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Kagura-chan Yesterday, 11:43 AM
I like the first episode but I don't think it's a good representation of the show :/ Many dropped the anime after the first episode when they realised it wasn't going to be parody-centric anime.

Karamatsu is my favorite as well, he's the nicest brother and he always make me laugh. The characters become more recognisable in the 2-cour when the staff gave them more distinguishing features; look at the first key visual to one of the latest official arts:

I'm glad you're still enjoying Natsume, it's a very consistent anime though I think both S3 and S4 outshines the first two seasons.

Leijin Feb 22, 5:55 AM
Thank you! :)

(Would love to answer with a gif myself.. but I don't know how that works here! ^^)
Kagura-chan Feb 21, 6:32 AM
> watching Osomatsu-san

My third favorite comedy (after Gintama and GSNK). I hope you like it, Osomatsu-san has one of my favorite main casts in anime and the voice-acting is outstanding!
Rinarin Feb 18, 8:08 AM
I'll agree with you on it being one of my favourite shows, last year. Might not be anime but it was one of the most fun things I watched, for sure! I'm not sure if it would work as well in anime form, tbh. I mean it would still be fun and great but it would also miss on the surprise factor due to the puppets and the incredibly over the top movements that give it so much character as it is. It has its own charm in this form. Plus, pretty sure a lot of viewers would just pick on it for silly reasons, while as a puppet show...from what I read at least...the writing is great and compared to others...incredible, lol.

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

As for airing, this season has been pretty good, but I haven't picked up a lot, to be honest since I'm waiting for some certain shows to end so I can binge them...or simply holding myself back from starting them due to time...don't want to rush them...want to savour them instead. Second seasons and leftovers have been great, so far...maybe even better than the first season in some cases (IBO, Nanbaka). As for new shows, I'm really enjoying ACCA...the atmosphere has been great (kinda reminds me of the creator's other works in that aspect...due to the music and designs) and it's been shaping into a good story too...even if I still can't tell a lot of the motives in the show. The characters are really intriguing and can't wait to see how this progresses. Kuzu no Honkai I'm a bit behind on but it's not bad, just...probably because of the tons of comments I see around it's shaping up to be quite predictable so far, not that it's bad. Marginal#4 has been a great mindless watch...I need some of these every season and this is cute enough. As for Hand Shakers...honestly if it didn't have those visuals I think some people might have been enjoying it but...some things are just hard to take seriously. I guess you could call it Mayoiga of the season...though Mayoiga had the wacky story...this one has the visuals.

No worries about randomly posting, as I told you before. And don't worry about being late, just take your time! Was pretty busy myself these last couple of days so couldn't reply to you.

Hope your week went well and your weekend will go ever better!

AmethystItalian Feb 12, 4:30 PM
Third years!!

Thank you Rem :)
Rinarin Feb 12, 11:26 AM
Affinity, characters, Rin! All good!

I like most tracks from the OST! The main theme you linked is so hype and yeah I tend to go "WOOOOOOAAAHHH OOOHH" too ahahha, even if the lyrics are a bit...broken (the english doesn't make much sense as usually with Sawano lyrics and track names, see Attack on Titan OST). The first thing I thought of when I listened to the track at the time was Aldnoah, by the way, check this track out (vimeo cause youtube has annihilated all non nightcore versions, I think). The theme that plays when Betsu Ten Gai shows up (example first episode) is also great! It sets the mood for what he does and what his purpose is so well!

Hmm the links you couldn't view are the official music videos for T.M.Revolution's Invoke (from Gundam SEED) and Ignited (from Gundam SEED Destiny) respectively. In case you want to look them up. They were just examples of his hype tracks, nothing much, though!

Episode 2 :

Episode 3

Episode 4

About the names, do you recall how I mentioned "I should rewatch it now that I'm more used to the names"? I had the same problem as you and that was partly the subs fault and partly that each of them have more than one it gets a bit confusing. Plus those names have both the Chinese romanization and the Japanese one (the first being hard to read and the second being the easy one)...I think CR uses the Chinese one from what I recall...which wasn't easy to get used to.

