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Jul 22, 2016
Mixed Feelings
KonoSuba or *insert full name here* is one of the few light novel adaptations that doesn't immediately make me lose interest. The first impressions was good and made me go "Hey, I want more of this kind of comedy." That was pure gold.

Judging by its looks, KonoSuba is one of THOSE fantasy, trapped in a game/world/whatever action anime, which is one of the growing trends these days. However, KonoSuba isn't an show where people are to take it seriously. That itself was evident, after watching its first episode. Following the protagonist, Kazuma who is resurrected and sent to the fantasy world, he's given one task: ...
Oct 1, 2015
Overlord (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
“Overlord? Overrated more like!” – A goblin Jester from Overlord (a 2007 video game).

Overlord, is an anime about an extremely, ridiculously, tremendously overpowered so called “Overlord” who is actually…just a MMO player who found himself unable to log out from the game. Along with his uninteresting subordinates, he then goes on a rather boring journey to find his friends that are perhaps like him, trapped in the game world. That’s the story in a nutshell. Not entirely fresh in terms of premise, the only thing that’s new is the protagonist is a generic guy who is stuck in lich form.

In terms of action, its does ...
Feb 14, 2015
Love Live is basically about a school, Otonokizaka high that is going to be closed down due to the lack of student enrollment, but eventually the idea of one 2nd year high school girl saves the school from its demise. The idol group starts off with only the main trio(Honoka, Umi, Kotori) but soon grows with more members joining. Love Live attempts its own set of emotional moments, unfortunately, from time to time it can get pretty predictable.

In terms of characters: I was indifferent for almost all of the characters but two. Originally, I was slightly infatuated with Umi Sonoda, I found her to be ...
Jul 19, 2014
Claymore (Anime) add
Whenever I see or hear the word Claymore, from my knowledge it reminds me of:
1- A large, two-handed sword from the medieval ages.
2- An anti-personnel mine.

But, now that I've completed it, the word Claymore should have forged one more meaning into my own personal dictionary.

3- A GOOD shounen anime with a dark atmosphere and solid storyline.

Claymore is animated by Madhouse, a well-known studio which animated many popular shows, their works which include highly praised anime such as Death Note but also released poop-tier anime such as Mahou Sensou. Let me first say that, Claymore's plot doesn't bear anything too innovative: An Organization with half ...
Jun 17, 2014
Mixed Feelings
What is the most popular anime of 2013? Attack on Titan. Before I started watching, I read so many reviews, heard from my friends and also received so much praise that its one of those "absolute" must watch anime of last year. Yes, I did enjoyed it, but to an extent.

This review will contain spoilers. You've been warned.

Humanity have been overrun by the so called "Titans"(to be frank, they are nothing more than just giant, naked zombies) and humans have built huge walls, confining themselves within. Obviously, peace within the city didn't last forever and soon, titans managed to find their way inside. That's the ...
Nov 9, 2013
Mixed Feelings
I like how Minami-ke Tadaima begins each episode with a brief commentary:
"This story is a simple illustration of the three Minami sisters and the ordinary life they lead. Please don't expect too much from it." - Minami Chiaki.

Just like all the previous seasons, fans of Minami-ke should be familiar with how it begins an episode with one of the characters commenting along those lines and that's essentially what Minami-ke is entirely about;heartwarming slice-of-life revolving around three plain girls with very lighthearted jokes delivered throughout the entire show. Alas, this season is one you shouldn't "expect too much from it", just as Chiaki said.

With no story ...
Sep 12, 2013
Mixed Feelings
Anime based on a game. Anime adaptation from a video game. Anyway, whatever it's called, my expectations are USUALLY low whenever a video game gets an adaptation, whether its a live-action movie(or simply just movie) or an anime. And to no one's surprise, Eiyuu Densetsu is no different. So for this, Eiyuu Densetsu Sora no Kiseki or Legend of Heroes : Trails in the Sky The Animation gets an anime. One note though, Nihon Falcom is one company which makes one of my favourite RPG game series - Ys.

Getting straight to the point - Overall, Eiyuu Densetsu is just so-so. Story is so ...
Jun 18, 2013
Time for a short series. I randomly picked a short series to watch for some joy. So, it's Boku no Imouto wa Osaka Okan, animated by some very obscure studios. After completing the anime, I have to say I'm surprised(with a very small "s"). It's a rather cute story about an imouto who returned after 10 years and reuniting with her older brother. From her brother's(protagonist) point of view, she changed a lot; She came back as a hyperactive Osaka-n girl.

Story-wise, it's nothing too extraordinary. Just the usual slice of life I've seen, quite similar to "Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga ...
Jun 5, 2013
Rozen Maiden Traumend is the follow up to the original. Due to the lack of a proper interpretation of it's plot in the parent series of Rozen Maiden, for that reason I started watching this second season(also for more Suigintou) and since the first wasn't too bad, there's still hopes for development in this sequel.

Traumend starts off from where the first series stopped; after the victorious battle with Suigintou, Shinku starts to feel the guilt of eliminating one of her sisters, all because of the Alice Game. In fact, Shinku simply made her into a "piece of junk". Is it wrong to feel sad for ...
May 28, 2013
Rozen Maiden (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Rozen Maiden was an anime I wanted to watch several years ago, but then since I wasn't able to get my hands on it for a very long time, and just like that, all my interest vanished. Until few days ago, upon seeing the list of upcoming anime this year, inexplicably Rozen Maiden is going to have it's third season aired around this year, simply named Rozen Maiden(2013) - Interest regained. Anyway, putting that aside.

Animated by studio Nomad, a studio which is quite well-known and I've seen some of their works back then, namely Kampfer and Ouran Highschool Host Club - though those ...

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