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Oct 3, 2010
Prior to the premiere of Giant Killing, I had never watched a sports anime in my life. I couldn’t even remember the last time I had seriously sat down and watched a sport. I used to watch basketball a lot. I remember rooting for the Bulls, who were my home team mind you, and then after them the Lakers. At some point, I simply lost interest in sports altogether. I have certainly never watched a game of soccer. So, not only does this series serve as a gateway to an entire genre of anime for me, but also an read more
Mar 12, 2010
Metroid (Manga) add (All reviews)
Metroid’s story is typical for a space marine style series. Samus grew up on a peaceful planet that contained a prized energy source. The resources caught the space pirates’ attention, and they raided the planet. As the sole survivor, the Chozo took her in and began training her to become a warrior and protector of peace. As a teenager, she leaves the planet and enters the Federation. Her unit manages to capture a space pirate, alive, and the interrogation leads her back to her home planet. She returns to find the space pirates seizing control of the planet, under read more
Feb 13, 2010
Himitsu’s basic premise is interesting and makes good fodder for ideas. In the future, scientists have created a system to record and view people’s memories post-mortem. The world has entrusted this unique computer system to Japan’s Public Security Section 9. The men and women in this small department must examine the memories of murder victims to find the motive, means, and hopefully the assailant as well. They not only bring people to justice who might normally escape their crimes unscathed, but also learn about the thought process that goes into committing the crime so in the future they can prevent them. read more
Jan 6, 2010
First off, we’ll start with the characters. Sugisaki is our main character, and his personality is easily described as a pervert with a heart of gold. Unlike many other ecchi or harem series, it’s quite explicit that he’s a pervert. He constantly thinks of situations in terms of hentai games and his goal in life is to achieve the “harem ending.” That said, he is fiercely loyal and protective to the girls in the student council and is a generally kind and unselfish person. The quartet of girls, for the most part, fit into stereotypes of the genre. Kurimu read more
Sep 20, 2009
The premise for the episode is as ridiculous as almost anything in the series. Several of the students at the school have recently failed a major exam, and are going to be required to retake it. But, they can get out of it, if they win a game of Kick the Can, which for the purposes of plot is the same as Capture the Flag. Becky leads the defending team while Rei heads the attacking students. Hijinks ensue, betrayals occur, and the ending is as deadpanned as always. Also, pretty much every major character from the anime’s run makes an read more
Sep 20, 2009
Eikichi Onizuka. 22 years old. Even as Japan keeps turning out more new anime, there’s still perfectly good series out there from the past, and that’s especially true for people who might have been introduced to anime just recently. It’s hard to believe that GTO will be 10 years old this June, but age has nothing to do with a good anime. So I’ve devoted the last few days of my life to this series.

The premise is simple, if not a bit cracked out, and the first episode serves to illustrate. Onizuka is a former Yakuza who always had a dream of becoming a teacher, read more
Sep 20, 2009
The opening volumes, where they try and put Yusuke’s personality on track, was what started to pull me in. He reminds me a lot of Onizuka, another character I loved, in that he’s so wonderfully flawed. You don’t see Goku having some sudden epiphany and becoming a better person because he’s already sitting in the Lawful Good alignment to start with; there’s not a whole lot of room there for progression. By contrast, the delinquent is a great character to make the protagonist because he can’t be perfect and he has to grow at some point. Starting the series off dead read more