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Jan 11, 2020
I seriously don't see why anyone (at least anyone with a right mindset) would come here to see a recommendation of this manga, but since no one's done a review yet, I'm gonna jump in as the stereotypical MAL user and take the unexistent pleasure of being the first one, so..., what of "Toaru Nichijou No Index San"?, it's a pretty wholesome and relaxing manga if you're a fan of the Toaru Series, I'm gonna be honest here, I'm always more interested in the slice of life/comedy/romance aspect of Toaru rather than the actual plot and action, I'm not trying to say that the story read more
Jan 8, 2020
Since I don't think many people is gonna come here, I'll summarize extremely the experience you can get from this manga..... "No Kirino", that's it, if you're a Kuroneko/Ruri Gokou fan, who's by far the most unique and well developed character from Oreimo, and if you're also a huge shipper for her and Kyousuke, then I more than recommend this manga, I beg you to read it, especially given the 100% satisfying conclusion that will surely erase all of the frustration the original ending gave us, again... "No Kirino" (at least not much of her).

Outside that overall experience and enjoyment, the artwork is really well read more
Aug 25, 2019
Some fans of Carnival Phantasm may recommend you to be familiar with all of Type Moon's Visual Novels so you can get all the references of the show, but as it happened with many like me.., as long as you've witnessed one of the routes of both "Fate/Stay Night" and "Tsukihime" then you'll be fine, and even when you're not familiar with something guess what?.., it doesn't matter since the creators clearly know how to please the mainstream audiences, as it is the case with this special, regarding more espcifically the female characters from the beginnning, who are really fun to watch, the rest of read more
Mar 20, 2019
Well, since after getting into this article I realized there were absolutely no reviews I automatically thought, "Um.., maybe I should be the first one to do so", but I then remember how annoying is to have users on the Internet using the opportunities to let out general opinions regarding a product as a whole, in this case with anime/manga/light novels (and any other otaku innuendo I forgot) I've seen many users come to this articles about specials for anime thinking "Oh, since a lot people already commented on Noragami or Naruto.., maybe I should post my review for the whole franchises in this ova, read more