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Dec 19, 2013
What is Prince of Tennis? In short, it is an anime about tennis and the only one of its kind. Some people may find it boring while others will find it interesting; this is an anime that either you will like or don't, there really isn't a middle ground. I personally love this anime and have re-watched it a few times. The story is good, the characters are well developed, the music and art is good.

- Story and Plot - 9/10 -
The main plot of the anime is how the main characters, players of Seishun Gakuen, deal with the various situations dealt to them read more
Dec 18, 2013
This is not an anime for people who are looking for something with action and cute characters. Natsume Yuujinchou is a thought provoking anime, one that encompasses many different genres (drama, slice of life, tragedy, fantasy). The story may look slow but each episode is well thought out and provides insights on the main characters of the anime. Each episode has a message or a lesson for Natsume, and viewers in my opinion; most of them are common knowledge, but they serve as a reminder to the people who watch the series.

The anime has a lot of fun and humour in it, but also read more