About the puppets' movements and poses, yeah, each of them have their own and apart from the one you mentioned for Sho Fu Kan...he also has another pose that's very "his" which is... :

Oh don't worry about me passing you! I don't plan to go too far ahead. I mean I just watched 4 so I can reply to this message and keep up, had only watched till 3 last night. Also, I'm not in a hurry to rewatch it, I can take my time with it, especially since I found someone to chat about it :D

And thank you about that Oikawaaaa! ­čśŹ

Rinarin Feb 10, 9:15 AM
Don't worry. We seem to like similar stuff so I'm sure you'll realise what I like about each character as you watch more! And feel free to spam with TF thoughts or whatever show, I don't mind! Great way to take my mind off stuff after a long day at work, to be honest :D

After the first episode my mind was blown, too, ahahha. I honestly didn't expect the hype. Also didn't expect it to get more hype! The sound and the music really add to this story. The OP is great (TM Revolution has quite a few hype OPs even when the show isn't as hype lol). The choreography is superb and the puppets are GORGEOUS. I don't think we'd be able to get them though, last time I searched, some Pili puppets were going for more than $1k each...ouch. Also, they are pretty huge. I should be able to catch up with you over the weekend.

As for your spoiler part :

The camera being too fast during fighting was something I noticed at first too. I'm not sure why it was like that but I just assumed it was to show a more dramatic/actiony feel, plus because they are puppets and if things happened slower it might look wonky? With the speed the action scenes happened, you can't tell if there were awkward movements that well. I could still tell it was fast as episodes went by but I got used to it, so I think you will, too.

Rinarin Feb 9, 8:38 AM
I'm not going to go into details so I don't accidentally reveal stuff about these guys, hope you don't mind! Just some stuff that I liked about them are later in the story. I'll obviously spam about them when you catch up though, so let me know!

As for art, some have spoilers or things you might have not seen yet, so...ignoring his NSFW ones...since yeah this vape wizard has inspired quite some nsfw are a few!

I should actually start tidying up my fanart folders...I'm sure I have more but can't find them easily in this mess.

Also here is a bonus Tan Hi! She's adorable!

Oooo nice! You are starting it! Was it the voices or the adventure that sold it? :D Curious about what you think...and to talk about it! I was thinking of rewatching it some time ago, now that I'm more used to the names.

About "putting voices on the characters", the main duo's voice actors made it so I can't really dislike the pair, right from the start. I've listened to too many of their tracks together, so their voices just worked perfectly together. The rest of the cast, too!

About the spoiler image, he's really striking even when not looking fabulous, lol. I think the huge difference between his usual style and the simple one is what made him more <3 in that scene. Also, for some reason I thought he looked more tame in the manga compared to what I thought of him when I watched the show. He really felt more scheming there. Hmm also I just thought of a grid I can make, I'll get to it.

And for the Kicho theme, tadaaa! (I've got a lot of Oikawa avatars ready so not too hard to change back and forth, lol)
Rinarin Feb 8, 12:33 PM
He looks amazing! Linking you the art I linked to someone some days ago. Btw, don't search for it or the characters, yet, there are spoilers everywhere! >.<

I was curious about what you thought of the manga if you hadn't watched it, since it's fresh to you. I'm reading it after watching so I somehow have this image of each character in my mind and how their voices are supposed to be, so I think I see it differently now. I like it, of course, just I wasn't sure if I liked it more than I would if I hadn't watched it, due to already liking the show, if that makes any sense.

The chemistry between the cast, not just Sho Fu Kan and Kicho (though theirs is something else) is great. It was one of the best things about the adventure since it gets both serious and funny. I just realised this is one of the very few times I've typed their names like that, didn't have a chance to talk about them ahaha. Plus I'm trying not to mention many details so you don't get spoilt. About recommending the show, it was one of the most fun things I watched last year so I always try to recommend it when it fits (and sometimes when it doesn't fit for fun cause...puppets...people think you are joking when you say it was fun), but that's if you don't have a problem with the puppets and if they look appealing. I understand that glove puppetry won't be fun to everyone. It might have been because it was something new to me but it was also definitely because the puppets are really pretty (wish I could get one), the story was fun and I tend to like adventures like that, the characters were great, the cast was amazing and some of my favourite voices are in there (Seki, Toriumi, Suwabe, Nakahara, Suzumura etc), plus a great OST. I do think it was the novelty, too, though. For me at least, since I realised the company makes tons of these for decades...they just don't get translated often, if ever. Oh and according to the last episode credits a sequel was already in production!

And yeah, Honey and Clover is somehow really easy to watch both in good silly times and bad. Love it!

