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maisongo Jan 11, 4:37 PM
maisongo Dec 7, 2018 4:35 PM
maisongo Nov 25, 2018 1:40 PM
im not done fixing this account u ho
maisongo Nov 25, 2018 8:38 AM
ad me u know who dis is
Intelos Jul 18, 2018 5:15 PM
Wow, for sure a coincidence, I didn't check to see whether you were watching Baccano or not: the likeness simply popped to mind. I did look just now, however, to see if you got round to Banana Fish and you have! How did you find the first 2 eps so far? Excited to watch more? Oh, and yes, Banana Fish can be preeeetty homosexual at times I do agree!

Excellent point, Hanebado was actually the polar exception to the bunch; it was brilliantly animated in terms of amount of frames shown but the storyboarding was horrific. Who knew that badminton would affect your personality and lifestyle so much? How many darn Japanese highschoolers care so much about godamn Badminton? 1000? 3000? Regardless, I swear, the sum of drama in that show is unbearable. There was a constant piano melody going on in the background that it drilled my ears unlike anything I've heard before. The show felt bloody treacherous with it's melodrama. The rest of the anime mentioned in fact are pretty well animated (nothing special though) so my point there didn't stand too strongly: I was moreso talking about Grand Blue to be frank haha (that show is horrifically produced even though the manga was a massive success). However, they all feel incredibly disposable nonetheless, especially in their writing.

Yeah, I felt exactly the same way about A Place Further Than The Universe, the beginning infuriated me to no end, but the cast somehow grew on me to a shocking extent. Still think the first 3 eps were poorly constructed in their comedy; too much shouting for goodness sake! ;-;

Funny that you talked about Kill la Kill, I actually gave the first episode a try a little while back and I couldn't believe my eyes. I can totally understand why you adore it so much. I don't usually say this, but it actually might just be a perfect 10/10 in terms of animation (one reason why my standards for production values are so high at the moment...!). The animation in KlK is absolute, true genius. You can never pay attention to all that's happening. However, it's not just a lot of animation, the techniques are fabulous and plentiful, plus some cuts are completely unique to the anime (at least from what I've seen thus far), e.g when the camera pans back from the school and the title of the show is printed on the screen in 3D blocks... eyegasm.

About Devilman and GITS SAC, I can definitely see where you're coming from with what you enjoyed about it. However, if you want to know exactly what I abhor about Devilman, do read Unowen's review on it: Perfectly in agreement to what issues I had with it. I have been craving some more GITS after the original movie, that I had even rewatched the movie before but I simply haven't gotten round to watching SAC just yet. Not sure why though. Thanks for the recommendation!

Btw, I just realised that I didn't fully answer your question. I didn't mention anything outside this season that's recently grabbed my attention. Well, you already are aware of some of my thoughts on KlK, but besides that I have been on a pretty tidy streak on anime-watching the past few weeks (that's summer for ya haha). Some relative standouts were: Baby Steps (6.5/10 for both seasons), Gunslinger girl (7.5/10 for the first season) and a pretty darn unknown show that I see you've planned called Figure 17: Hikaru and Tsubasa (8/10). Baby steps was a very down-to-earth and quite charming Sports series with a very well-described and fascinating (let me also say wildly relatable) main male character. I wouldn't make you watch it since (a) it's 50 eps (b) I didn't think it was particularly excellent in any way besides the main character and the actual tennis-explaining aspect of it and (c)'s incomplete. Godamnit, Pierrot I don't give a damn about finances I need to see how the darn series ends! I'd say if you really want to experience the proper ordeal, do give the manga a try if you're up for it, although I haven't read it myself. I have heard it's superior though. Gunslinger girl was a true showcase of the powerhouse that was Madhouse circa 2003-2008. They were simply Mad (pun fully intended). Production values of gold, a deep, complex psychological investigations of some very peculiar main characters as well as some goosebumps-inducing music. Has some major issues concerning some adult characters plus the setting is a bit fishy but as a package puts most seasonals I've seen in the past year to shame. Finally, Figure 17. Ooohhh Figure 17. What can I even say and where do I start. Let me just start with saying that if my favourites list were to be extended to my top 20, Figure 17 would play around 13-15th. In a few words, this show has some of the most convincing, wholesome chemistry between the two leads, some of the finest dialogue ever put to film/media imo, it has quite possibly the most romantic and heart-warming aesthetic I've ever seen (kudos to Yuriko Chiba, she's a gem). I mean, just check out some of these cover pictures with mainly the two girls....:

And I assure you it's like that in the entire show. It's actually one of those 'special' shows like GITS SAC just as you mentioned. Figure 17 aired for an entire year and every ep is ~46 mins long. It was in fact one of the first tv series to utilise movie proportions (16:9 aspect ratio as compared to 4:3) so it feels like 13 short subsequent films which makes for a very unique watch. Despite all the aforementioned factors that made F17 so great for me, there is a factor that made it especially significant for me. The main characters are 'twins'. It's a little more complicated than simply monozygotic twins, but the themes shown couldn't be further from the truth. As you know, Daniel or Redinfinity is my real life twin and I can with full confidence say that F17 felt like all the original storytellers for the show had an identical twin themselves. I mean, I just don't know how they got all these little intricacies so perfectly spot-on. I could go on all day about those intricacies, but just take my word for it: it's the best anime has ever offered by miles, at least from what I've seen. If you want to know more of my thoughts on the show, do ask. I could ramble for much longer, believe me!

Anyways, this has been a ridiculously long text. Great talking to you as always man!
Intelos Jul 17, 2018 4:57 PM
Indeed, good observation! It's been a while since I've been simultaneously watching shows, but it's been quite fun. This season for me so far has proven to be quite abhorrent in terms of quality (I'm looking at you Grand Blue, Hanebado, Island, Cells at work) since they are all disposable and poorly produced. Seriously, I wish the animators and story-boarders had a little more time and resources to work with... feels like they are working with scraps and teen animators, hahah. However, I have just seen the first 2 eps of Banana Fish and I must say that this was an enormous breath of fresh air. No rubbish, proper and intricate script, fabulous colour-depth, accurate foreign (takes place in the USA you see) hand & body gestures that feel convincing, consistent full-body animation that gives New York life. This show is guaranteed top spot for this season for me. Much more than I had original imagined; reminds me a lot of Baccano! in terms of quality and enjoyment/memorability. I highly recommend it, but you should see it for yourself to decide. You might find the pacing to be too quick for your taste, the comedy may be a miss for you (no chibi stuff here though, this anime is based off a serious manga!) and you may not enjoy the action since some sound effects could be improved, especially in their variability but it doesn't bother me all that much. Regardless, great job MAPPA! :D

Besides Banana fish, Sirius of the Jaeger is average in my opinion, and Satruriku no Tsuki is sub-par. The latter is pretentious and blatantly trying to be different... it has a brilliant sound-design though, rather surprising.

Anyways, how have you been? Have you been watching/planning to watch anything from this season? (Can't check out your list, great job MAL it's been almost 2 months!)
Lemonraj May 25, 2018 6:42 PM
great scores
Intelos May 6, 2018 7:40 AM
Lmao, you don't have to stress about scores so much! Do whatever makes you most comfortable :D

Intelos Apr 29, 2018 8:10 AM
That manga attempted to trick me, but when I saw what it had to offer I was so disappointed. Probably one of the most incomplete pieces I've ever witnessed...!

RedInfinity Apr 15, 2018 3:18 AM
Thanks a bunch!

Haha, great to hear that you enjoyed it! It is a shame that there are 2,196,631 episodes (excluding the two films) to go through, it is actually a miracle that I managed to complete it all in just a couple months. If you take it slow and watch it periodically, you may finish it within your lifetime :D
D4mN Apr 9, 2018 5:20 PM
Nijigahara Holograph
45 minutes ago
Completed 15/15 · Scored -

Glad you gave it a try
how did you feel about it?
D4mN Apr 1, 2018 3:02 PM
Also since you seem to really like movies here is a recommandation from my site:
"Kanashimi no Belladonna"
D4mN Apr 1, 2018 2:42 PM
Thanks, I will try to watch all of Gits, since oshii is by far my favourite anime director.
Patlabor 2 is hands down the best anime movie I have ever watched( it even surpassed my former fav movie, angels egg,)
You should give it a try, since you are a oshii fan too.

D4mN Apr 1, 2018 10:08 AM
Can i watch Gits 2: Innocence without having watched the 2. season of sac?