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Tenchi Muyou! Ryououki 2nd Season
Tenchi Muyou! Ryououki 2nd Season
Nov 19, 1:48 PM
Completed 6/6 · Scored 4
Nov 15, 2:41 PM
Dropped 1/13 · Scored 1
Parasite Dolls
Parasite Dolls
Nov 15, 2:40 PM
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Aug 14, 5:49 PM
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Slut Onna
Slut Onna
Aug 9, 11:36 AM
Completed 6/6 · Scored 5
May 2, 7:57 PM
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Lil-Bird Nov 4, 12:39 AM
AWC is short for "Anime Watching Challenge".

Ah, I see. I think that's inevitable any way you look at it because it's a sign of progression. Kind of like how an actual story is rough in the beginning, but it comes to be its own thing later on because the creator was able to find their foothold. They don't always go back to try to fix up the beginning because no matter what they do, it doesn't have the same progression. It can be close since typically it's just fixing up the style/tone, but there's kind of a reason the foothold shows up where it is, and that's what people remember.

I hope this parody comes to fruition one day. You've put a lot of thought into it, from the sound of it, like you really care that much for the original source material but still recognize its flaws.

Haha I did xD? Man, I have such impossible ambitions. But at the very least, I'd like to see everything I've put on my list, but it's definitely a stretch. I'm well aware I may not like everything I plan on seeing, but I did come across a video about how watching bad shows helps you to appreciate the really good shows, as well as to recognize just how that bad show went wrong, and if there was a way to salvage it. (Or, well, that's the conclusion I came to. But I've also always been a sucker for laughing at bad media, so it's kinda second nature for me to be a glutton for punishment.)

That's the spirit! Slow and steady can be a good strategy.

Oh sweet, I'd love to see it when it's done! Metal molding sounds pretty cool, so that's a new skill you've been learning?

I've seen my brothers play the new FE games, they've been enjoying it. I think the one brother's favorite is still Radiant Dawn, but typically your first tends to be your favorite.

Awesome, congrats on the job!

Mmm I might be in the middle of a burn-out. Think it was kinda inevitable, but after deciding I wasn't going to play by the AWC's rules this year, I've been able to watch some anime I needed to get around to. I'm still debating on where Revolutionary Girl Utena will fit on my "Top [x] List", but I enjoyed that series enough I actually bought the Blu-Ray volumes, so I'm thinking it's at least somewhere in my top 20 lol, so that was a fun surprise.
In terms of real life, honestly it's kinda still the same-old, same-old, but I've definitely been learning that there really was a reason I held off on getting myself a debit card for ages lol, I've been spoiling myself a bit buying merchandise, and some new clothing items. Just trying to get in the hang of having actual proper access to money on the regular (which means shopping, and I've never been the biggest shopper) and juggling a budget that I really didn't have a hard time with when I had to actually withdraw cash to buy something any time I went out every month or so. Like that was my self-inflicted leash, and I've slipped out of it xD. Although it's part-time, I work at home and that's why I still manage to have free-time and a steady flow of income so I can continue to pay off my student loans, though that schedule's been changing a bit every month or so, which is for the best so I can get in the habit of keeping a schedule.
Oh, well, very late last year, I had actually developed a skin rash out of nowhere on my hands that I didn't get checked out until January, and the auto-immune rash is chronic, yay me. They gave me a steroid cream for it, but I was like "Lol no" and looked more into how to treat it without literally thinning my skin because I know me, I smack my hands around without meaning to. So I've now gotten in the habit of swallowing vitamin pills after years of trying to avoid doing that lol. Not a whole lot of them, just a small handful that I learned actually combated the rash so it's now virtually gone, and I think it's helped with clear skin? It's pretty nice. This has also been the year my mom's started making her own homeopathic medicine and stuff (she's gone gluten-free this year, too), so she's been making tea and I have a little bit of tea every night now that's aided in the skin clearing.

So yeah, that's been something. *sheepishly rubs back of head* |D
Lil-Bird Nov 2, 11:17 PM
Wow, ten years is a long time. Even if you haven't been working on it lately, the fact you've had this simmering in the back of your mind for all this time is a good sign. It sounds like it's really super important to you.

Yeah, I haven't been watching a lot of anime this year, looking through my stats. I think the shitty AWC this year killed that motivation, but it feels a little weird to not watch a lot of stuff. I can go days without watching something, but then I have to get into something lol. It might be a sign I need to turn my attention elsewhere, but I dunno. Honestly can't blame you for not wanting to watch much of anything, it's just been one bombardment to another, can't really focus on anything current.
KLK is a great choice, happy to hear you like it. I'm due for a rewatch of it, gotta refresh my memory.

That's true. As long as you're at least making that attempt to push forward, it's better than nothing. Hopefully something will come your way that gets you energized again. 2019 didn't seem to have been any different from last year, but was there anything you liked from this year, like a movie or video game or anything that happened in your personal life that was worth it? Anything you're looking forward to that's coming out soon?
Lil-Bird Nov 1, 9:57 PM
Hey, welcome back! Hope everything's been going well for you.

