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TheSaltyGendo Feb 13, 8:21 AM
Ok thank you for the feedback.
But could you elaborate on what you meant with "tone down"?
MisterGibbon Feb 11, 12:00 PM
(continuing from the Gundam F91 discussion board) I want to clarify - it's one thing to re-use a common theme, another to recycle tropes. The latter case was something I felt was being repeated in F91. Which is what made it seem better-off (to me) as a "throwback"-type movie experience (especially with the bells and whistles of top-notch production) rather than a full-fledged show.
NoviSun Feb 11, 4:50 AM
hahahahaha I'm glad you enjoyed EVA and EOE. If you thought my comment about EOE was harsh, you should see what I thought of the third movie. My favorite of all the all the episodes and movies was the second movie, I actually gave it a 10/10, and the first movie was pretty good too.
Maneki-Mew Feb 5, 3:04 AM
Thank you. ^^ I wouldn't know about it, if not someone on a discord had not tell me about it existence haha
Now I feel like I discovered a piece of anime history. :D
Amin-kun Jan 14, 12:39 PM
that's creepy.

i sometimes like to look into profiles that have the "classics" kind of anime; you know NGE, cowboy bebop etc. or some obscure animes

Amin-kun Jan 14, 12:20 PM
1) Wow
2) Euuwww
3) Not gonna read it.

PPS: I suddenly checked bleach, then i found the 2018-2019 forum of bleach, then i saw picture of Rei
BenRyan Jan 13, 7:01 AM

You can find up to the 24th tome (out of 26.?) for the french edition if you are interested.

can you give me the link of site? i am asking about Btooom.
Arkab Jan 2, 1:20 PM
In general anime fans do believe that DB was "the one that started it all" regarding battle shounens/nekketsu series. Even some popular YouTubers, every time they make videos talking about BS, deem the series that way:
"DB created an entire genre almost single-handedly and Akira T. deserves all the respect for this" - Reality Punch Studios
"[..] the grand-daddy of shounens, being the most influential title of this genre, DB was the start of many of these problems..." - Gigguk

Gigguk also made a video speaking about tournament arcs (typical for BS) and the oldest title he refers to is Dragon Ball.

Also, the comments in these videos also consider DB as the "one that started it all" and agree with the YTbers. The same beliefs you can find in every other sites, including MAL itself, just check at some of the reviews for DB:

- "It is impossible to discuss shonen anime without bringing up Dragon Ball. The tremendous influence that Dragonball had on both the fighting Shonen genre and anime in general must be acknowleged". - Literaturenerd

- "It's style of formula inspired many other anime to this very day." - Illikas

- "It has its ups, its downs, but there's a reason why the manga and anime went on to influence an entire generation of shonen programmes." - phs_togusa

- "The story in Dragonball is very good and it appears to have been a huge influence to many more that would be created in the future as would some of the characters and their personalities." - mikefromireland

- "The granddaddy of shounen battle titles alongside Saint Seiya and Fist of the North Star, Dragon Ball popularized the genre that would spawn later titles like Bleach, Naruto and One Piece." - ggultra2764

- "Ahh Dragon Ball. THE classic Shonen anime. The one that would go to inspire pretty much all other shonen." - G8XNinjaz

- "This is arguably one of the most inspirational anime and manga series of all time. A lot of shounen is modeled after this series (they atleast take key elements from it's delivery)." - explicit707

Among others. Even if we accept the stance that DB wasn't influential at all, facts still are that lots of anime fans do believe it that way. Just go to the forums, everytime shounens are discussed, almost everyone agrees that DB was the "big bang" of battle shounen series, that would start all of their common tropes and "issues". And this is where I wanted to get: DB wasn't the only series part of this "shounen big bang" belief, since it was joined as you know by HnK and SS which were airing at the same time (HnK some years earlier though), the three of them which you could call the "original big 3", but the current anime community seems to not know or acknowledge this, everytime a thread to discuss battle shounens, their characteristics, tropes, problems and so on, is created in the forums, SS is almost nooowhere to be found in the replies, which is what baffles me. The users virtually sweep all the major long-running battle shounens in the conversation: Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Fullmetal Alchemist, JoJo, Hunter x Hunter, Hero Academia, Black Clover, Rurouni Kenshin, Gintama (if we consider that one as bs too, I don't know really), and some non long-running like Seven Deadly Sins, Blue Exorcist, among others, and Dragon Ball and Yu-Yu-Hakusho are as far as they go back in time. And the other two that were joining DB in the 80s? Almost nowhere to be found in the sea of replies.

The same happens in the YT comments' sections. Most fans in the aforementioned videos talk about the "first wave" of battle shounen, which include the following shows: Dragon Ball and YYH. Once again, the other 80s titles? They don't exist to them! This is, as a fan of the SS series, what bothers me, the fact of discovering in recent years how so many people deem SS as someting either: i) inexistent, or ii) unimportant. And also this is the "curious situation" I was talking about in my review: the fact that many people consider DB as the "original battle shounen series", followed in second place by YYH and then all the rest, completely dismissing HnK and SS, a situation that also contrasts so much to what I see in the real life, because most people I talk to (and not only the people around my age that watched SS when it premiered here, also people under the age of 20) does know about the existence of SS and every time we talk about anime, that series pops in the conversation. This is something that you generally DON'T see online.

