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Princess Principal
Princess Principal
Nov 5, 10:14 PM
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Oct 23, 7:49 PM
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Oct 18, 9:24 AM
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ItsaNico Dec 1, 10:23 PM
Heya, yeah I try to be active as much as I can without just spamming myself everywhere. What's up?
FGTBoyMgee Nov 15, 11:37 PM
You and I like anime, some the same, some the different. Idk idk. We maybe add the friendship? THat was makje me go OOOOWAAAAAAHHHHHGGGGGGG with joy!
Tapertrain Nov 9, 4:10 PM
Belated Thank you
HML_am Oct 31, 8:18 PM
hi :3
-Kookie- Oct 24, 8:57 AM
Depends on what day it is. lol
I'd say guys find me more attractive, but probably just don't say anything cause they don't know how I swing.
-Kookie- Oct 24, 8:38 AM
Yeah, too bad the mods have taken down some of my threads though. >_>
-Kookie- Oct 24, 8:27 AM
Eh, well I found a way to cut back. Buying really expensive Beligian ales costs allot, and makes it so I'm less inclined to buy more. Thus the end result is I'm drinking less.

Well that's good to hear buddy.
-Kookie- Oct 23, 6:17 PM
I'm doing much better.
Steiner1411 Oct 22, 3:05 AM
Steins;Gate is not a harem
Megumins_Ass2 Oct 17, 11:30 AM
Yeah it sounds like to me that maybe you should move to a more rural area? City life isn't something I'm too familiar with, but alot of beauty is still upheld in smaller towns and areas where not alot of traffic comes through. I personally grew up in a small town, and got to see many sides of nature around me, with fewer roads(most being one or two lanes on a side). I got to see many different types of trees, animals, plants, and things I probably wouldn't have seen in a city. The american landscape as you know it, is the landscape that has been touched by people, and companies. I think you should try getting out of your city, and going to any small town outside Raleigh and you might see what I mean~

Actually, I hate to tell you otherwise, but Florida has one of the best D.O.Ts in the country! Our roads and highways are actually really nice, and they always have proper safety bearing for them~ Plus, anytime a road starts to wear down, people simply just report it, and next thing you know a crew comes to fix it! I have been in NC, and I'll say that from what I got the roads were a little worse than ours. The state thats REALLY bad is Virginia. You really have to watch out when you go there, especially at night~

Oh i see~ Thats a different point of view I dont think I ever considered before~!

Also, seeing that we are good discord buddies, I'll probably message you more on there, I seem to talk alot more on it~
Megumins_Ass2 Oct 15, 8:04 PM
Thats very understandable, there alot of music degrees out there~

Thats ok! I'm sure you have fun in other ways besides traveling. What is your standard for beauty? Also, is there a certain look you like best? I know its a really vague question, but I'm curious~

Ok, I sent you a request! I'm RickMick~

You know there are manga translated in English out there? There are alot of stuff you can read without knowing any Japanese, that's what I do at least~ I wissshhh my Japanese skills were better, I tried once in HS, but have stopped since then~
Megumins_Ass2 Oct 15, 6:35 PM
Which part did you forget?

I've been to Raleigh once to visit relatives~ It seems like a nice place for a city! The only thing I've heard about that's bad is flood problems when the hurricanes decided to hit NC instead of us XD~

Do you read any manga? I like to read more than watch stuff myself~

Are you active on Discord? I can add you there as well if you want!
Megumins_Ass2 Oct 14, 8:21 PM
UUU i've been to NC a few times, about what area are you in?

Thank you! I'm in the university concert band atm, but ive also played in the jazz band there in the past. I'm going to be a music teacher~ I hope to teach hs students after I graduate~
Megumins_Ass2 Oct 14, 6:54 PM
Oh ok, I thought I might have found a fellow anime loving Nole' XD.

I'm a florida born guy, and I have been here for most of my life~


Megumins_Ass2 Oct 14, 6:50 PM
Hello! Yeah i do! Do you go to FSU?