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Mononoke Hime
Mononoke Hime
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Vampire Hunter D (2000)
Vampire Hunter D (2000)
4 hours ago
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Hunter x Hunter
Hunter x Hunter
Aug 7, 4:59 PM
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Shaman King Zero
Shaman King Zero
May 8, 9:19 AM
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GetBackers Bangai-hen
GetBackers Bangai-hen
May 5, 3:27 PM
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TrevRockOne Oct 8, 5:53 PM
Yeah, it's not easy finding something as good as Slam Dunk. It's a silly, little show. I think I'll watch some more in small doses. Thanks for the detailed write up.
NothingPalace Oct 8, 5:30 PM
lol maybe I’ll start watching it again one day but I’ve been satisfied with some of the shorter stuff I’ve watched.
NothingPalace Oct 8, 1:05 PM
Yeah, I wanted to check out Dragon Ball since it was so different from Z. I actually started it a while ago and kinda stopped watching. I remember the last episode I saw was when Goku’s in the tower with the Frankenstein android.
But I haven’t really watched or read any other gag anime/manga (not sure what some others are). I’m not that varied in tons of genres lol
TrevRockOne Oct 8, 11:40 AM
Yes, and thank you for accepting. I actually wanted to ask you about one of your favorites there. I watched a couple episodes of Dash Kappei and I was wondering what kind of show it is in the long run. Does it stay just as a gag anime? How much of a sports anime is it? Are there tournaments or anything like that? Just curious. Also I see you're from Hamburg. I studied German in college. I've never been up north though.
Seiya Oct 6, 5:33 AM
I've heard of "Fuuma no Kojiro," but I haven't seen it yet. I'll definitely watch it sometime soon.
NothingPalace Oct 5, 9:48 PM
I appreciate the recommendation! I’ll definitely check this out.
junmisugi Oct 1, 5:16 AM
did you only saw the new Captain Tsubasa 2018 version? I saw the all original series and sequels so I know what will happen, you will see, wait :) that's worth it!
junmisugi Sep 28, 8:16 AM
I'm a boy :)

Well I like Misugi because he has heart disease but he tries to overcome it :) and he is doing his best.
Cazqui-09 Sep 25, 7:43 PM
ah, i shouldn't though! they haven't done any anime openings or endings, nor have they participated in the realm so despite submitting an application, i shan't expect it to be approved. i'd say that whatever visual kei or j-rock bands of the like that haven't been added to the database, probably have been requested before and simply were rejected. i doubt i'd be the first :P if only there was a "my band" xD

right, aren't they just funny. like eiji and that other guy who does the moon volley move or whatever. it's already funny just thinking about how many amusing, almost supernatural-like tennis signature moves that each character had. i used to be able to think of the names on the spot when i played tennis or badminton (i hate doing most sports but these are fine), not anymore. u_u sad

also, excuse me for the proddin but i saw off a comment that you had also been interested in watching/finding the 1978 haikara san original series? i too really want to watch it. i tried using a torrent to download the raw episodes off of, but alas... it was not downloading zilch. so i only have the first translated episode watched under my belt. have you been able to get to the episodes? let me know!
Cazqui-09 Sep 25, 7:27 PM
nah, i didn't mind your questions at all. i love writing and rambling about stuff, to the point where i have to stop myself mid convo else i run the risk of possibly annoying people xD so, i really enjoyed responding to ya! (and also, i guess it was just on my phone that the paragraphs didn't have gaps, so thankfully it looks a little less cluttered now.)

yes ^_^ because you never know, how you may feel at the time of watching the anime and by the time you finish it, what rating you'd give it. i'd be watching something and i'd think in my head 'oh this, this is a 10!' but by the end i'll have a dull taste in my mouth and i'll just give it a pity 7.

oh i see, i guess it is always the manga that would have what you want when you need more from what the anime gave. isn't that so! if only anime had an unlimited budget for all, then we could adapt every chapter and volume! (wow, that makes me pumped up just thinking about the possibilities. if i were a gajillionaire, think this is my first purchase-!) if i get back to getbackers (oh my god my puns 💖 we stan), and finish it, which is crazy, i'd read the manga then.

right.. it's u_u; when you can't find the episodes for an anime. happens a lot to me, since i'll think of picking up an anime i haven't finished but i either: can't find the site i watched it on OR the site that i watched it on got slammed with copyright so the video is unavailable. (Lovely!)
also, you watch dubs and not subs? has it always been this way?

meteorite... meteorite in samurai champloo? i reckon i haven't gotten to that episode yet? unless i did and i can't remember clearly. but that is quite a, different episode subject for such a show as samurai champloo!

