I watched it I was really young (maybe like 6, 7 years old? I really don't know), and by the second time I had already seen the new trilogy...
To be honest, I don't really know anything about the expanded universe, never have read any of the stories or played any games... most I've done was reading about some characters on the internet and other stuff, like how Han and Leia had three children, Jacen, Jana and Anakin etc. But I get your point, although in my case I'd probably not really care about how they ignored this universe in favor of these new movies, because if that's the part that's more important to me, then I'd consider it canon in my head and discuss it with other fans, which I'm sure there are plenty out there. Not to change the subject, but just as an example: I like Harry Potter, not really a big fan, but I like it, have read the seven books. In 2016 a new book came out, you probably know about it, the one that was made as a stage play, the Cursed Child. Welp, I've never seen the play, but the book is absolutely horrendous, it throws some of the characters' established traits completely out of the window, it really simply sucks. And the authors or whoever else can say that it's canon how much they want, but it will never be canon in my head and I don't even remember it when people talk about the series. For me there are only seven books and that's it.
So in your case, just because the new movies ignored the expanded universe, that doesn't mean that you have to accept that and pretend that it never existed. If you like it more, then that's that, I'm sure there are a lot of other people that share the same opinion as you and are willing to discuss those works.
As I'm not a big SW fan, I don't think that The Force Awakens is bad as a movie, it's well directed and pretty enjoyable, which is what I'd expect from Star Wars. The fact the the heroes from the older trilogy failed is not that hard to believe... c'mon, Luke was never the more suited to be a leader, and Han was basically an outlaw before becoming a hero after fighting the Empire...
Sure, I also think that it's a bit lazy how they used the same premise of the first trilogy, but I guess it just doesn't bother me too much. I also have to say that since the series became property of Disney, I just don't expect much from it, so maybe that's why I'm not disappointed. I don't like how Disney handles their superhero movies, prioritizing CGI and the action scenes, and also putting some joke that is not funny every five minutes (yeah, I'm exaggerating a bit), but they're having a lot of success with that formula and I don't expect them to do something that will leave me with my mouth open anytime soon. You may think I'm edgy, but I watched the two first Avengers movies and I thought both sucked, so this new one that everyone's talking about? Who cares... I still think The Dark Knight is the best superhero film bar none, a movie that took itself seriously and was not just a cash grab.

Those pictures of the real places from Yuru Camp made me sad because damn, I didn't know that they were real, and now... I really want to go there and do nothing all day besides look at the sky and the mountains. :( AHHHHHHHHH
Sorry, just a random scream.

I don't know if the protests you're talking about actually had good reasons, but ehh... I already talked about churchs above, which I shouldn't, and I don't wanna get in a serious conversation about politics, it would probably be very boring to you because you're not interested and you're not from here anyway so in the end it would be just me venting, but just let me say that we have a recently elected president that in less than 4 months has already turned us in an international joke, and is on his way to be the worst president we've ever had by a huge margin, but I don't see any of the people that protested in 2016 in the streets now... actually, I do see some, calling back for the dictatorship that killed and tortured thousands of people from the 60's until the 80's. So, for the sake of me not getting crazy and hopeless about this place, just ignore this paragraph.

Well, I bet you guys liked how Italy didn't qualify for the 2018 World Cup! Although Germany didn't put the most proudful display I'm sorry...

Don't worry about answering fast, I know how it takes a while to write these huge messages haha, although the subjects are shrinking anyway. :P
Most of the things I said here you probably don't even have much to answer, but what I want to say is that you don't have to feel compelled to write a big message or to answer quick; but if you find something interesting and want to talk about it, I'm always down. ^^

edit: welp, I hadn't seen your other message (yes, I started writing this before you sent that one), I'll read it answer it soon.
Pleinair Apr 16, 2019 5:55 PM
I'm so jealous of you, I wish I could visit all those countries. ;_;
But some day I will. Except Hungary.
I'm actually impressed that you visited Italy but not some other countries closer to Germany, like Poland or Switzerland. Do you usually travel by train or airplane? I'm not one of those train lovers, but something that I really want to do too is to travel by train across Europe, I think it would be a very relaxing and memorable experience, just chilling by the train window looking at the landscapes, the mountains, the lakes... some months ago I spent a while everyday watching this youtube channel, it was pretty relaxing.

