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Dec 8, 2017
Koiike (Manga) add (All reviews)
i really enjoyed reading this manga...its just simple and great at the same leaves a feeling of fulfillment.

story: the story had pure feelings baring its fangs..i quite enjoy highs school plots and the couples were so cute .i liked the managers story the most...its a great read.

art: the art was good enough .you can feel all the emotions rising from the characters. totally heart warming..

characters: simple day to day high school students....without any warning they start falling for each other cute!!!

it may seem really regular stories but i liked it very much.keep up the good works mangaka !!

edited: I freaking love read more
Nov 3, 2017
I'm really shocked to see no reviews on this great story.As this is my very first review, I'll cut the chase and get right into it.

Story: The story really moved me .At first things seemed to be moving pretty fast but soon you'll get the gist of it. It's very original and also moving. I hope you'll love it.

Characters: Secondly the caracters were very touching and emotional. Their characteristics and expressions were on spot on. Their conflicts, bondings and reunions will move you.

Art: Lastly the art. The art was very refreshing . Both the time and space of the different eras read more