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Aug 12, 2019
Re: Zero is one of my favorite novels. As I had first seen the animation and only then I started reading the light novel, I realized the superiority of the novel compared to the anime.
The work has some cliches, mainly because it is an isekai, but they do not hinder the use of the work. The big difference of this light novel is the protagonist's respawn scheme that makes him go back in time several times to fix some problem that occurred with him.
Very well written and developed, the events always leave you wondering what will happen and you do not want to stop reading.
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Jul 26, 2019
Bastard (Manga) add (All reviews)
I just finished reading and already decided to make this review. I loved the history of this webtoon, I liked it so much that I read it at once.
About the story: It's a rather dark story so I recommend it only to those who have no problem with that. It's extremely engaging and you can get involved in a way that you don't want to stop reading until you know how to end it.
About the characters: Awesome, this webtoon proves that you don't have to have a long plot to develop your characters well, but a good script. The webtoon is so good that you read more
Jul 26, 2019
First I have to say that this is my favorite anime of all time.
The way the story is told makes me extremely excited to know what will happen next, in my opinion one of the best plots I've ever had the happiness to watch.
About the story: Extremely captivating, you end up putting yourself in the role of the protagonist and imagine the complicated situation he is going through.
About the characters: Simply amazing, especially the main couple. Inori best waifu ever!
About the songs: I'm not one of those who cares a lot about the musical part of the anime, but in this one I have to read more
Jul 26, 2019

I always liked the premise of a character who is betrayed and driven by revenge to get stronger, but this manga does not use very well and ends up distorting halfway and ends in a horrifying way.
The manga is very similar to Arifureta, but unlike the one that gives up revenge and begins to focus on how to return to its original world, Dungeon Seeker remains obsessed with revenge, but the ending is so bad that the whole development of the story that It's cool becomes skippable.
About the story: Much of the work is interesting, but the ending spoils with virtually all of manga's development.
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Jul 26, 2019
The first thing I have to point out is that I'm a big fan of the DanMachi franchise, so I'll base my opinion on the original material and everything I know about the dungeon universe.
Although the history of this movie is original and not present in the novels, it is very well built and makes us want to know more about Artemis, a great character.
About the plot: It is built on the basic premise that a problem occurs that only the protagonist and his "Family" can solve.
About the new characters: Hestia's relationship with Artemis is a lot of fun to watch, a great character that read more
Jun 7, 2019
Simply one of the best light novels I have ever had the pleasure to read, for those who watched the anime series is very worth going in search of reading the original material.
There are many points that differ from the anime, so I recommend you start reading from the beginning of the story, but if you do not have the patience and desire you can go straight to the end of volume 3 and the beginning of volume 4 which is where the anime ends the adaptation.
About the story: It is very well built and we feel light and willing to continue reading to read more