I see what you're talking about the updates on games, I guess I didn't suffer that when I downloaded stuff because it's been some time since I downloaded anything anyway. I tried to remember here in my head and I don't know what was the last recently launched game I downloaded to play. I did download Need for Speed Underground 2 this year, but it was because I already played it on PS2 like a decade ago, and I started watching Initial D and it left me wanting to play a racing game, but recent games I haven't downloaded one for a while. Maybe Call of Duty Black Ops back in 2010 was the last one, although I'm not a fan of shooting games, a friend of mine pressured me so much to play it that I ended up doing it.
But I'll be honest with you, these days I buy games simply because it's more... convenient. I think I just became lazy, I hate going into sites trying to find a game, having to download different torrents, cracks, and in the process finding viruses and stuff. It's so much simpler to just go on Steam, buy the game and be able to play it with just one click. Well, that's the right thing to do too, but to be honest I don't mind anyone that pirates games from big companies that have a history of treating the customers badly, like EA and others.
That game you talked about seems good (although there's hardly anything in that trailer tbh), I can see that you really love cyberpunk-themed works. I probably wouldn't like it, though, because I'm not a big fan of VNs in general, I like games where I can spend most of the time playing, and not reading, haha. Nothing against them, though.

I guess I'll have to watch The Thing using that "looking with the side of my eye" way I talked about, haha.
And I already watched all movies you mentioned, hah. Well, except Star Trek.
I guess we have different opinions about ROTJ, it's a good movie, I like it, especially from the halfway on, but I think the two other movies from the older trilogy are better. I like Revenge of the Sith and The Force Awakens more too (haven't watched The Last Jedi), so that puts ROTJ at number five for me between the seven movies that I've seen.
It's not bad, but man, there are some parts, especially the first thirty or so minutes of the movie, where they just keep showing that alien 'party', with them dancing and singing, that I think are really bad, lol. When I see it again I'll probably skip the beginning to be honest, one time was enough.
And of course I know Oldboy! But about this one we agree, it's a super super good movie. I have a brother that likes to watch movies too, but in his case he mostly watches popular Hollywood blockbusters; he loves winding me up talking bad things about the movies I like (it's not really in a serious manner, he just wants to get a reaction from me), since I tend to watch movies that are more on the artsy side and from different countries besides the US. Anyway, I remember that some years ago he asked me for a movie to watch and I said Oldboy, and after watching it he couldn't say anything bad about it, he had to admit it really is a great movie. :D
(some time later he watched Memories of Murder, my favorite south-korean movie, that I think it's better than Oldboy, but with this one he reverted back to himself and just came to me and said "shit movie", ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Oh, now that you're saying, I remember that I had already seen the Tom Cruise meme, but just the original one. These drawn ones are pretty scary. :c

After watching the first episode I already had searched who was the character that had the same VA as Yui. :)
Because you said that she voices a character, so during the first episode I payed special attention to their voices and... wasn't sure who it was, haha, so I had to search.
I watched the second episode and I remembered that when the anime was airing I saw some news that it inspired a camping 'boom' in Japan, and I can totally understand why. Just after two episodes, seeing Rin camping, it totally made me want to go to a plain field, set a camp too and start reading a book slowly while the hours pass by until the day gets dark... now I even started wanting like three months away from daily life, for me to spend them in some far place in nature without any contact with news from the world, the would probably revitalize me so much and I'm kinda needing it...

Now about your paragraph about football, I left it for last because well, you got it, you're from Germany and I can't forgive you guys, farewell and never talk with me again!
Of course I'm kidding, c'mon, I know that the rest of the world sees Brazil as a place where anyone is either dancing samba, getting mugged or playing football all the time, but, even though it makes a big part of the culture here, for the majority of us it is still just a game. After the game ends, we go back to our normal lives. Of course, there are some people here that basically live and breath football 24/7 and like to get into fights and insult other people, but these are just a bunch of people that have nothing better to do and even the rest of us here don't see them with a good eye. Actually, there are people like this in every country, you know what I'm talking about.
We would have liked to win that game against Germany, sure, but, like I said, at the end of the day, it's just a game. Take a look at this video. You can't understand what they're saying, but there are timestamps for the goals in the video's description, after the fifth goal they get up and say "let's play ball", and you can see how they cheered after our goal and shouted "eu acredito", which means "I believe (in the comeback)", just taking everything with a good laugh. As soon as that game ended, it already became a meme for us, haha. There are plenty of funny picures of people crying in the stands (don't take me as some sadistic person, it's sad to see someone cry but it was just because of a game and there are plenty of brazilians that are pretty snobbish when it comes to football, so the pictures are funny, not sad).
And even in my case it was a funny moment too, I remember that after Germany scored their third goal I switched the TV off, "kay i'm done", and just some minutes later I started hearing fireworks. "Did we score?", I said, just to turn the TV on and see the score at 5 x 0, haha! Turns out the fireworks were just because the people that bought them didn't want to leave them unused, haha, so they used them anyway.
If there was a thing that I didn't like was how you guys came back to the second half and took it easy on us, only Schürrle, who came from the bench, wanted to play and scored two goals. Come on, you guys had the chance to score into the double digits and make (even more) history!

