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Gythia Nov 10, 11:14 PM
tysm, I like your profile too!
8oomer Oct 27, 12:09 PM
Oh yeah I loved 7.5, too! Not quite my favorite (I'd have to think about which one) but Noel's out-of-character behaviour (due to the spiked tea) is a riot. The Gatling tank is awesome: "Now witness the power of science!" lol! The producers probably realized they couldn't go 100% crazy and so made Kureha the sober conscience with the message about too much alcohol. Kureha wasn't a buzzkill for me as I thought it added to the episode (in contrast to Yumina who was getting drunk after just a few sips of the spiked tea). It's also funny that the smallest member of the team could hold the most liquor (usually body mass has a moderating effect but I guess Kureha had some genetic immunity or something).

It was a good therapy episode after the heaviness of episode 7 (which is kinda why Felicia was feeling so depressed during the ghost investigation when it came to ghosts/supernatural stuff after her hallucination with the dead soldier from the past).
8oomer Oct 26, 6:39 AM
Ah, ep 6 possibly the weakest. It was kinda weird though I did like how it was shown from two perspectives.

Next is a very good one though also sad. Ep. 7 is the first one that separates this show from the usual "cute girls doing cute things" where all they do is have fun and tell jokes for 12 episodes. Not here: after 6 episodes you think you've got the show kinda figured out and then along comes ep. 7 like a cement truck crashing through the jewelry shop window.

After 7 it gets light again for a couple of episodes and I think you'll really enjoy Noel in the 7.5 kinda-filler episode.
UhOhSPAGET Oct 24, 11:23 PM
Yeah it'd been a while for me too, thanks for giving me a reason to watch them again xD
UhOhSPAGET Oct 24, 11:16 PM
Haha yeah I thought so, I just had to make sure ;)
UhOhSPAGET Oct 24, 4:33 AM
Hello I smell bops :3 I especially love that first one, thanks :D

Ahh the artistic talent some of these people have is amazing. I honestly love a well animated music video.

Speaking of, have you seen this? Technically it's not a Japanese song, but it was done in partnership with Crunchyroll and it has it's own official MAL entry

OH! And this is V e r y I m p o r t a n t but have you seen these official music videos?? This one in particular actually makes me want to c r y every time I watch/hear it like dang it BoC why you do this to me :') (oh yeah I should also mention that I do NOT cry easily at all :'D)
UhOhSPAGET Oct 23, 10:05 PM
Sorry for the late reply, I had to watch all your videos (^w^)

Om'gosh his voice is amaziiinnnggggajsdhfa >w< Kinda reminds me of Radwimps :D And I love the art of the music videos as well, I'll definitely have to watch more of these :3

Oo I have one too! (Although I'm willing to bet you've already heard of them xD) Do you know Galileo Galilei?? (Now known as Bird Bear Hare and Fish) They're generally a little more laidback with their music but I absolutely adore the lead singer's voice >w< And they often have a way of giving me feels even if I can't understand the lyrics A good example Haikyuu s2 ending (and by far my favourite ending of the series) Ok this one is special like it literally made me want to cRY every time even tho I couldn't understand it and then one day I decided to look up the translation and now it makes me wanna cry eVEN MORE :") Just another one of my favourites :)

Yeah I definitely feel that those four episodes could have been used waaaay better :')

Oo I've noticed that you've added I7, My Roommate is a Cat and Tanaka-kun to your ptw :D Great choices, all of em ;)
UhOhSPAGET Oct 23, 8:32 PM
Heheh I'll make sure I get to watching it then (eventually haha)