Thanks for the profile compliment! You'd probably like the previous theme, too, it was Kicho instead of Tooru! He has too good art to ignore!
Rinarin Feb 8, 6:26 AM

Was just updating TF after reading the latest chapter and I noticed you started it too (nobody else I know has)! I got a bit excited to ask if you've also watched it, since I haven't found many people who did (and haven't had the chance to talk about it, lol).

Also, have fun with Honey and Clover! I really like it, myself.
Christopher9 Feb 2, 5:09 AM
Nice PB m8 :^)
Kagura = Best Gintama Girl
Kagura-chan Feb 1, 12:34 PM
> Kuroko

I actually started watching it over a year ago but after getting spoiled on who wins in the end, I stopped watching it :/ But a few months ago I decided to watch it again and I finally finished it!

Overall, S3 is also my favorite season and I gave it 9/10. I think I'm in the minority but I prefer Kuroko over Haikyuu :p The matches are much more hype and the seasons consistently get better whereas I felt Haikyuu S2 was worse than S1. I haven't even started S3 and probably won't until a fourth season is announced.

And yes, the profile pic is Akashi! Yesterday I fell in love with him after the
and I found a great fanart with his adorable smile! Akashi is officially my 3rd favorite Hiroshi Kamiya role (after Natsume and Araragi!)

Kagura-chan Jan 29, 7:23 AM
I just finished KnK 7 and weirdly enough, I actually liked Mikiya in the movie. He became my 2nd favorite character in the series (after best girl Fujino). My top 3 movies are: KnK 7 > KnK 3 > KnK 5

> Yoshiwara & Red Spider spoilers

I agree with you on everything except liking Jiraiya more than Hosen. Even his OST sounds better than Jiraiya :)

> miss Tsukuyo

She's one of my least favorite characters in the series so I can't say I miss her haha. I don't want to say anything else since you're an anime-only and I don't want to spoiler you.

> in the anime

I miss the

> Natsume

The OST is one of my favorites in anime! This track is my favorite of the entire series. So relaxing to listen to and I always feel happy whenever I hear it in an episode. I love how the episodes can either make you cry or happy, not every anime is able to achieve this :) My favorite finale episode is either from S4 or S5. You have a lot to look forward to and I hope to hear your thoughts on every season :)

> Also, if you haven't noticed, I'm pretty obsessed with Kagura's mom atm :D

Why wouldn't you, she's gorgeous. And she's already my best girl of Winter 2017 despite not appearing yet. I really like your profile pic, Kagura's mom already has a lot of fanarts! Though until she appears in the anime, I think it's best to not search for any fanarts because some of them are full of spoilers.
Nosreme Jan 28, 10:23 PM
>Got any plans for200 completed or future milestones?

I'll probably do Akira for 150 some time in these next few weeks, but past that I really have no clue, there are a lot of big shows I haven't seen though that I could probably do for the future ones.


Yes! Agreed on everything, especially Kuwabara. His development over the series has been great. The great thing about YYH is how much focus is given to each of the main 4, they're all so well-developed and get so much time to shine that I'd easily pick these 4 over HxH's 4 any day, even if Kurapika is my favorite across all 8. And yeah, Sensui was just handled really well overall. Not to say Toguro wasn't but Sensui just felt overall more complete, both as a character and antagonist.


>Also, if it wasn't obvious, I REALLY love Kagura's mom

As you should. She's great, I'm hoping someone big plays her, like Maaya Samamoto, it's probably a long shot but Gintama's VAs haven't disappointed me up to this point.


I definitely get those complaints about 5 though, it's pretty much known as another Part 3 (guess that explains why those 2 parts are Japan's favorites), but past 5 the series is just consistently great. Would you like Jolyne even more if I told you in the games she's played by Sawashiro? If she isn't cast for Part 6 anime I'm seriously gonna riot.

>once again apologize for the well of text and scattered thoughts with messy structure

All good, that's how these things usually go, but I'm just glad to have people to talk to on here so I don't go insane, especially with recent events going on both IRL personally and in this country. Hope to be back soon, miss all of you. <3
sheroze Jan 28, 8:33 PM
We have the same mean score for anime too what kind of hack is this?

Her arc is going to be some top tier stuff even for Gintama so you can look forward to that! And yeah, she looks gorgeous in the OP and ED.