AH! YES! that too! that too! great minds think alike! tsubasa chronicles is very sakura-centric, it is quite hair wrenching. that was the other thing i disliked about sakura... i will acknowledge that it is hard for the series to not be revolving around sakura, considering they need to find her feathers but she is so... so, so sheltered and protected... they treat her like she's the most delicate thing, as delicate as her feathers. i can't even expect her to do anything badass or cool because she's passive like a clear glass ball. that's her sweet and too-goody two shoes nature i guess. and syaoran? the man is the literal definition of whipped, everything he does is for sakura. *arthur fist meme* the opening is one bamf though. so nostalgic... "hatenaki blablablablaaablaaa~"

the manga is better than the anime thou, if you ever want to try it. sakura is still as huge of a part of it as she is in the anime and syaoran is still as smitten, but new characters come in (some aren't new but they're from the clamp universe; other clamp manga) and great character development happens :P i was able to try to ignore her presence due to the other characters taking up the panel time. they have certain ovas for these manga arcs as well, so that's an option too. i won't spoil unless you want me to xD
edit: (i really should not have wrote about tsb chronicles, i just cried rewatching the op after mentioning this lol. oddly, i didn't feel the same dislike for sakura - extremely strange. it'll come back i assume)

eee, you can't just watch the xxxholic movie without watching tsb chronicles? i haven't watched any of the xxxholic movies, (i feel like there was more than one) because i feel like i'd get sad. doumeki and watanuki are just tragic... ughh, my heart.

level e, is that the one where there's the blonde alien prince? or do i have the wrong idea? agree. (nod) i don't like it when an anime stretches it, i'm already braindead as it is, that will make me lose my last remaining brain cells... eh? how many episodes does yuyu hakusho have? i was under the impression that it had 200 episodes or 100, and you binge watched that with no patience?! i salute. hmm... i'd say the three main guys, the black haired main character, the red (thorny?), and the short chibi dude with the bandaged eye on his head are good looking. the other yankee dude with the ridiculous pompadour is a literal eyesore. i see, same as in the same as... hxh's tournaments? i got a bit confused there xD

anyways! i've heard of shaman king, it was fondly talked about. the year looks nice too - really early 2000's! although 64 episodes... will i survive... well. it does say "tournament"! thank you so much for this recommendation! if i end up really liking it, you'll be the first i'll get on my knees for ;__;
Cazqui-09 Sep 23, 2:57 PM
christ i wrote too much, i put gaps inbetween each paragraph but on mobile i guess my phone just ignored the spaces and piled it all together in one huge glob lol
sorry bout that!
Cazqui-09 Sep 23, 2:55 PM
ohh, not at all. i think most would assume that you wanted your settings to be that way, which is why i hesitated to tell you in case that was the reason xD

i sometimes rate shows when i don't complete them, but i do rate shows after i complete them the majority of the time. the only exception to this is when it is a anime that i watched a long time ago, as i didn't actually use MAL until fairly recently in 2016 so i can't trust my memories sometimes to give it my true rating :P

get backers, that was somewhat enjoyable, i owe it to loving the two main characters' dynamics. the humor and the art too! but the actual show i'd say is a 7 - however! i still want to watch it, i feel like if i kept watching, it would get more in detail with the blonde guy's past - even though he's such a ditz right now they did say he was in some shady stuff before.

initial d, an 8. ooh i loved it. the only thing that stops me from giving it a 9 is definitely the fact that i want the main character to race in the cities and stuff like that. do you know if he ever does eventually? i love the whole driving as a sport kind of aspect, but yeah... i want less countryside and suburbs and more urban settings.

