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Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova DC
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Juuni Kokuki
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Kung Fu Komang
May 29, 10:07 AM
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aerith16 Yesterday, 9:52 PM
It's a conspiracy >w<

Yeah well where I live herre in California is also an active fault line ...so earthquakes happen....and the roads have cracks in them sometimes....

Koi is a type of fish genius :3 :3 xD

OMG !! its just an expression :3 and yeah quarter...that's how our college year is divided .... 4 quarters: winter spring summer and fall :D
VoidSinner Yesterday, 12:21 PM
Hahaha indeed. I'm not one of either. I was a perv, remember xD

Yeah, I really dislike the amount of make-up people use sometimes. Not that I oppose of make-up, but you can use too much. Guess I'm more of the natural look. Oh well, everyone is allowed to do what they like I guess.

Maybe Australian is closer to our English? I really don't know.... maybe it is because of Crocodile Dundee I can follow it easily.
Here in the Netherlands English is pretty much mandatory. And on the tv we hardly ever dub movies, we almost always sub them, thus making English a normal part of life. So children start learning English at a really young age. I can also speak a bit of German. Since they are our neighbours.

Weeb games xD I'll remember that when we set-up our version of steam in your kingdom. Seen anything on the sale yet? I haven't really tbh. Did not look that long, but at first glance nothing really peaked my interest.

Yay for Futurama! Good for you for getting that. Awesome show. I will never underestimate your power of google :p

Nah it will be fine, Pino is a robot. But you don't get to touch her anyway, she is mine! Bring your own waifus.

Yeah, I really don't know Doraemon..... sorry to let you down. I looked it up on the web, but no, can't say I ever saw that. So now you know how I feel when you have never heard of South Park.

.... no idea if smart or pretending to be smart..... at least the memes are strong in you!

Oh yeah, I watched Another in 2 days...... I liked it very much! Could not stop watching.
MagePhaira Jun 21, 8:50 PM
Ohh haha is that so ^^"
It's just that when I just met someone, I'm always having a hard time to distinguish jokes from serious stuffs. xD

Hahaha okay okay. xD
But you sure I did not offend you?

:o Same as ours!! Thesis actually made me held back for another semester!
What are you taking btw? :)

Hahaha I can totally relate! :D For me, it's like "are you complimenting me by implying I look young or are you insulting me by implying that I'm short?" -__-
Though I don't think anyone mistook me for being a middle schooler.
HS would be the youngest they'd mistook me for. xD

I can say it's great. :) You see, I went to this university far away from my hometown, so basically I don't know anyone from there.
After a few months, I gained lots of friends :D And I'm not as shy compared to when I was in grade school and hs :D
VoidSinner Jun 21, 4:04 AM
Hahaha.... wait what.... wait a minute! So you don't think I'm cute! Good, because I ain't, I'm one though cookie.

For me some asians do look alike... not the same of course, just similar. So yeah, you can say they sound the same. Us westerners probably also look the same to you sometimes. This might be a good example...

Funny, I have less trouble with the Australian accents xD
You should hear the Ducth accent when they speak English. I can almost always hear when someone is Dutch. In general our English is pretty good, but the pronunciation is so typical.

And how about 3D games? Do they count?

Yay, sign me up than. Lets start our own kingdom, with blackjack and hookers! Bonus points if you get than reference, which you probably won't :p
Now my quest to add a harem member. Since you want 2D I'll bring my favorite character, Pino. Hope you don't mind.
And what is a Doraemon? Old anime?

Hahaha, you a funny rebel! If you do decide to disobey me, let me know how it was.
MagePhaira Jun 21, 3:40 AM
I don't get it whether you're serious or not haha ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

Ohhh... But that's not what I meant... I used "seem" to indicate it as an initial impression...
Because you know, we don't know each other irl so... There. xD

Hahaha why is that? Are you a troublemaker? (¬‿¬ )
As for me, well, there's someone who didn't let me graduate this year. :/ Yeah, but I'm over it.
I'll give it my best shot for next (and hopefully last) sem! <( ̄︶ ̄)>

HAHAHAHA I can totally relate!! :D
Oh, except for character development. I'm quite proud of my evolution. :P lol
VoidSinner Jun 19, 1:27 PM
I don't try to look cute, I am cute...... whahaha, I don't even believe that xD
Kinda true I guess. They use a lot of similar words and expressions in the UK. But don't tell someone from Scotland he sounds like an English person. They will kill you!

