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Sep 29, 2019
When I first started to read Marry Grave, I thought it would be a nice yet ordinary shounen manga. I am quite glad that it turned out much better than what I expected.

The art is quite simple, not especially outstanding but I came to appreciate it, and may have notice an improvement between the first and last volume.
The characters are also quite simple in a way: Sawyer is a nice airhead, Rosalie is a strong minded girl and I can't say that they have much more depth. This simplicity however collides violently with Marry Grave's world: a world where humans are barely surviving amidst violent read more
Jan 30, 2019
Aisopos (Manga) add (All reviews)
I was quite surprised when I saw that the overall score of Aisopos was of only a little above 7,5.
Aisopos is a story of love. Not the kind of romance that we are used to; love in a more general sense, with its best and worst sides. Of course, this is not a romance manga; it's full of adventures; but everything that happens can be traced back to love.

Amidst the adventure, Aisopos' strong point however is the storytelling: Aesop hears stories that will change his way of thinking, and eventually makes up his own. These stories are simple, but full of symbolic for the read more
Dec 9, 2018
Considering that the only review concerning this manga seems to have been written for the wrong one, I wanted to re-establish a little fairness here in favour of this manga.

First, concerning the story: Sayo made a promise with some kind of spirit-monster, and ends up being able to summon him. But it turns out that he only wants to eat her in order to get stronger, and that's where the story begins, before it becomes a real adventure.

Next, for the characters: Sayo is quite a nice character, she is very devoted to her brother and will do all she can to save him. Our male read more
Nov 13, 2018
Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid is an extremely heart-warming manga, with a lot of comedy. It has a slow but enjoyable pace, very simple and relaxing (at least until now).

It's the story of a Duke that lives secluded because everything he touches dies, and his maid Alice. They both love each other, but can never touch. The innocence of the duke and of their activities and feelings for each other contrasts with the sadness of the curse that makes their love almost forbidden. Alice also knows that if the duke is ever freed of the curse, he won't be able to be with her read more
Nov 13, 2018
I was really astonished to see that such a manwha wasn't more popular on MAL, and that there was only one review, so I thought I would add mine.

Family Man was a real emotional rollercoaster, between being heart-warming and sad.
Gang-Ho is a worker in a plant far away from his family that was fired after an accident that left him with a terrible scar and who can't face his family with such a face, so he wears a costume of a popular superhero to save them without them knowing. His devotion to his family is absolutely wonderful, and was very touching.
The webtoon is not read more
Nov 5, 2018
To summarise Winter Woods is a very nice webtoon, with a story that renews a quite common plot, making it feel new. The art, the characters are wonderful and contribute plenty to this. If you like the type of smooth, warm relationships without any useless barriers between the characters and hardships that seem real and justified, I warmly recommend Winter Woods to you.

Story - 8

The story is a positive, romantic version of Frankenstein. A young boy that was created by an alchemist is sent to live with a young writer, Jane, to see whether he is really alive and can be considered a human. The read more