Oh I love Bump of Chicken :D And also just Japanese music in general >w<

Well I can definitely try to prioritize my ptw list tho I'm not sure how well that'd work xD Like for the past year now, after almost every show I've watched I've said to myself "Ok, now I'm gonna watch Steins;Gate (or something but that was the main one)" but then I feel like watching something I only discovered a couple of days before :') So I actually only watched it a couple of weeks ago but man am I glad I did, it was one heck of a trip :3 And now my friend is watching it so I get to watch her watch it and go through the same stuff i did xD So I've pretty much just decided to go with what I feel like in the moment (unless I'm watching too many things like now in which case I'll just take my pick on what I feel like most out of those)

Haha yeah. I'll admit, I did enjoy Kokoro Connect for the most part but I wasn't a huge fan of those last 4 episodes. Like I was really hoping that they'd expand/explain/do something relating to Heartseed cuz we never even found out what he was, why he was there, how to stop him, what all that stuff about no. 2 was or anything! :< But I did enjoy it for the most part, particularly the first arc.

UhOhSPAGET Oct 23, 8:03 PM
Ayyyy late-comer buddies! *high fives* xD

So Dr Stone's good then? I've been considering it, but then I get caught up with other things and forget about it :'D

Ah yes, I can't say I've seen Fire Force but I've heard the theme and it's a total banger :D

They definitely both sound interesting, I'll have to check 'em out at some point :) Especially Babylon, I really like mysteries (and angst lol xD)

Ahhh I swear my ptw list is forever-growing, I just hope I actually manage to actually get through it someday :')
UhOhSPAGET Oct 23, 7:31 PM
Haha all g, my replies are incredibly late sometimes :')

I'm watching a few at the moment :) I'll admit I'm not watching all that many this season, but I am watching Chihayafuru 3, BNHA 4, Ensemble Stars, We Never Learn (kind of... xD) and I'm thinking of giving Actors: Song Connection a go :D And I have several lined up for next season :3

But I only started watching anime last year so I also have a lot of non-seasonals I'm catching up on too xD

How 'bout you???
8oomer Oct 23, 8:12 AM
Yeah, 4 is one of the best ones. That smile is priceless. I wish they actually showed Kanata testing the lenses with her hearing because it's easy to miss that detail if you're not paying attention at the end there. Only Noel would think of that solution. Genius. Knowing about dolphins, etc. too.

This show I've mentioned to others has a lot of little facial expressions and signs that only make sense several episodes later. It took me about 2 rewatches to fully appreciate the details. When I watched it the first time I thought the first half was boring but now I like the first few episodes the most. For example, in episode two when the girls are investigating the ghost there is this little scene that shows Noel comforting Felicia.

Why? And why Noel? Or when they are getting the supplies and the kid slaps Noel the look on Noel's face means something (and the little talk about the tank killing people in the past). Or when Felicia and Rio are talking in Felicia's office just before Noel peeks in the doorway Felicia says that Kureha might figure out something and that Rio remarks "that something will have to be done" -- all these little scenes don't make sense until 10 episodes later and you hit your forehead and everything starts to connect. That and the art, music and voice acting is why this little gem is still in my top 10 over so many other epic shows I've watched.

8oomer Oct 23, 6:32 AM
Awesome! Episode 4, 7.5 and 11 are Noel's best episodes.

Hope you like it so far. Ep. 2 is Kureha's best episode, so funny! That scene when she's showing the telephone and that long pause when she's hoping it might ring is one of my all-time funniest scene in anime, I don't know why. I mean, the phone rings once or twice a year and she's hoping it actually might ring right then. Lol! And those little moments when she realizes the unit is actually kinda pathetic with the broken tank and laxness, etc. is actually a bit touching. Kanata imagining schoolgirls playing instruments is another cool scene.
UhOhSPAGET Oct 23, 3:25 AM
Hello I'm back ^^
Renkini Oct 23, 1:58 AM
You're welcome ^_^
UhOhSPAGET Oct 23, 1:41 AM
Haha I'm sure we will xD

Ah crap! I'm sorry, I really hate to cut it off so soon but I've just remembered I have a meeting I'm supposed to go to tonight so I gotta dash off D: But let's pick this up again soon yeah? :D