So yeah, brazilians have nothing against german people, and I know that you probably already knew that, but I just wanted to talk about it anyway. Also, your national team was pretty loved by us when they were here, because they did a lot of stuff for the people of the town where they stayed at. They build a football field for the community that lives there, paid a visit to a local school, interacted with children and were very sympathetic towards the staff of the hotel they stayed at, among other things. I remember at the time that the german team was always on the news because of the good stuff that they did out of the football field.
That being I said, I actually cheered for Argentina in the final because, BECAUSE... I just didn't want Germany to be even closer to our five wins. By then, Germany had already won three WCs, Argentina only two, so it's just a matter of math, I would rather have another team with three wins than one with four and just one less than us. We were already afraid Italy might catch us, now we are afraid of Germany too. :P
But I'm 100% sure that most of the people here wanted Germany to win, because Brazil has a big rivalry in footie with Argentina. That doesn't apply to me, though, because since I live pretty far away from the big centres and very far from Argentina, I just don't have that feeling of rivalry that they seem to have in the south. I have actually only met one argentinian in my life, and it was my spanish teacher in high school haha, so that shouldn't even count.
And ayy, I might not be from Germany but I want Bayern to lose too, just because I think it's pretty boring when a team dominates the league and wins almost every year. That and also Uli Honess seems like a bad human being.

Anyway, to me, Germany is a super great country, the impression that you guys give me is that germans are a very polite people and a lot of fun to hang around with. The only thing that I'm not a fan about Germany is your language, I study law and in university I had to read some books from some famous german constitutionalists like Konrad Hesse and Peter Häberle, of course I read their works translated to portuguese, but even then there were some phrases, mostly in the footnotes, in the original language, and by god do you guys have some ultra big words... I just googled for a bit and here's a random example from wikipedia. I have no idea what the article is saying (I know it is an article about Comparative Law because that's how I found it, but I don't know what each word means), but just look at some of those words: Rechtsvergleichung, Auslandsrechtskunde, Gegenüberstellung, I'm just amazed that you guys are able to say this stuff without tripping over your tongue. And I know these are far from your biggest words.
And talking about university, the two philosophers that I found the hardest to read during my programs were Nietzsche and Habermas, to this day I still have no idea about what they said, german philosophy is some hardcore stuff.

And one more thing. You said that I shouldn't call the sport soccer because of americans and call it football like the rest of the world. Dude. DUDE! I can't believe you said that, I found it so funny when I read it, lmao.
Because here's the thing, in some other message you said that I "really like Girls & Panzer", and in my answer I wrote a very big paragraph about how the correct name of the anime is "Girls und Panzer" and you should never ever ever call it "Girls & Panzer", but in the end I thought it sounded a bit aggressive (even though I wasn't mad or anything, I just thought that you might get the wrong impression when reading it) and so I just deleted that paragraph. So now that you actually did the same thing to me, I can say: please don't call it Girls & Panzer! The correct name is Girls und Panzer, this site calls it with the "&" because whoever labelled it this way is, well, for the lack of a better word, a twat. In my original paragraph I had explained how this site is super incosistent with their naming of series and gave some examples like Fullmetal Alchemist, but let's just leave it at this: Girls und Panzer. It's even in german! :p
Pleinair Apr 13, 2019 4:43 PM
Well, it's not even such an original 'dream' though haha, I bet a lot of people want to travel too, although in my case I have some weird fascination about other places because I have barely left my home state (furthest place I went to was a city in a close state), so I want to go to the other side of the world, look at a map and think "Oh my God, look at where I am!".
Did you download or buy those games? Well, since you said you bought Deus Ex, then I guess it's the latter, and if it was on Steam I'm basically at the same situation, haha. In December 2016 I bought 100 bucks worth of games (8 or 9, I think) on Steam and have played literally zero of them. I guess it was because they were cheap, but Jesus, there's something about Steam that draws you in to buy stuff. I don't know if it's because I'm getting old (well, I'm not really old but I do play games since at least 1998, when I was very very little, so maybe I'm old in terms of playing time, 21 years and counting), but these days I'm getting less and less interested in games, especially adventure games or ones with a story, lately I'm liking games that you can just put it on and immediately play, so in the end I always go back to my favorite genre, which is fighting games.
I watched pre-shippuden Naruto when I was 11 years old, but nowadays it'd be impossible, I don't know if I'll ever be able to engage with something with 200+ episodes again. And to be honest I'm not really a big critic of fillers, of course when they're bad it sucks because you're basically wasting time waiting for it to return to the main plotline, but when they're good... I still remember that episode of the kids trying to discover what was under Kakashi's mask, and I watched it in, I dunno, 2006? And it was hilarious back then and I still remember it to this day.

