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Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan
Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan
2 hours ago
Watching 22/94 · Scored -
Ashita no Joe
Ashita no Joe
3 hours ago
Watching 29/79 · Scored -
Mushishi Zoku Shou 2nd Season
Mushishi Zoku Shou 2nd Season
4 hours ago
Watching 7/10 · Scored -
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Slam Dunk
Slam Dunk
May 22, 4:08 PM
Reading 10/276 · Scored -
20th Century Boys
20th Century Boys
May 21, 8:24 PM
Completed 249/249 · Scored 9
May 18, 9:36 PM
Reading 254/? · Scored 10


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koalaa 43 minutes ago
Shaking807 Yesterday, 9:18 AM

Shaking807 Yesterday, 9:13 AM
Is that a Kuroo Avi I see??

_Rika Yesterday, 5:19 AM
Woah. New profile pic! Kuroo? :blobthinkingsmirk:


mdili May 22, 1:32 PM
OH Yes, the Kyoto arc is probably my favorite storyline from ANY anime. It really withstands the test of time. Hmm, now I am going to have to go back and watch it I think, lol.

It's funny you bring up Toonami, that's where I was first introduced to RK, and probably why I am so partial to the dub (although it is an excellent English cast, Sanosuke is the best). Are you watching the dub on CR?
Kagura-chan May 22, 11:31 AM
The manga gets even more interesting, especially if you're a Taichi fan. He may not be my favorite but I'm enjoying his character development (though Arata's CD is still my favorite :p). The matches get even more better though I prefer the way the anime handled it (I really want a third season!)

I haven't read 20CB or One Piece but I've heard good things about them so I hope you're enjoying them! Grand Blue is incredible, it had a slow start but it was around chapter 10 when the comedy became really good and afterwards I just fell in love with the cast. It reminds me of Gintama, Prison School and Osomatsu-san (which you need to watch!) While I don't laugh as much with Kaguya-sama, the main cast is so lovable and fun to watch. And the two main characters are so adorable, I hope they get together soon (they made a lot of progress if you compare the first chapter to the latest, I think there will be a confession by the end of this year). Neverland is fantastic too, I've been reading it since the first chapter but lately I stopped reading because the cliffhangers were killing me. I'll get catch up with it soon.

I checked your blog and I like your male characters section better than the female version :D You have Gintoki, Rin, Natsume, Killua, Okabe and Reinhard (though my favorite character in LotGH is Mittermeyer). The female section is also awesome, with Kagura, Hitagi and Kurisu. I still have to carry on with Spice and Wolf, FMA and NGE (so many good shows, so little time :( the struggle!)

And thanks, some of the girls are too underrated like Aika (Aria S2 is so much better than S1, you should give it a try!), Mayaka and Sacchan.
Croutons5 May 22, 9:05 AM
Using MAL blogs could work, though I might be a bit lazy to do it. Maybe when I have free time, also offers more space for short explanations and images (and GIFs) too. I don't think I'd like it if it were to appear under the public blogs though. I've also decided to sort my favourite characters by female alphabetical and male alphabetical, seems much more appealing to me.

Will keep you up to date once I start or finish either of those, maybe after my finals next week I'll start on them! I've always been interested in technological stuff in real life and but indifferent to sci-fi but I loved GitS: SAC and it might have made me a fan of sci-fi. Other than the sci-fi elements, I really liked the themes the series touched on like "What does it mean to live?" or "Is technological advancement always good?" and the likes. It also had the same soundtrack composer as Cowboy Bebop so if you liked the soundtrack in Bebop you might like it in GitS, you should listen to this! The main cast was also lovable for me, felt mature and very human. I also really like Motoko as a character, despite being a cyborg she has humane thoughts and doesn't necessarily let that affect her actions.

I see you've only watched the GitS movie. I watched that after finishing GitS: SAC and while the movie was enjoyable, I didn't feel it was as great as the series and didn't leave an impression as big as the series did for me. If you're ever in the mood for some action, world-building, well-written characters and maybe philosophical themes you should definitely start GitS: SAC.

