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Fate/Zero 2nd Season
Fate/Zero 2nd Season
3 hours ago
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Oct 8, 3:51 AM
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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season
Oct 5, 2:30 PM
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Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man
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One Piece
One Piece
3 hours ago
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Billy Bat
Billy Bat
Oct 5, 3:33 PM
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Vriso Jan 29, 2018 10:55 AM
Actually it sounds like it is a b rated movie not really interesting but i will watch in the future. I see that some people say that the movie is overrated but who knows will see.

I did not think about the thing being in a dream but still does that mean that the whole thing was just in a dream

How was Jin-Roh ? Right i don't want to watch OP movies i general they are very different that the series i can't say that i would not mind that we would actually have cannon movies not just artistic/ random movies.

So you think that the final showdown will still go on Cacao Island? I would have liked if Oda showed a little more balance in this fight not to be so one sided and then after some time Luffy to just to be able to fight Katakuri using FS i don't like that the fight was dragged here and that Crackers fight was off paneled.

I am interested to see if Cesar will show up again. But i could also that the arc will end just with SH running and not necessarily having fights and also some good conclusions. How many chapters do you think are left 10 or 20? Will Oda once again stretch the arc and make the arc just as long as Dressrosa?

I kind of agree with the fact that Oda does not portray that well the female characters but i still hope that Smothie will show something.
Do you expect something specifically from Sanji to do now that the arc is ending?
For example some people say that we will have some Oven fight but i don't really think that besides Luffy vs Katakuri we will just have some skirmish and that is it.

I am really not sure what will happen with Falconia and the whole Berserk plot. As you said it does not necessarily mean that Casca will just come back healthy back to Guts.

How is the One Outs anime is it better then the manga?
Vriso Jan 27, 2018 1:04 AM
I have not watched City of God but i will check out the trailer soon.

Because the ch have not been translated we can't help it. Maybe we can find some raws online.

I wanted to know why their memories were disappearing . For the first half an hour it was just a slice of life episode then it turned out into romance.

I only have Tekkonkinkreet on my plan to read. Tell me more about the movies after you watch them.
I only watched the first movies of OP i still need to watch strong world, z, gold.

So in what direction do you think WCI is heading? Wil we finally have some smothie moments or will the SH just coupe the burst there way out. I'm starting to question exactly how will Luffy win this fight.

And we got another Berserk chapter but not that much progression. So another chapter at the end of February do you think we will get at least a volume of Berserk?
Vriso Jan 23, 2018 12:12 AM
Yeah i know one of the best tv series.
FM- first mate

I'm really not sure maybe emerald city maybe elbaf who knows but i want to know more about moon people. Do you think we will have a space arc?

You can't compare a 19 inch laptop with a 5.1 inch phone. My phone screen is only 5.5 inch but i can still read manga just fine.

I forgot that i saw a comment about some missing chapters.But i suppose we can watch the anime and that is just fine. I will still try to search on web for the missing ones.
I just find this in mal forums Chapter 32 - 54 = Episodes 9-16 Chapter 62 - 82 = Episodes 18 - 25

Personally i would have liked to know more about why they could switch bodies and travel in time not just because that's how the plot is.

I have not watched that many anime movies mostly One Piece movies.
Vriso Jan 20, 2018 3:28 AM
I watched House couple years ago, it was really good. When ever i got the see House on TV it did not matter that i already saw the whole series it was still a good watch.

That is how i see it too viceadmiral-veteran. I really can't say almost FM possibly but i know they are missing hands/legs so they are much weeker
Would you like if Law will give them new ones ?
When do you think Enel will make his return to the manga?

How big is your phone screen?

I don't know much about baseball i know that you need three strikes to take out a person and that there are bases and also couple rounds per game.
I also started reading One Outs yesterday on a whim i am at ch 28. But i still do not know how baseball is played and if what Toukuchi does in the manga could also be real or it is just hype.

Actually i got to watch Kimi no Na wa the same night i posted the last message. I am still not sure what rating i will give to the movie.
I liked the OST and the visuals where good but the characters were not that memorable, i think the supporting characters changed a little more then the main cast.
Vriso Jan 18, 2018 10:25 AM
Try to access this link
When you comment do you post only from Laptop? i just took a look at our conversations and my spacing is really bad :))
So did you installed Tachiyomi?

You make a good point they act in a way like Tenryubito so there could be some conflict, but i do not know if there will be a proper place to do that especially with how many Big Mom pirates are in the vicinity. I am really not sure what will happen.
You did not respond to my question what do you think about Vinsmokes powerwise?