I really admire those people that work really hard to achieve that level of masterfulness for their artistic work, although of course they shouldn't put themselves in danger, but damn if I don't find it amazing when I see a statement like that. But is The Thing gross? I mean, is there a lot of gross stuff in it? Because you talked about disgusting special effects, and if there's one thing I'm not good with, it's that... I can't stand watching stuff like bowels, entrails, the inside of people (one of the reasons I'd never ever be able to be a doctor or something like that), it makes me super anguished. Ironically I have no problem seeing this kind of stuff drawn, so when I see someone's intestine in a manga I don't bat an eye, but when it's in the real world with colors and all of that...
But even if it's gross I'll still see it someday, there's some things a person just cannot skip even if they're not very comfortable with them. As someone who loves movies, no way I'd skip seeing such a popular and acclaimed film. Heck, one of the best films I've seen, Days of Heaven, has a scene where the camera is zoomed into a lot of grasshoppers (entrails and insects, the two things that I cannot stand very well), at the time I just looked away from the screen and kept watching it with the side of my eye until the next scene.
By the way, what is your favorite movie? If you do have one. Even though I said I'm not having much free time lately, if there's something I really like is when someone recommends me their favorite movie because I have a .txt in my pc with literally more than 10,000 titles that I want to watch, and it's such an overwhelming number that sometimes I don't even know where to start...

I like Manbagi and Nakanaka too, but my two favorite characters are...

I love how Nene gives me an aura of a super reliable big sister (well, that is her role in the manga) and Kaede is just too goofy and makes the best faces and I always love this type of character. I love how she's always being silly and talks soooo sloooooowly, she's the only character I can perfectly imagine how she talks in my mind when I am reading. But like I said I like basically everyone (Komi's mom, Tadano, Tadano's sister (she's really great too), Najimi, Katai, Komi herself etc etc etc), the only one I really don't is Yamai.
Although about Manbagi, I kind of wish she wasn't being so tsundere with Tadano lately, of course I know the reason, but that just makes it worse to me because there's like 0.001% she ends up with him. :(
To me there's only two ways this manga will end: Tadano and Komi become much closer to each other and notice their mutual feelings and at the last panel we get some hand-holding or something like that (which I'd hate, I'm saying this because it's literally what happened with some anime I've watched, some characters like each other since the beginning, but then we go 10, 20 episodes and they never get together and in the very very very end, like at the last three minutes of the whole anime, the characters confess, hug each other and it ends. NO! I WANT TO SEE THEM TOGETHER, JESUS CHRIST!), or the author does go into the romantic part, like what is happening with Tomo-chan currently (which to be honest I thought would go the first route, I though Tomo or Jun or both would confess and the manga would end right there, THANK GOD THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN!). But in any case it will always end in Tadano x Komi, if both of them end up with another person that would be hugely unexpected to me.

THAT BERSERK PICTURE WILL GIVE ME NIGHTMARES. Holy crap they look ugly hahaha.
Well, of course there are always some manga that are in a worse situation and all, but I still hate only getting one chapter a month of Dungeon Meshi, Shingeki no Kyojin and other ones...