Here, real Scottish. I find it hard to follow compared with regular English.

Uhm.... so 2D > 3D > 2D ..... no that doesn't look right.... 2D >< 3D ?

And where do I sign up for that new Kingdom of yours. Don't tell me I will have to pass an interview to enter!

Hope you will get your new hdd soon. It sucks when it takes so long :(
Hehe, I think we like very different games. Not that we didn't already know that.
I think I just stopped liking RTS games as a whole. Not sure why.... or maybe I like other game types more atm. And anime of course ^^

Haha, don't play something because I told you. Only if you want to play ;)
MagePhaira Jun 18, 5:26 PM
Hahaha you stubborn kid! *flicks you on the forehead*
irl?? Just... how?? xD

Oh, what's with the sad face? :(
Hihi no problem <( ̄︶ ̄)>
Ohhh... Yeah I think being weirdo is better :) Definitely better than a real life jerk! :D

I don't have yet, I'm still studying :3 Hbu? :))
Ooooh. Not a boss from a big company huh. But you're a boss? :o
VoidSinner Jun 18, 1:48 PM
Ahw, don't critisice my twyping!
And yeah, this sounds British to me. Even when Gordon is bron in Scotland.

Hahahaha ok, fictional characters are better. Well, some of them are. There are baddies amongst them as well ;)
And don't get me started on job interviews and such. Everything is a big lie, just like social media. Everyone is trying to look the best they can, some by exaggerating, and some by lying.

Only 6 months? That is not that long. Don't you have any form of guarantee on it? Lucky they aren't that expensive to replace. Unless you have a SSD.

The AI in all RTS games is too easy. Or they cheat by raising the income or production speed. So I agree, human players are better as an opponent.
Thinking of good singleplayer games..... Child of Light, The Stanley Parable. The Vanishing of Eathan Carter, Limbo. Those are some games I enjoyed.
And Life is Strange of course xD Episone one is free on steam, so what is stopping you? Except that broken hdd I mean.
MagePhaira Jun 17, 2:42 AM
Ohh, okay. But if ever you picked up interest again, be sure to check its LN :D

Yeah, definitely you are. xD
Being a weirdo is fun :D And you seem fun :D

Hmm... As much as possible, I want my first job to be here in the country. But it's alright too. I could use some english xD
Why? Are you going to offer me one? o.o
VoidSinner Jun 16, 2:15 PM
Hahaha, it is Britsh even. Australians just adopted it ;)

Yeah I know what you mean, there are enough people like that. Let keep it real and say what we think.... even if it is pervy ^^ Real people are way better amyway.

Ahw, so you have to start over.... sucks. Oh well, lucky for you part 3 is awesome, so you have something to work towards.
I though playing counted for at least half... guess not. There is no fooling you. But true, making a game is a whole other thing. It is very hard.
NEVER, the hype is real! Life is Strange can't go wrong! And if they fuck it up I will set their studio on fire...... or complain on a forum. Either one is fine.

Ahw, sad sad boy, noone to play with. Better look for a single player game than :p
I hope they have something good on offer. But I have no clue what I would buy at the moment. *Looks at wishlist*.... nope, nothing I really want.
Lol, that Devolver show was pretty epic indeed! Very funny, hahaha.
aerith16 Jun 14, 7:10 PM
oh gawd you ...... >.>

hmmm..those are some goood songs....some are a good throwback :')
here's my list if you wanna listen to some ...https://soundcloud.com/rishita-kar/sets/english-songs
its all good lol....you have a decent taste in music :3

yeah I can die happily in my darling Ichigo's arms and will pass on to the soul society lol xD and become a soul reaper !! YASSS <3
I have experienced strong earthquakes but it is like you said.....Japan is worse... :/

YASSS THAT GIF !!!! <3 I wish I could have that job lol xD
not only that....there are people giving out a squeeze of free hand sanitizer as well....must be a cleanliness thing... :)
Japan be so clean even the gutters have koi fish in them ....

yeah I dont take the offensive meaning as well... I let my nerd flag flyyyyy ! <3
wow.... xP
sry for the late reply as well.... I just finished my spring quarter lol ...so I can finally breathe for a week until summer quarter starts .... >0< '
VoidSinner Jun 14, 11:25 AM
Hahaha I'm teaching you proper English, ya wanker xD

Yeah I know, I just need to try it. And avoid the spoilers, although that is kinda hard when you check random clips on the interwebs.