That is nice when you finish tell me how it was. I also have it on my possible manga reads, I only watched the anime Touch which is with baseball but i still don't know how exactly it is played do you?

This is funny i listened to Radwimps and i just saw the trailer to Kimi no Na wa i did not pay atention to the video or the name of the songs played to know that the OST is
by Radwimps. Buy you know it seems promising i think i will watch it soon.
Vriso Jan 18, 2018 7:38 AM
I really need that auto save message i just lost a message i wanted to send to you in response. It is a really bad feeling losing the whole message. i will try to rewrite something in response:) don't know how much i will be able to reproduce.
For now i can't predict what will happen in WCI arc ending, i still need some more chapters to make an idea.I don't think there's gonna be a buster call coming for BM but also I don't want BB to just come and finish the situation i am really not sure how about you?

I don't think that a small village depicted the whole elbaf, there has to be more things maybe some more stuff about the void century. There has to be some interesting characters not just tall dumb giants.
Germa and the fishman pirates still need to show up so there should be some big things happening in the arc ending maybe a fleet fight. I don't remember germa numbers but they should be able to help in some way.For example how do you see the whole vinsmokes family are they at least similar to a viceadmiral in power? I don't really know with powerscalling the difference between viceadmiral and veterans what do you think?
Some people don't think that Luffy will win the fight i don't see why not but personally i would have liked to see a combination of COO and COC not just this whole future sight thing. We know that Oda is not that consistent with showing COO use in fights.
I am in the same situation as you lots of manga and anime on my list i am kind of slow with anime watching. I only finished kill la kill and BnH in the whole year 2017. Now i am more interested in manga and watching series i have a lots on plan to.
I don't know if you will find something useful on my list because i have not watched that much new movies in the past years. Also some ratings i don't think they are necessarly accurate i still need to change the ratings.
From what i see the movie really has a high rating can you tell me more about it? So which way is more enjoyable physical or digital
http ://
Vriso Jan 17, 2018 11:29 AM
Probably because i am not necessarily a sanji fan i don't see why they would change only sanji' s poster/bounty.I think that if there will be a change it will be for the whole gang.
I don't remember if elbaf king is only 60+ years but i can see an admiral level character in the whole elbaf. Big Mom will definitely be mentioned if she will not be present. What do you think will happen with fishman island now that big mom pirates know about the tamatebox?
I don't think she will be defeated she will only lose face. Do you think that Luffy and Big Mom will clash again at the end of the arc?

I have seen Se7en, zodiac is on my list. The first season of Twin peaks was pretty good but the second one not that much who knows what David Finch tried to do. I think that the series synopsis sounds interesting i don't know if i will like the cast of Mindhunter.
I like most of the genre but i suppose that i watch the most series with drama, action, comedy. I can post a link to my imdb account if you want to see my ratings/ lists.
Vriso Jan 16, 2018 8:34 AM
Personally i don't think matters that in human world had pased couple years. But in One Piece only a few days passed. Because in ch 701 i think Fujitora was introduced. So you really think that Big Mom would be more interesting then a new character,Right now i think that Elbaf does not necessarily needs to be only a arc full of fights and war like wano kuni, maybe it will more an adventure type of a arc also Usopp maybe will do something.
I still have to finish with Sopranos and X files , i started watching more old series and eventually i will finish my list from my imdb account, With what series does Mindhunter resembles ? i saw that its is produced by the same person that made Twin Peaks, have you watched the 3 season of Twin Peaks? I know that some series have been rebooted after many years. So in general you like series with supernatural stuff
Vriso Jan 15, 2018 11:06 AM
I saw Mindhuner trailer some time ago, but i was not convinced right away, for now it is on maybe in the future list.

Although i want to see new bounty i am not really sure that will happen . For now i think they will talk about strawhats at the reverie and the bounty increase will be after wano kuni . I don't think they will get a bounty increase after each arc. If i remember correctly some people speculate that green bull will make an appearance at chapter 903.
I was interested more from the start of wc on reverie arc, still i think wano will have troubles because of how many characters will be introduced just like Dressrosa. Do you want Big Mom to return in Elbaf as some people say on OJ