Nooo, you just rubbed salt in my wound! I live in basically the most random state of Brazil, like, almost nothing of note happens here... I saw someone joke in the US about the Delaware state that the people call it "Delawhere" because not even americans know where it is, and my state is kind of like that. So when I say you're rubbing salt in my wounds it's because yep, there was no match from the 2014 World Cup here, there were no foreigners in my town, there was... nothing... my experience was the same as yours: watching it on the television. ;_;
Although that was the experience of most of the people here anyway, so I'm not in the minority. There are more states that didn't receive games than ones that did, and only the more fortunate people were able to pay to watch the games anyway (talking about not only the price of tickets but this country is really big so travelling from north to south probably costs as much as going from western to eastern Europe).
But that was a great moment, and I love that WC because it gave us a new expression that we still use to this day, "everyday it's a new 7 x 1". Here we have a lot of problems with security, the health system, a big social and economic inequality, and don't even get me started on politics because we're going down the rabbit hole very fast with this new government, so every day it's full of bad stuff on the news, so we always say "everyday it's another 7 x 1", I find it really funny because that's just how we are, we like to shrug bad things off with a laugh. I googled it in english and even found an example on twitter. But anyway, I'm not here trying to pose as some kind of hapless person or something; I thought you were from the US, but since you're from Europe and soccer is very popular there too, like in here, do you like it, watch it, support some club? I like a lot of sports, my favorite one is actually tennis, but since I'm from here there's no way I wouldn't like soccer and I watch(ed) a lot (not much lately because I already told you, studies and all of that).

Oh, and by the way, I started watching Yuru Camp and oh my god this girl is so fluffs!!! (sorry for the big amount of pictures) "The hell is fluffs", you ask, "just say 'fluffy' like a normal human being". But I'm telling you, she's so fluffs, I really want to squish her cheeks (please don't think of this in any lewd way)! Like I told you, I like goofy characters, so she most certainly will be my favorite, although this one with the thicc eyebrows might be a worthy foe because she reminds me of Mugi, my favorite character from K-on.
Related pic:
Pleinair Apr 11, 2019 1:00 PM
Warning: huge message™. There's so many different topics that I divided them, ha.

I think it will take quite a while for those powers of Deku to develop though... and yeah... and... I don't have anything to say about it, haha. Just didn't want to skip an answer to your first paragraph without even acknowledging that I read it. But anyway.
All this talking about Goblin Slayer is making me think it's even worse than I used to. And yeah, there might be plenty of children's cartoons nowadays that have stories that are more complex than that black and white dicotomy of good vs. evil, I was just talking about them in a generic sense to be honest, because I don't think most of them really try to give villains a well-thought backstory. But maybe this is more in relation to old ones, I haven't watched cartoons in like 10 years to be honest.
I'm impressed that you managed to remember of that scene from Naruto, weren't those two the only pages in the whole manga where Nagato's group wear those frog clothes? Haha, I didn't even remember that now anymore, and I've just read Naruto last year.
I've never watched The Thing, of course I've heard about it but never was really that interested in watching it. I will, someday, though. Actually, recently I was thinking of, every month, watching 1 or 2 films I haven't seen yet from the rateyourmusic top 100 chart, and The Thing is one of them, but lately I haven't got the time to watch movies, I've been trying to watch A Clockwork Orange (first film from that list I haven't seen) since the beginning of the month but at the end of the day I never have the time. :( I'll get to that more later.
And Blade Runner is a masterpiece, even if the story wasn't great (which it is) or the acting wasn't good (which it is too), I'd give it 5 stars for the worldbuilding, world design and cinematography alone, it's a fucking beautiful movie and probably the greatest characterization of a dystopia I have seen.
WELP, I didn't look who the Grashros author was, now I will steer clear of it, haha! No, but really, Kamisama no Iutoori is just... *sigh*. It's 21 chapters just showing different ways of people dying, and I hate that stuff. I already don't like the survival genre in general, but it's even worse when a manga from such genre doesn't even have a story and is reduced to seeing characters die one after the another. Since you didn't even like Grashros and I saw a lot of other people criticizing it too, combined with who the author is, my will to read it has now been dropped to zero. And I just saw that the guy is also the author of Jagan, another manga that I would've liked to read, oh well... I'm currently reading and liking a manga from the same author of Pupa, the worst anime I've ever seen, so hey, maybe someday I'll read Grashros or Jagan. Not in the mood now, though, haha!
Yeah, I've reached Komi-san's last chapter. I'm so sad now. ;_;
It didn't become my favorite manga or something like that (to be honest, Komi herself is one of my least favorite characters, I like the side characters much more, haha. The only one I don't like, though, is Yamai, meh), but it was such a relaxing read. It was really nice to read 3 or 4 chapters a day to forget about everything else going on in the world. I didn't know what was the last chapter out, so when I pressed the next button after reading 192 I was so sad to find out there wasn't any more left. :(
But that video you sent is funny, haha, I like the song and that laser eyes meme at 0:21 is always super funny to me for some reason, I think it's because it was unexpected in that video.
On the other hand, you reached the last chapter of Dungeon Meshi too! Now welcome to the sadness of only having one chapter per month and only 10 in a year (there's no chapter in January and in September...).
Ahhhhhhhaha, I knew what anime it would be even before opening the spoiler tab (hadn't read the last paragraph too, either). You're spot on that I would certainly like Yuru Camp. I didn't watch it yet because... you see, this might be weird, but I kinda have a habit of postponing watching/reading/listening to things I know I'll like. Maybe this is weird, I dunno, but I think that's because if I like something, I don't want it to end, so I either take some time to start seeing it or just watch it really slowly. For example, Non Non Biyori is probably my favorite series ever, and I have never watched the second season of the show. Watched the first season two times, but not the second, maybe because I know that there will be nothing left after I finish it. I'm not saying that I won't ever watch it because that would be stupid, not watching something because I will like it, but I kind of like knowing that there's plenty of stuff to see that I will like.
And Yuru Camp is one of them. When the anime aired I already knew that it was the kind of stuff that I like, so I always keep postponing to watch it later until I really want to see it, waiting for the 'right moment' to watch it. And it's not only Yuru Camp, there's other anime like: Nichijou, Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryoukou, Steins Gate, Hinamatsuri, Mushishi...that I'm 99.999% certain that I'll like when I watch them, so I just keep saving them for later. This happens with manga too, since 2017 I have Berserk on my PC and never started reading it, and it's been three months since I donwloaded all available volumes of The Girl From the Other Side and never started reading it, while in the meantime I finished seven other manga that I didn't even really wanted to read as much.
It's... weird. And God, this is really hard to explain in english, like, you will read this paragraph and maybe understand it, but this isn't really how I'd like to explain, but I don't know how to say it in better words. Oh well.