Dead inside, not too bad ey. If you are dead inside you are always at peace.
Nerd and perv in one, that is me!

True, Witcher had a good foundation to build on. But everything is so well executed. Every quest is unique, usually with a lot of dialogue options. It all works very well. You should really try it if you like that kind of games. Is a bit like Skyrim, but much better.
Same here, never made a game. But I played a lot of em, does that also count?
ChoooooChooooo all aboard the hypetrain. I made a promis I wouldn't do that anymore..... dangit. But I will only buy it when it is good, not preorder or something. That is just stupid to do.

Yeah, you will be fine with games. And if they have something really nice just sell some cards indeed.
Not really any games I need. But I do have a wishlist, so if the prices are right..... who knows.
MagePhaira Jun 14, 8:54 AM
Hmmmm... What do you mean? xD lol
Oh ok then. I asked because I want to recommend a light novel about e-sports :D The King's Avatar :D
You can watch this first for a little preview :)
If it ever interests you, I recommend reading the LN first before watching the anime :) It seems the adaptation is best watched after reading the source to avoid confusion xD

Heh. Okay, if you say so. =3=

Ohhh... So it's somewhat a trap then :o
Hbu though, are you normal or weird?

Never gonna run around and desert you~ ♫
Oh, good for you then :) As for me, I still can't say for sure. There are lots of countries I want to visit, including Japan. Gotta wait for the time where I have a stable job and savings. :|
VoidSinner Jun 13, 10:41 AM
Yes, that is the one. Elmer Fudd!

Yeah, lets be odd together! Cute girls are.... well.... cute I guess. So nothing wrong here and people that disagree can sod off xD

LIARS! So Madoka isn't cute and cuddly, oh noes. I just hope they don't die in very horrific ways.... ok, not all of them maybe?

You don't know the difference, hahaha. Well let me help you, a bikini is the version that shows the most skin, a bathingsuit is what old people wear ;)
A special kind of actresses..... is that "special", just like "data"?

Never played Life is Strange? You must be emotionally dead inside.... haha j/k. It is kinda in the line of the tell tale games of the walking dead for example. But I liked it a lot. I gave it my Best Game Ever award. So that is why I'm kinda stoked for the prequal. Be happy for me damnit!

I used to love RTS games as well. But I grew out of them I guess. But I do have good memories playing them, so I'm happy for that.
No, not open world games. I mean RTS games that have too many options and features. They tend to lean on a gimmick or massive units, but they fall short on gameplay. And gameplay is what made those old games awesome. But that is just my vision on that.
Open world games can be good. But like you said, a lot of them rely on repetitive quests and a lot of grinding. The Witcher 3 being the exception ofcourse! That is an awesome game.

And yeah, Civ and Stelaris aren't RTS games. They are more 4X games. But when you don't have a good RTS you fall back to 4X games ;)
Stellaris is cool. But games take a looooooooong time. Longest game I played was 53 hours :s
Lets never talk about Mess Effect Andromiblargh!

Aaaaaand, Steam Sale in 1.5 weeks (give or take)!
MagePhaira Jun 13, 2:21 AM
Hmm, okay then. :/
lol How should I say it........ I guess saying "I'm not into games" is not accurate. xD I'm highly interested into games. I played back when I was in grade school. And played again once during a summer break 3 years ago, I think...?
Hey hey, do you read light novels? :)

Haha okay okay xD I won't doubt you next time :D

We're not weird, we're special! :D LOLJK

:o I am?? If I chose MukuroxChrome first, would that make a difference? lol xD

Hahaha because it's the truth. Don't worry, we're not young anymore, but we're not old either :D
Oh... But this sounds better: You pay yours and you pay mine
lol We'll never gonna get there :(