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Dec 26, 2019
In a world where the Isekai dominate the current Japanese marketing (For better or worse), you are probably looking for your Manga or Novel catalog online or by going to a store and buying it, you can see that almost most are a lot of it gender; the same history; The same premise.

And Assasins Pride is no exception. In fact, it is one of those series that fit perfectly in what is called "Cliche".

The story is about a "assasins" who is sent as a mentor of a 13-year-old girl to kill her as she is the only one in her town who cannot perceive mana. read more
Dec 17, 2018
* Please, I ask you to take the trouble to read my point of view on this series . SPOILERS ALERT*

In recent years, the industry has endeavored to make adaptations of fairly cheap works or create their own, also influencing those commercial works, with the purpose of making money. The last thing usually tries to show a premise that was "original", under the concept that these types of works are not directly adapted from other works (But, I emphasize again, they have an influence of other series). There are original series that, if well received by popular opinion, end up becoming a franchise that includes read more
Sep 4, 2018
I have played few visual novels, due to my bad internet that its difficult for me to download a few gigs in order to play a visual novel of X hours. In this case, I had the opportunity to know its animated version that its version in visual novel; Sincerely, I felt very excited to see characters with different designs and personalities, taken out of the stereotypes, as well as the brief emotion of the Class Trials and the pink blood that is one of the most known characteristics in this work. In fact, this anime I've seen a lot of times and I continued read more
Aug 28, 2018
An abstract world, where everything happens in a library, a witch who reads a book called "Lost Forest" and a tied heart. No contribution in history and characters, because it is a music video, and if I had it, I could not understand what was happening to that girl. Very bad animation, and the music video would not be a good excuse because I've seen better music videos in 2012; But there were interesting scenes that could be beautiful with better budget. The song leaves you with a strange feeling of restlessness and anxiety, although I do not know the lyrics to know the real read more
Aug 23, 2018
I still have years of life to be able to understand certain things, because I am not the kind of person who can digest one truth after another. When I was very young, in primary school, talking about the Environment, such as Sexual Illnesses and Personal Hygiene, were topics that my teachers talked to us about (and they placed certain drawings with indications about that). I will not tell you that I was interested, since from one grade to another I began to get tired of listening to the same (Like the rest of my old classmates). Years later, I saw how these themes were read more
Aug 14, 2018
Oni Chichi 2 is, in reality, a remix of his predecessor: Oni Chichi. The only difference is that there is no drug.

As expected, the story tells an adult who lives with his four daughters (twice as many daughters as Oni Chichi). The only overdraft, that is to say here the mother is not traveling: But she is dead, and it was because of the alcoholism of her husband. That is why he must take responsibility to care for his four daughters as a single father and a widower: A loli tsundere, a yandere, a kuudere and a Deredere. The first is the only one who read more
Aug 14, 2018
Yomeiri Kousou! It can be said that it is another hentai from Ojou-sama. I will be honest, this was the work where I knew this term; looking online, he told me that it was "Daughters or Children of wealthy people".

In this case, we will talk about two Ojou-sama belonging to a family with mafia links. Because of this, they are feared by Japanese society and decide to move away from them for fear of being punished. However, they both feel sad and isolated, and just want to live a normal life and have friends to talk to. All this when Mamoru, an ordinary student, saves read more
Aug 14, 2018
Have you ever, in your childhood, thought that one day your sisters would come to your room and say "Let's have sex"? In my case, that has never happened because I do not have sisters. If it were the opposite, my mother would not be so careless to let my sisters do it.

In any case, Cherry & Gal is a hentai where minors are used in explicit situations, either with a sister or with an unknown friend. This morbidity is complemented by the style of animation made perfectly to Paint. Incredibly, I want to stand out a bit with music; although it is not much, read more
Aug 14, 2018
Kime Koi! It's another Mary Jane production based on a light novel by the author, whose name I do not know. Our protagonist, is a virgin frustrated by not being able to declare himself before the girl that he likes and, for that reason, he decides to consult a friend belonging to the Medicine Club (Or Nursing Club, I do not know which of the two is correct). This friend tells him that there is a drug called "Hime Hime" that, when a person decides to take it, falls in love with the person who gave it to him. However, there is a secret recipe read more
Aug 14, 2018
Mizuryuu Kei Land! It is the perfect example of how the Hentai genre becomes so morbid, cynical and commercially exaggerated. It is true, a hentai commonly has totally explicit situations between a man and a woman, a man and a man, a woman and a woman, ect. Depending on how the hentai is, there may be rape, torture, older adults, loli, shota, whatever you think of in your morbid mind.

If you are a great lover of this genre, you have enjoyed the content that has been given to us, be it the title you have read or seen. Normally both girls and boys are sexualized read more