Uhhh les'see here... Ah, you said you had a YYH project you were working on? You don't have to share it if you don't want to, but that was one thing.

We also were talking smack about some shounen titles lol. There's been a few more that's popped up since, but I haven't seen them. I've been watching Saint Seiya off-and-on, though, but not enough for proper commentary. I also saw one called Shadow Skill earlier this year that was pretty neat, and I finally finished Ranma 1/2. But that's about it in terms of shounen, next to a rewatch of Trigun and Ushio and Tora.
RealCW Jun 8, 11:53 AM
Hmm, all my favorite characters tend to lean towards the 'red oni' trope.
Rensie Apr 14, 10:23 AM
Ah sorry i normally don't discuss things here a lot, not much on the forums and barely otherwise. Especially with anime tastes really differ a lot between people and that's alright. I made an exception this time because i saw you crapping all over jojo's bizarre adventure, and i saw on your profile that you don't like a lot of (the big) shounen. So i took some interest in how you rated series and i saw you really liked YYH. I still don't see why YYH would be so much more perfect in the shounen genre than the rest, i thought it was right in the 'meh it's ok' category. Not bad by any means but i saw a lot of meh stuff in it. So i was really curious why, commented here in the spur of the moment i guess.

The thing with FMA was just an example, i see them as worlds apart in quality. The tournement arc felt really dragging at times so i really can't see how it was perfect or anything close to it. The last part i admit was great but it took way to long to get there and i felt bored at times. The end felt not just rushed to me but really unsatisfying. There were real stakes going on but yeah let's end with an uneeded tournement structure right? For absolutely no reason, like it's some bad DB arc. Together with the problems i already had with the ending it t ruined a lot of it for me (and like i said i found it already far from perfect before that). I really don't see the characterization as that great. The girl characters (except the teacher) are there only for moral support, barely do anything and don't contribute much, i felt nothing for them other than a plot device and some standard run of the mill romance comedy. Kazuma is more over the top and predictable than almost any character i can think of (even where the character growth goes to). With his behaviour/powers he might be right at home in the jojo universe ironically.

I made the nostalgia comment because you are REALLY harsh with some of the series i thought were quite ok, having their flows but enjoyable as shounen (some comments really made me frown and thx for the jojo spoilers of later seasons btw), yet you dont' see much of the same flaws in YYH, and there are some bad flaws in there. That's why i thought you wachted it when you were younger, and i think if you wachted it this year for the first time ever, you might have dropped right in your big shounenseries trashcan.
Rensie Apr 12, 11:25 AM
You seem to be really strict with ratings. All good and well, but you give Yuu Yuu Hakusho a 9? That's seems rather odd as it is so much like the shows you seem to hate with nothing to really set it apart from them (and the demonic blood reveal at the end and some dialog from the first arcs are nothing short of cringeworthy). I see it as a trial and error version of the much better Hunter X Hunter from the same author. Did you see it when your were younger? Maybe it's nostaliga or something? Putting it higher than FMA B is utter baffeling me. I'm not flaming or anything i'm just really confused.
Lil-Bird Nov 13, 2018 1:25 PM

Oof, that burns hotter than Natsu's flame.

>It's boring when things aren't building to anything and nothing changes.
83 *glances at One Piece for a moment* I know you don't wanna talk about anything of the big three (and Fairy Tail), so I'm trying really hard not to squee about it.

I get it if Togashi's not one to do interviews, but he had to have been inspired by something. It'd actually be pretty cool if he had mainly original ideas that unfortunately got squandered due to various circumstances (conflicting opinions with editors, tight scheduling, his health keeping him from working, being a lazy-ass, et cetera). Togashi honestly comes off as some who could've been a prodigy, or at least shows lots of great potential, and handled it just slightly better than his peer Tite Kubo. I'm not a Bleach fan by any means, I did enjoy some of the anime until the fillers weighed it down, but Kubo honestly had a lot of potential that got held back by things outside his control. But he also consistently came up with new characters he just had to put into the story that don't add up to anything. Guy must've just really liked to draw, from what I could tell--then he got sick. And he took a beating from that.
And that's the thing about being an artist, is that if you want your style to stay consistent, and especially get better at it, you have to keep drawing. Taking any break of any kind can hinder your ability, and you could degrade quickly. Some folks are much more talented at it than others, even if they don't draw every week or so, and that could just be something natural, hard to say. Others had to work at it, and those are the ones who can easily lose that ability. Kubo I think was one of those folks, and drawing basically is his life. He may not be a good story-teller, least not without someone there to help him, but you can tell his state of mind, what kind of health he's in in his drawings. Bleach's art regressed a bit during his sickness, and he was just tired by the end of it. I don't think he was truly all that happy by the outcome, and I feel for him in that regard. He seemed more genuine about his work than Kishimoto, honestly, but unfortunately, Kishimoto at least got to end his work the way he planned it.
It's just not fair, really.

