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Mar 28, 2010
Just an FYI this Series is not complete this is just a short review on whats been shown so far. First of all im start with one of my biggest problems with this is the time schedule. This show has been rocky since the start with creating and putting out certain episodes on time. Also the subs are very delayed the raw versions are like 6 episodes ahead. Now to the better parts, i think this is a good story so far i have enjoyed it. I have not seen the drama but from what i know i think it strays a little from what read more
Jan 31, 2010
There was not a review for this and there are only four episodes out atm but i felt like it still deserved a review.

All of this is based off of four episodes:

Story: So far the story is decent at the begging its a little slow and you think it will be just another demon slaying-animal serving there master type of anime, After a few episodes you find out that this series has a good mix of different themes which makes it pretty enjoyable.

Art: I find the art is decent for this anime, although many people like the mangas art better. If your hesitant because read more
Jan 9, 2010
This Tv Anime Series is the most amazing one out there. Dont get me wrong i do agree with many people that there can be one to many fillers but that shouldnt sway your judgement of this amazing anime.

Story: The story is just amazing it plays out great even if it has one or two fillers before they get to the real stuff the action ect. Everything fits and it is quick witted when it comes to connecting the dots.

Art: What can i say? Its great art for anime imo. The fight scenes are nice and clean art as well overal put together well

Sound: I read more