samurai champloo, this one is a bit hard because i love the historical genre. feudal era, shoguns, samurais, daimyos, fighting with swords and the way that often these types of anime don't try to avoid animating bloody deaths. one second a random extra is standing with his sword and the next, his head or his limbs are cut off. it's not that i yearn for gruesome stuff, irl i can't stand the sight of it but when there's so many times when death on screen in anime is too clean it is appreciated. so, it's weird, cause i thought that based off of the title that was what it was gonna be like. but it turned out to be a ragtag team of 2 guys and one girl traveling to find a dude who smells like sunflowers (whatever that smells like), and random shenanigans. one ep that did hit me was the one where the girl helped out this guy and then he tried to escape or something from the roof, but died somehow. that was... anyways, besides the point. i'd say 7 for this. not bad, not amazing imo yet. if i ever try to watch it again, it could be a higher score like to a 8.

s.cry.ed is an anime i first watched as a kid, a bit of off a burned disc in one of the cases my older brothers made. haven't watched it enough to give it a score :( the anime itself is something i like the concept of, definitely, but i found issue with the main character and loved the teal haired enemy. both of which are TOTAL opposites of each other, in clothing, hair, attitudes, and personalities. i did not quit watching the anime from this alone however. i just have a problem with the idea of finishing and continuing animes, my attention span is the size of a pea you see.

jigoku shoujo, well... it's an episodic anime. i tend to be quite neutral and moot to anime of this nature but this is by far one of the best. there's creepy and sad stories of people's weaknesses, their wishes, and their eventual punishment for seeking out a higher power to satiate their inner desires. it's just 👌👌👌
so, 8.5.

i answered the PoT one in the last comment :P
tsubasa chronicles is one that i finished, but one i finished a long time ago. i was more of a manga reader for tsb chronicles instead. hmm... i can't give a rating for this really, maybe 7. the main thing i hated, in both manga and and any form was sakura. and you know what the thing i hated was? her short hair. i know, so dumb, but i hated it so much that whenever she wasn't present i was like oh hell yea xDD cardcaptor sakura on the other hand, her hair was fine, it was cute to me. and yet. it's the same hairstyle..

yup, 3 eps. this was around the time that hunter x hunter, the 2011 vers was finishing up airing and i was so depressed because i really wanted to find a substitute shounen with a bunch of episodes that was as good as hunter x hunter. soo, why not yu yu hakusho made by the same togashi? i have no reason that i remember for quitting, i think it could have been that i wasn't able to find a reliable site for the episodes beyond the third? or not. idk, but YES. i LOVE tournaments. that's partially also why i tried yyh, as i heard that it was similar to hxh in that there's some sort of dark tournament deeper into the arcs. true?
Cazqui-09 Sep 23, 1:51 PM
and that's only including what i am able to put in my favorites, unfortunately mal doesn't have the more obscure bands in their library but not that it matters anyway. (considering it isn't for that purpose xD)
for prince of tennis, i did not finish it so i did not give it a score due to this. not saying i don't give scores anyway to unfinished animes but i guess it's that i would only have an enjoyment score for PoT and not a actual score :P which was probably 8-9 back then, i really liked the characters and it was very funny. because of PoT, i listened to the character songs (mostly was a fan of eiji's ahaha) and was into the tenimyu musical for a while.
Seiya Sep 19, 3:21 PM
Are you referring to the movies, or the original 1978 series?

The first movie from 2017 is on

The 1978 series unfortunately, has not been translated into English, except for the first episode.
A_silent_Being Sep 5, 1:16 PM
Hi, First of all Thank you for replying and accepting the friend request.

Your really loooong message ( ; p ) probably saved me a lot of time and lots more of mental peace so i thank you again. The post really addressed what i was looking for. I could try watching it for comedy only but 50 eps of sub-par gags is maybe a bit more i could manage, so taking your advice on it and experience of it, I will drop the show.

Glad we had this conversation. x)