Anyhoo, I'm looking forward to hearing about your project when you're ready to share.

Was gonna wait to bring it up on Serebii, but eh, I'll say it here: Did you see the Detective Pikachu trailer?
Lil-Bird Nov 10, 2018 12:52 PM
That's true. It's possible it was getting really close to becoming like Dragon Ball, and Togashi was fighting against it. Everything must come an end eventually, but it definitely helps if the author has the end goal in mind. That's one of the things I was taught in screenwriting is that you must have your beginning and your ending be absolute, and you can fill in the rest for as long as you want. That's probably why I'm not too mad about a lot of long-runners because of that (naïve, tbh) trust in the creator to have that ending in mind, and for the most part they say in interviews they knew how to end it. That's probably why it is [i[Fairy Tail[/i] is so infamous because the creator admitted "I didn't know how to end it lol give me money." Like yikes.

Has Togashi come out in an interview about his influences by any chance? It probably is no coincidence they started in the same year, and that Ushio & Tora had enough chapters being published that Togashi could've come across it and was inspired to start his own series. Still, I almost feel like YYH still had a couple of years of planning out before it was first published, so I dunno.
Now like I wouldn't be surprised if InuYasha was directly inspired by U&T as Takahashi published in Shounen Sunday as well.

Ooh I love stories! *plops down*
Lil-Bird Nov 9, 2018 12:45 PM
Yeah, the martial arts wasn't a big focus indeed, though it's had some of the better choreographed fights I've seen in anime. I think it set the standard for future shounen--like Shaman King may have been inspired by it from what I can tell, though it's its own unique series.

Oh daaaaang. So I take it that played a role in why the series got canceled?

That's still such a shame a promising, ground-breaking manga had to fall victim to such pitfalls. I think it's good Sensui turned out to be such a cool villain, but yeah, really should've been the end of it. Wonder what he was fighting with his editor over.

Oh, those. That's a good question, but perhaps that may be because dubs typically don't do recaps if it's not already part of an on-going series, if at all. The second volume, from the sounds of it, has more going for them than just being recaps, but maybe it wasn't part of the package deal? Could be similar to why it is FUNimation didn't have the rights for the one movie that Central Park Media had ended up dubbing ("Kuwahara", really?).

I'm not sure if you have brought it up. Is it like those fan edits that try and follow the manga more closely, or at least just cutting out the fat?
Lil-Bird Nov 8, 2018 5:48 PM
Lol that's true xD.
That sucks, though. Like I think it could've made for an interesting arc with some polishing up (and the anime expanded on it??? No way), but then it almost rehashed the Dark Tournament and it was such a disappointment. I remember the talks of the king being his father in the dub, but I think they still dropped "distant ancestor" in some places as well which yeah, totally makes more sense that way. Still is really weird how it came to be that way, though, like I don't exactly remember his mother having anything like a sixth sense or whatnot to hint at it, unless it's not his mother who's part of the bloodline, but it was his dad. And with his dad being out of the picture... though I thought I read somewhere that it actually is through his mother?
Aaaaa it hurts my brain.

It was still a fun watch regardless. It's funny, I might've once mentioned I'm not a big fan of anything martial arts, I tend to struggle to stay awake during them (such as [i}Dragon Ball[/i], but Toei's pacing sucks anyway, manga read better), but I didn't have a lot of trouble watching Yu Yu Hakusho. Yeah, I had months where I didn't watch it, but whenever I popped the disc in, I gave it my full attention and it rarely faltered. So I can understand why it's a beloved series, and it's why I have no problems with wanting to do a rewatch later down the road--usually I'm picky about my rewatches. I've also been slowly buying the manga--very slow process, of course, but I have definite plans to keep it on my shelf.
I actually had suggested a friend to watch it earlier this year since he was looking for some 90s anime to watch, and it was one of his first long-runners he ever finished. It shocked the both of us lol.

Oh yeah, thoughts on the 25th anniversary special coming out soon? It was announced I think earlier this year.
Lil-Bird Nov 8, 2018 2:56 PM
Sure thing, I'm perfectly okay with it. :3

That's actually some really good timing, I had a question about Yu Yu Hakusho that's been bugging me a little bit ever since I finished it. I'm going to give it a bit of time before I do a rewatch in Japanese, so a question I've had that I want to keep in mind for it is if the reveal of Yusuke's bloodline in the last arc made more sense in Japanese. It almost came out of nowhere for me, though that could've been partially because it took me a couple of years to watch the whole thing, so I forgot details. But it almost feels like something got lost somewhere in translation leading up to it. Any truth to that?
ItsYaBoyShikari Oct 3, 2018 7:43 AM
RealCW May 7, 2017 7:25 PM
Ditto, jew. :-!
dickteautwins May 7, 2017 7:23 PM
I don't like you because you're black.