Maybe the use of the word "influential" was too much, or technically wrong, but what I only was trying to say was that, if people online are going to consider DB as the "grand-daddy" of shounens, then shows like HnK and SS should get at least a bit more recognition in this regard too, since they were airing at the same time, in a time where battle shounen shows were still only starting to take shape. DB was not alone in this process, as many people tend to think.

I'm going to edit my review soon in regards to this whole influential-or-not debate to avoid any type of further controversy with anyone. But I still do think that SS was as classic as DB and deserves more recognition, and that it inspired some authors later like the author of Bleach, in fact many Bleach fans that also have seen SS acknowledge the inspiration.

Now regarding RnK, I was never using the manga sales comparison in order to try to prove a point of influence. You misunderstood me. I only mentioned the sales data to prove you that RnK was not as popular as SS as you said in your earlier post (why did you delete it btw?), not to try to say that because of that SS was influential.

Sorry for the very long reply, but I needed to be detailed given the course of the conversation.
FMmatron Nov 21, 2018 5:48 AM
When the meanscore for a direct sequel is 1,26 lower, then I'm of course wondering what went wrong there xD But it's not something that would put me off.

>To be fair, I actually had a bad time going through it but it was never so frustrating and terrible to follow than Zeta (with its absolutely horrendous dialogues, focus on teen soap and abominable 50/50% recipe forcing robots/battles for 10min every time), AND the Graal at the end of the road (CCA) was fully rewarding, as were the few very good episodes of ZZ (and one of my favourite charcters in the whole UC saga)

Relying on you here. This alone should make ZZ easier to get through. The fact that the miiddle of Zeta felt so pointless most of the time was really harsh on me. I'm easily able to overlook many flaws, usually also the ones you mentioned, but I couldn't stand that literally almost nothig happened. Around the time when Haman made her appearance things moved finally forward.

Just read the mini review in your link and your own view on it, now I gotta say. Don't be surprised when I end up enjoying ZZ more, lol. I'm really forgiving when it comes to nonsensical comedy and co.

Think that I will dive into ZZ soon.

CodeBlazeFate Sep 10, 2018 12:54 PM
Probably, especially since I heard he made a re-cut version with most or all of the island stuff cut out. Maybe he had some ideas about that part out before he left?

That sounds amazing.
Deathko May 9, 2018 4:55 AM
"smol" c'est moi qui massacre l'anglais "small" pour faire plus choupinou =^_^=

Je vois que tu as préféré SAC au Ghost in the Shell d'Oshii? J'arrive tout doucement à la moitié de la première saison... A priori c'est pas mon entrée préférée dans la franchise ; trop proche du ton du manga que je n'ai pas vraiment aimé, trop tiraillé entre comique et série policière super sérieuse avec pleins de flingues et de machines en gros plans.
Ceci dit j'attends impatiemment la suite des aventures des tachikoma, alors que c'était pas mon élément préféré de la série jusque là (j'aurais même tendance à dire qu'Oshii a bien fait de les virer :p). L'épisode où ils (elles?) se font envoyer au labo était le meilleur jusqu'à maintenant... Un peu dans le gendre de l'épisode 16 d'Ergo Proxy où il n'y a aucune action.

Hey au fait, puisque tu parlais d'OVA 80's l'autre jour... Voila, je commence a avoir bien écoulé mon stock, et il n'y a plus grand chose qui me saute aux yeux. J'ai encore qques A-ko, un Kawajiri et quelques trucs à mater, mais ma situation devient critique. Je suis en train d'éplucher ta liste, mais il n'y aurait pas qques OVAs que tu recommandes franchement que j'aurais raté?
CodeBlazeFate Mar 13, 2018 12:46 PM
Thank you, and here is my review of the show:
Maneki-Mew Sep 13, 2017 6:15 AM
>> I wasn't lying and sorry for spoiling you a part of the discovery.<<
Doesn't matter. ^^

>>The hero was "fitting" well in the story, in the sense he was supposed to be our contemporary japanese boy implanted into a totally different world, filled with people wore down by it. (But maybe it"s due to my lack of intelligence: I loved Eva's TV finale.)
I thought that this was exactly what our own whiny happy-go-lucky protagonist wanted. Someone at least a bit like him who wouldn't be "in phase" with the overall behaviour and try to apply his quiet life/world "rules" to this fictional other world.<<
Thanks for your explanation! ^^

>>About Eva, have a good watch.<<
I had. That anime is really great and I'm going for the rest of the series. ^^

>>PS: Amuro was a mecha war child suffering from his condition in 79 already. And he became excessively popular in Japan (although less than his respective "villain"). This allergic reaction pandemy in MAL (against Amuro Rei, ? Sakai Noriko, Hikari Shinji... I'm sure even the relatively consenting hero of Venus Wars would be rejected) must be something very post-90s West kids.<<
I think it's because many people want to see the protagonist as a person, who is braver and better than themselves. It had a long tradition in literature and tv series and movies as well. From old classics to the 80s and 90s, there were these GARRR protagonists. I always hated them. Dunno you must be a teenage boy in the 90s to like them, I guess. XD
Compared to these unbelievable cool protagonists, everyone, who is more humanlike, must appear as "pussy".

>>PPS: you shouldn't have answered ;)<<
I see xD
Rei366 Aug 27, 2017 1:37 PM
Too much Berserk, I guess...
Sjo May 13, 2017 12:49 PM
that nge totally sucks thread might be one of the best instances of autism i've ever seen manifested on the internet and beyond