Oh, I didn't know they shared the same author. Maybe I should consider 3-gatsu after HnC. I see your point, HnC has a softer colour tone with less contrast while 3-gatsu seems to have higher contrast. "Kotatsu" sounds like an interesting description, I might like the characters then. Maybe I'll put 3-gatsu off further, watching it as season 2 is about to get close.
koalaa May 22, 2:29 AM
I appreciate the fact that Sugita and Nakamura are together in your favs. :blobthumbsup:
_Rika May 21, 11:24 AM
Ahaha, I totally get it. The urge to frequently change profile pics is real. I may or may not end up changing mine again soon. But you’ve actually kept yours for quite some time now. Do you think you’re on your way to setting some kinda record this time? :P

And yes, Mushishi is just… beautiful. I actually find it very difficult to put into words what I think is great about it. Some of the stories are so bittersweet and heartbreaking. And the OST just adds to it. I like how every episode has its own ending theme, and all of them are awesome. One of my favs is...

HxH… I watched so much of it in the last two weeks that I got burnt out. So I'm currently taking a break from it. I have deliberately left it at a cliffhanger-ish moment so that I’d have a strong incentive to resume it later 'cause otherwise I tend to never pick anything up again once I put it on hold >>'

> is your favorite Hisoka or you not entirely sure yet?

*tsundere mode on* Ehhhhh??!!! No way! Wh-What gave you the idea that Hisoka is my favourite? B-Baka!
Jokes aside, yeah, he's my favourite so far. *insert obligatory gushing over his sexy voice here* I also like Killua. But Gon... I have mixed feelings about him.

> I'm excited, but also scared D:

Aww, you cute!
Look what I have done! ;D

> I'm a fake fan repping Holo in my favorites and everything :(

This is me with Senjougahara, tbh. I haven't watched any of the other Monogatari instalments that released after Nekomonogatari: Kuro. I need to watch Monogatari: Second Season.

> I'm rooting for you :D

And I'm rooting for you too! Have some KageHina cuteness in these dark and trying times:
mdili May 20, 2:16 PM
Hey! I'm glad I could help out AND that you're enjoying it! How far into it are you, if I may ask?
xcaramel May 20, 9:06 AM
koalaa May 19, 12:42 AM
Ikr? Tsk tsk
Kagura-chan May 17, 12:09 PM
I fell in love with Arata even more after reading the manga (which you need to read, it gets even better!). He's now my 9th favorite character :)

But Rin is no longer in your favorites

koalaa May 17, 3:15 AM
Croutons5 May 16, 6:06 AM
I can relate. I tried sorting them by ranking for a while then decided that I couldn't decide and just went with alphabetical order, maybe I should at least try a colour theme or something. I've had the last two shows I finished take their spots in my top 10, that Katanagatari and GitS: SAC taking over Barakamon and Hanasaku Iroha's spots. At this point I wonder if Working!! and Natsume are gonna have their spots taken too even though I loved watching them.

I'll put Honey and Clover on a higher priority. Those are promising descriptions of the series. I have a good feeling I might like it since I have a soft spot for a likable cast with enjoyable interactions. I'll get to Rakugo soon too! I remember watching the first two episodes when it aired but put it on-hold because I didn't have time, though I remember finding it interesting.

I feel Katanagatari's best experienced the way it aired, monthly or at least bi-weekly just because of the structure of the show yeah. It was too thrilling for me that I just couldn't resist binging it. Shichika is great indeed. I've never read or watched One Piece so I can't help you out here. You're only 10 chapters in, you should at least get to around chapter 63. I know, right? She's lovely!

Other than Honey and Clover and Rakugo, another series in my "high priority" list is 3-gatsu no Lion. How did you feel about that? I always see it being praised as high as an 8 or 9 or even 10.