Besides Mindhunter what other series do you recommend?
I saw more marvel series from Netflix but also Narcos and Stranger things. How about you?
Vriso Jan 14, 2018 11:39 AM
What do you think will Luffy beat Katakuri or the fight will end in a stalemate ?
Do you think Oda will also give the strawhats a new bounty?
What arc are you more interested for now Wano kuni or the Revery arc?
Vriso Jan 14, 2018 3:33 AM
I stoped watching the anime at the end of Dressrosa . I agree with Berserk who knows if Miura will get to finish it .In a way it is a dark slice of life not necessarily 24/7 action manga.
Recently i finished watching the Punisher and started watching mr robot season3 maybe after that i will watch Legion. I can't say that i like horror genre maybe in the future i will try. i still have some series left on my imdb list.
I heard about Dark and also It series, what others series do you recommend?
Unfortunately i don't own any manga maybe in the future i will buy some hopefully i will be able to read them in japanese .
Recently i discovered that the app i was talking about also supports comic books.
Vriso Jan 13, 2018 10:19 PM
I agree with the seducing woods,it is not that i do not like Big Mom is that as you said chase was drawn out also with some katakuri scenes. How much chapters do you think are left of the WCI arc? I never really hyped the vinsmokes i liked Reiju design and also the big brothers but that is about it, i was never really hyped about germa. I will wait the arc to end, then i can make a decision. Do you still watch the One Piece episodes?

Maybe i will add Devilman on my list, i listened to the Made in Abyss OST and i really like it. I have not watched the anime maybe in the future. Right now i am busy with some projects for university also exams are coming, so i should pay more attention to those then reading manga.
So you have a Netflix subscription do you watch anime or also tv series i am not sure if you have watched Game of thrones.
I am not really sure in what way Berserk will end.
Right now i have a 5,5 inch screen so i started reading more directly on my phone how about you, only read on your laptop or reading directly the volumes. How big is your collection?
Vriso Jan 13, 2018 2:03 PM
I only read Subarashii sekai i can't say i liked it, each chapter presents a different story, at the time when i read it, i only read only a chapter per day it is not necessarily with happy endings. I think you should start with Subarashii sekai like i did and see if you like Asano's art and story telling also i think it is best to read manga chronologically this way can see how the author changes, maybe in the future i will read Oyasumi punpun i have to check mangaupdates and see which manga should i read next because i have another three or four manga written by Asano on my list.

Cake Island is kind of okay what can i say in a way i agree that i expected more from Big Mom , visually the manga panels look good by i agree that Straw hats are getting way to easy from BM although it is nice to see some teamwork on SH part. Personally for now i willi wait so that WCI end, after that i can read the whole arc and see what impression i will have. How about you?

I kind of like to read Kingdom even on a weekly bases, personally i think there are is a little to much hype you know i dislike a bit when Hara makes Shin and Tenten look surprised about plans etc

For me the convention i made with myself was if i will like Made in Abyss maybe i will try reading TPN although i know this other manga is shounnen. In situation i really do not know which is better manga first than anime or viceversa. I think i would read manga then the anime especially now that i read more manga and watch less and less anime, but i think i will listen to the OST of Made in Abyss when i will start reading :). Devilman: Crybaby also caught my eye but from what saw online also Castlevania was made really good.

On Berserk i am kind of new to the whole hiatus thing with Miura but maybe we will get some chapter with the whole gang getting together although who knows what reaction will have the girls when they see the whole terror Casca experienced.
Vriso Jan 13, 2018 8:11 AM
Ray after a reread of what i said i think i sounded proud in a way talking about myself when i wrote the post, i am sorry if i offended you,i did not mean to do that i am not really good at expressing things and writing in general.
If you have the time i would really like if you could tell me more about Made in Abyss and also if any of my recommendations caught your eye.
Vriso Jan 12, 2018 3:14 AM
I just finished My girl, it was quite nice it could have much longer. I saw that you are reading Homunculus and i am a little interested in the manga i do not know if i will like it.
You could also try to read Gogo Monster although i only have it on my plan to read list it is a very short manga.
Also from MAL, the manga Ore to Akuma no Blues caught my eye maybe you will like it.

When you finish with Solanin tell me how it was, i only read Subarashii sekai. I suppose after you finish with Solanin you will read Oyasumi Punpun.

Right now i can't wait to read the One Piece chapter but also Kingdom too much hype.
I finished with Mob Psycho it was pretty good and maybe i will finally finish JOJO 3 in the future hopefully.
Yeah i also recently added Made in Abyss to my plan to read from what i see it is a must read/watch, and if i will like it maybe will try reading also reading The Promised Neverland in the future.
And one last idea hopefully Miura will finally get Casca back to her former self now that Berserk is back.

PS: I recommend Tachiyomi for reading manga on android it is one of the best apps i found online, i installed it from Fdroid store.