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Minami-ke Tadaima
Minami-ke Tadaima
9 hours ago
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Minami-ke Betsubara
Minami-ke Betsubara
Aug 14, 5:31 PM
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Minami-ke Omatase
Aug 14, 5:31 PM
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Gin no Saji
Gin no Saji
Aug 10, 8:09 AM
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Aug 10, 8:01 AM
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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Aug 8, 7:18 AM
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VoidSinner Yesterday, 9:14 AM
Hiyas, it has been some time. RL has been busy, no time for Anime :( So I'll probably be kinda inactive here for while.

Still hoping to finish Serial Experiments Lain at some point. After that, who knows. Aria does look nice to me, I think I already have it on my to watch list..... checking..... yes I have ^^

And no worries, I'm not really a narcissistic person. Sometimes it is funny to pretend. Just to see the reaction of people.

Anyway, when I have more time I'll hit you up again ;)
aerith16 Aug 8, 10:24 AM
I can give you a book filled with yaoi that do not follow that art style and still manage to show its viewers which one is seme and which one is uke ! :P
Omg you watch it once and you know you're in quick sand and cannot come out xD

Well boys like cute things and homos as well !!
I'll give it a shot....maybe in a 100 years lol !! :P

okay since Fujoshis are girls who ship boyxboy wont fudanshi mean they ship girlxgirl ?? O.o

Normies watch anime all day and party all night !!! thats the best life ever !! :P :P
better than yours !
Shirou-Mathers Aug 7, 12:30 AM
Fate stay night or Fate stay night ubw
Shirou-Mathers Aug 6, 2:36 AM
That is a odd thing to say
aerith16 Aug 6, 12:17 AM
Not even close ...try harder senpai ! xD

Look that genre of yaoi is called "trap" and I am not into that at all ....so yeah boku no pico is pretty effed up if you ask me .... :3
I am not at all thrilled by that genre of yaoi !!! xO It gives me chills ....ewwwww....

well I have added it to my list as of now.... it better be good lol xD

I see so it provides the file and we need a virtual mounting program to run it on our computers....

You better be senpai....or else you break my kokoro </3
Fudanshi ??? hmmm....so they ship girls instead ??? I guess there might be people like that lol xD
yeah whatever floats their boat :P xD

In my dictionary "normie" means someone who is not a monster and is a normal human being lol so yehah I DONT CAREEEEE !!! :P :P
aerith16 Aug 5, 2:45 PM
awww I always wanted to have a festival episode like that with my best buds :')

excuse me !! I love anime and I do not feel ashamed to promote the culture .... so if its not good for you maybe you should stop watching anime huh !!

hmmm... I dunno is it a trap suggestion ? I dont wanna get scarred like I did when I watched boku no pico !
no no no I meant its just for 5 bucks on steam whereas if you buy it outside it more expensive.... so Steam is good if you wanna get cheap games ....and in good quality... :D

hahaha yeah ... what do you mean by that ?? Being a fujoshi means I love hot guys and ship them .....
wait are you one of those narrow minded people who think someone is gay just cause they like yaoi or yuri ?? >.>

Oh I see.... I know about Amagi brilliant park but havent really watched it...

lol those pics tho...xD you must be forever single :P
aerith16 Aug 5, 1:27 AM
dude bu they are fun af !!! you cannot deny tht...you just gotta be careful and not burst them like an idiot !!
You will not die ... xD atleast I didnt till now :P

True that.... I had my first con when I came here to Murica....xD BEST EXPERIENCE EVER ...but I am sure Japan is wayyy better !! everyhting there is anime themed ! <3


you aint cutting anything !! :P :P

my friend did mention getting a game for like 5 bucks which is normally kinda costly .... so I get where you're coming from ....

if I may ask, what anime is that gif from ??? the guy looks hot <3 :P :P

Normie ?? wait...you liked Monster High ?? xD How do you know that word ???
Why senpai whyyyy ??
VoidSinner Jul 28, 2:52 PM
Always glad to disappoint xD

True, if you enjoy your life and hobbies you look better. No matter the hobby..... well, maybe some exception here and there. So even us nerds have a chance!

Not sure, let me look up Jojo...... yes, it is with Joutarou. But first I have to finish Serial Experiments Lain. Not sure what I'm in the mood for next. Probably something a bit more lighthearted. Not sure what yet.
What is the best show you are currently watching?

Hahaha oh yeah, always summer. So you basicallydoing the same stuff every month :p
VoidSinner Jul 26, 2:01 PM
Teehee, I'm a bit narcissistic.... but I only say it because it is true... hahaha.... not. Ahw, now I made myself sad again. Gladly you linked a few Kanna gifs to make me smile. Man is she sweet. Even whan she ate everything that is smaller than her.

And I wish it was true, the more games you play the prettier you get..... sadly the opposite is more likely to happen :s Oh well, as long as we have fun playing. Still no panties shot btw..... ahw.