But anyway, coming back to the matter of Yuru Camp, since you went out of your way to recommend it, I'll start watching it soon! I just won't be able to finish it really quickly like you did with Dungeon Meshi because life's gotten really busy lately. :(
Like I said before, since the beginning of the month I've been trying to watch a movie and never find the time to do it, and if you check my anime list updates you'll see that I'm barely watching 2 or 3 episodes a week... I even promised myself that I wouldn't start anything new before I finished watching one of the three I was seeing, but I started Hitoribocchi because I read the manga and wanted to see how it is animated...
The thing is that I had to really crack down on my studies since the beginning of the month, and that will have to continue for a long while (I'm studying to try to get a high-paying job and the course I started at the beginning of the month will take 45 weeks...). And currently, on the free time I have, I prefer to 'waste it' listening to music because 1) I fell in love with music again this year after a long while and 2) I can do something else while listening to it. I can do two things at once: listen to music and read manga, listen to music and study japanese, listen to music and play something. But when I watch something, that's the only thing I can do at that moment, be it anime or movies, so that's why I'm not watching almost anything lately.

But I'll really try to watch at least 2 or 3 episodes of YC per week. And I know what you mean by cozy haha, you were right when you said that the temperature here probably never drops below 10ºC, that may happen at the south of Brazil but I live in a place close to the equator haha, so a really cold day to me is 20ºC at most, and normal temperatures vary between 30ºC and 40ºC. I actually have never even worn a hoodie or a coat in my life because I've never been to a cold place, and here even the stations of the year aren't clearly defined, it just stays the same during the whole year, we just have a period when there's a lot of rain and a period that's very hot. But that doesn't mean I can't understand this idea of coziness of being in a cold morning, the sun almost rising, you're close to a campfire and can see the air when you let out your breathing... it's actually something that I'd like to experience sometime. Which is why I have to study really hard to get a good job to get money to fulfill my number one dream, which is to travel to other countries and see the world. I wish I could be brave like those people that take their stuff and just go travelling, but I can't, I'll try to do it the safe way, saving money and travelling during my vacations.
By the way, I saw that you've put Tongari Boushi in you PTR list, if you decide to read it someday I can tell you, again (I think I said this about Dungeon Meshi), that you won't regret it! :P
I read it too and it's a great manga, I used to even have "Read Toungari Boushi no Atelier" in my signature in the forums before because I just wanted more people to read it, and even went recommending it to people too. The first volume in english was just recently released by Kodansha too, so it's a good time to pick it up, although if I could go to the past I'd probably tell myself to wait to read after it ends because the wait for new chapters really sucks...