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Friend-B May 28, 1:11 AM
Hey! Thanks for the friend request!
If you ever need any recommendations, I'm happy to help.
Kazami May 25, 11:21 PM
I see I see. Those are some interesting picks. I see that we can both agree that Thought Contagion and Stockholm Syndrome are ones of their best.
RATM, huh? It's been a while since I've last listened to them, but they used to be one of my favorite bands when I first discovered them (<idkhowmany> years ago). They are wholesome and genuine, and they sound unique as well! I wonder how you feel about Prophets of Rage, though.
Royal Blood has been one of my favorite bands as well ever since I first heard Blood Hands. I stumbled upon it in a pretty random way, though. I think it was a Mirai Nikki AMV of some sort, or a mixed one that consisted Mirai Nikki. I really love Lights Out, too! (including the music video)
Try listening to some of Scars on Broadway songs, I think you'll find something rewarding in most of their songs ;)
Yuki_Nonaka May 25, 9:29 PM
that's a nice pic you got there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Kazami May 25, 4:57 PM

I, too, was initially only interested in Ecchi when I first started, but it took me quite a while to realize that I'm an avid watcher of predominantly anything with cute girls (and cute boys, for that matter)
But of course, I'm still a little biased towards Ecchi, it was my starting point after all, and it always gives me exactly what I demand xP (I feel like Ecchi is more of a targeting demographic than a genre, to be honest. Of course, everybody can enjoy their share of Ecchi, but it is definitely essentially intended to target and seek a specific group of people more than the others)
Yuri is pretty good! Although, I loathe it when it's overly-serious T_T

Yeah, I can see that! Blue Snow being there is more than enough proof ;D

That's awesome! Would it be too much to ask for you to rank your top five songs from them? Mine will definitely look something like this:
1. Hysteria
2. Stockholm Syndrome
3. Hyper Music
4. Thought Contagion
5. Either Knights of Cydonia or Plug In Baby

I know that feel T_T
Hopefully I'll pick it up again where I left (my second read), it was quite a joyful ride.
_Unit04_ May 24, 4:53 AM
Ty for accepting 。・:*:・゚☆
Alfond May 24, 12:28 AM
You're welcome! I'm glad you liked it. Nozoki Ana was unlike anything I've read before and it became my favorite manga. It was an emotional ride.
Kazami May 23, 11:39 PM
What specifically caught my attention among your anime favorites were DMC, Area 88 and Devilman: Crybaby. Albeit very disparate, they are only some of the things I immensely enjoyed sitting through within your favorites section, and it wouldn't even be an exaggeration to say that it is somewhat of a rare combination, considering how diverse they practically are. You seem to enjoy a variety of things, which was what interested me in you the most, because I tend to find that in myself, as well. (Also very recently Nozoki Ana, it seems ;D)
I was also very amused by the fact that Revy is laying on a relatively high spot on your favorites. She is one hell of an expressive gal, and in contrast to another character on your favorites, like Kanade or Koneko for example, that's yet another thing that suggests your varied taste, I think.
I was also surprised to see Muse there on your favorite people as I never knew they existed on MAL! That's a really great band. Even though I find myself leaning towards their older stuff just a tiny bit more, I've been listening to their latest single "Thought Contagion" non-stop lately!
RobertBobert May 23, 7:01 PM
Hello, thanks for friend request!
Kazami May 22, 3:50 AM
May I inform you sir, that you have fucking amazing favs m8?
Seriously, how come we never talked?
TONYBoii May 22, 2:23 AM
Great social skills aswell 👍
TONYBoii May 21, 4:13 PM
Kanye West goes to his Kanye Nest to take a Kanye Rest. He wakes up feeling his Kanye Best and gets Kanye Dressed to go on an epic Kanye Quest to pass his Kanye Test, but before he Kanye Pressed on his way, he asked to get Kanye Blessed so that he will not get Kanye Stressed during his Kanye Test, which he completed 10/10 Kanye Lest he was to lose. He then celebrated with a Kanye Fest.

The mental health system is failing us.
no_sauce May 16, 12:07 AM
Ahh, icic
_Malachite May 15, 8:57 PM
Yo, thank you so much for the friend request! It's such a pleasure to meet you.
no_sauce May 15, 4:43 AM
Noice, someone else whos watching HisoMaso <3
Idk, kinda dropped golden kamuy. Hows it so far tho? Dropped it early on since it looks like its having alot of production issues.
Alot of the animation & background art looks unfinished. Figured that I'd enjoy the manga more, or wait till they patch everything up in the BD release. =u=
no_sauce May 14, 10:25 PM
Same, kinda bored lately tho xD
Watching anything lately?