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Sep 18, 2008
Sekirei (Anime) add (All reviews)
Sekirei has a very obvious harem premise, so caution is required by those who usually dislike this type of anime: 108 creatures, mostly female, spread all over town are to be either willingly or unwillingly "winged" by human masters through the exchange of bodily fluids, most commonly through a kiss, and engage in a battle royale to decide which pair will win and "ascend together unto heaven".

The plot is linear and simple, a few mysteries are contained as to the identities and motivations of some characters, as well as the true nature of the Sekirei Plan. An interesting aspect of it is the high degree read more
Jul 20, 2008
*Review completely rewritten at series' completion (10/4/2008)*

'Allison & Lillia', based off the light novel series 'Allison' and 'Lillia & Treize', introduce a new characteristic in it's plot, presenting four main characters on consecutive generations within a same family, cleanly separated by a time skip exactly at the mid of it's duration (halfway through the 13th episode of the 26).

Other than the time skip, the story is divided into various isolated small arcs with almost no relation to each other, the only persisting part of the plot is the developing love relationship between the main characters, developing which mostly consists of said characters gathering the necessary read more
Jul 7, 2008
Dennou Coil is an anime that portrays the overlapping of a virtual world and reality, but focuses mostly on children and how their lives and relationships are affected by it.

Story: 10
The series present a very intriguing plot, with secrets being revealed little-by-little, without blatant verbal explanations by the characters like those sometimes found in other sci-fi anime. Each episode starts with the main character mentioning some sort of rumor or urban-legend related to that specific episode, bringing up more how mysterious the actual functioning of the virtual world is, and how important are those rumors spread among children themselves in order to solve those mysteries. read more
Jun 26, 2008
*Review completely rewritten as of 11/06/08*

Real Drive is a sci-fi series that deals with the impacts of the dependence on the Internet(the Meta Real Network, in the setting) on society, other than focusing on the effects on single individuals.

Set in 2061, it seems to expect a slower evolution of human technology then we see on other similar works. The story mostly occurs on an artificial island that is itself built as the pinnacle of the present technology, but most of it's design and features are not something one would be surprised to find on an high-tech experimental facility today.

The plot starts very slowly, with single read more
Jun 26, 2008
My first review or this site, and here on I plan to write reviews mostly to series that I feel are being unjustifiably bashed in previous reviews by other members.

Mnemosyne has been noticeably losing viewers as the numerous fanservice dedicated scenes become more evident, but since fanservice has become a staple in recent anime mostly due to commercial reasons, it is pointless to dislike a series based heavily on the amount and harshness of those.

One of the strongest points of the series is the interesting portrayal of immortal beings and the evolution of society and technology throughout the multiple decade time-skips between each episode, the read more