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Sep 15, 2016
Hetalia is a bit unorthodox with it's humor simply due to the fact that it relies heavily on making fun of/bringing light to racial stereotypes and tensions, particularly in the WW2 era with Axis Powers. If this isn't your type of humor, then this wont be a show that you'll enjoy as that's 90% of the content. Characters are written to be individual embodiments of these stereotypes, and their interactions are hilarious due to this. I'm someone that particularly enjoys studying the time period of the 1940s, and even for today, a lot of the humor holds its ground because misconceptions among populaces still exist. read more
May 27, 2015
Lol. This isn't that good of an anime. It's got a pretty poor story and it's so dramatic and unreal it's almost hard to watch at times. Characters are weird and spazzy, manipulative, needy, and just not written well. Spoilers entailed.

The female characters, including the heroine, are all very obsessive and crazy. Honestly, for a high school girl, Sai is pretty much the Hitler of this genre and goes as far as to get Momo almost raped just so she can be "the best girl" and despite this, they actually come out on friendly terms in the end despite Sai blackmailing Momo's boyfriend, getting her read more
May 18, 2015
This review entails some spoilers and, potentially, offensive regards to anime.

So. The two problems this anime faces are characterization and plot. The two key components of what make a good story. I'm just going to condense it down for ease and simplicity.

Gargantia had a lot of potential in the first few episodes. We're introduced to Ledo, a young man who lives among a space-colonized community of humans. However, all he and his fellow kin know is war against cephalopod(octopi, squids) aliens. Piloting highly advanced and durable AI, Ledo isn't accustomed to much outside of his mecha, "Chamber". As given by the summary, we pretty read more