Ahhh Jojo, it was funny so I didn't mind all the killing tbh. It was all so over the top it wasn't sad anymore. For me it worked like that at least. But I don't have a heart so that might also be the issue ^^ But maybe it gets better in the next chapter. I only watched the first 2 arcs. The stardust one is next.

Also it is summertime, so I'm not watching as much as I would like to. Yeah yeah, not a real fan here.

You doing/done anything nice during the summer?
MagePhaira Jul 26, 4:03 AM
Hahaha ofc I am!
Hey I'm perfectly fine okay? Don't be scared :3
Oh yes yes Running Man :) But I rarely watch variety shows. I was only a fan because of the songs, dance routines, and bishounens. :3

Hahahaha yes I'm the worst >:)
Eh? Just some? I thought it's like you were actually training yourself or something xD

Yeah, nerd side, I don't even know what you're talking about. lol xD
Hahaha still you're doing something related to academe... You're a fake NEET, give it up! :P

Yeah maybe a bit.. But Togepi is still nothing like people in our dimension! lol Togepi is cute and still innocent overall! >.<

Eh? About what? o.o
MagePhaira Jul 25, 4:03 PM
Ahh hahahaha that's true though xD But don't worry I'm not like them. :P If anything, I don't like it when I see another fan who is crazier than me. I feel like I should be the only fan who is like that hahaha. It's like, I want to tell them "stop liking them you fools" LOL But really.. I've stopped for awhile now. I love anime more than kpop. <3

Haha I knew it. XD
Oh yes yes :) That reminds me that you're an utaite and seiyuu wannabe X9 Wow, you seem talented huh :D

Ohh, because you're still a student. You still have to defend your thesis... So maybe after that :P

Hey don't involve Togepi in this! DX
Such a cute Pokémon shouldn't be taught of your evil schemes >:T

Ehhh?? I-I don't! I was just... kidding...? :< LOL
aerith16 Jul 25, 11:14 AM
EXACTLY !!! That's why I miss home soooo much !!! I miss bursting firecrackers lol !! ;-;

Yeah Murica is lame....why copy that country of all ?? if ya wanna copy some country, copy Japan !
well guess you gotta do what you gotta do :P

hahahah I love these gifs for some reason ..... I just keep on staring at it :P its funny :P

I did but NOT IN A KOTATSU !!! ;-; that can only happen in japan <3


Hahaha xD I thought so.... :3 murican kids have a lot of money which they have on their own but being asian, you know your parents will support you :D But I wanna spend my money on YAOII !!! <3
oh I didnt know you can sell things on steam :P

Nope...nit triggered xD I always took you for the person who likes the most boring of things...so if you dont like brave souls, its cause you boring AF SENPAIII ! :P

Decent college student, perv, substiture soul reaper, have some good friends and living life but not to the fullest :P :P

MagePhaira Jul 25, 3:07 AM
Haha okay okay :P

Hmph. Idc what you say hahaha. This conversation reminded me of one of the reasons why I've been into kpop. :D Lots of bishies and lots of boyXboy pairings! Kyaaaa~ XD That is definitely the haven for fujoshis like me!!! HAHAHAHA :D
Eh? Why do kpop fans worry you? o.o

Ohh... But you have interest in 3d girls? Or none?
You're not actually a NEET... -__-

What an evil genius! >:o
You better stop it forever! DX

Wha... You're mocking me sooo much, I'm gonna thump you! LOL
MagePhaira Jul 25, 1:15 AM
Ahhh... Okay okay. Then I won't let my expectations be that high xD
But you may just be being humble. :3

Hmm, they do fanservices, kpop boy groups sometimes dress-up like other girl groups and perform on stage.
They even nail the dance routine! And some of them are good with feminine voices while singing!! I can't find a decent video like that, but here's some of them who crossdresses
So, I withdraw bowing down to the Japanese. Hands down to South Koreans now! Yey! :D

That list is for Ai-chan...? Or is that you...? Hahahaha XD
Aww, definitely cute. She's so cute. And the way her hair swings :3 And when she says 'fuwa fuwa' hahaha kawaii X3

Waaah! DX Wrong move... >.>
*flicks your forehead*

orz Alright, I get it... I can't help you. :<
MagePhaira Jul 24, 5:30 PM
Hahaha what do you mean fake bishounen? XD
Yeaaah, how could I forget about South Korea? Hahaha yes yes, they have so many bishies there. It amazes me whenever they crossdress because damn, they're really really really pretty!!! *o*

LOL Dw, I'm still sane xD
Yes, I guess it's the influence of cartoons :D Minus all the violence of course haha

That video is toooo cute!!! XD Ai-chan is toooo cute!!!
Anyway... I don't get what I should learn from it. I only enjoyed their cuteness XD

Btw, don't quote me!! HAHAHAHA It's embarrassing for me reading my own replies! LOL I suddenly realize how insane I am :D

Ohhhh, do you want me to help you? ;)