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Sep 13, 2019
After watching the first few episodes, I honestly thought this series was amazing. I made the mistake of thinking that this series had self awareness and was satirical. There's no way that an anime like this would be anything but a joke, right? The author herself wrote the source material in part to appease her shota obsession, so this couldn't be taken seriously in any way, right? It's supposed to be a joke on how isekai is getting more and more saturated, right? Now that I've reached episode 10, I'm increasingly convinced that this series was not as satirical as I thought.

Story: 2 The read more
Sep 11, 2019
Needless to say, Hinamatsuri performs excellently in comedy. It contains a lot of novel humor that isn't recycled from the same gags over and over again, despite having popular tropes such as little girls with superpowers. However, I think it will be redundant to talk about its comedic aspect; you can read the numerous other reviews that talk about that. I want to add another layer to Hinamatsuri that I don't see mentioned very often or extensively. There was obviously a lot of care and passion that went into this anime and it definitely came from more than just wanting to make people laugh.

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Jul 27, 2019
(Last paragraph TLDR) Maou-sama Retry is honestly a work of art. It's like an 80 year old borderline insane professor that says "fuck it" whenever he has to show up to lecture, giving the most unimaginably unenthusiastic and bland lecture that would put my dead grandpa to sleep a second time. Well, this anime said "fuck it" and decided to throw out an isekai into the fray. It hurts so much to watch that it's a literal masterpiece of its own type.

Maou-sama has zero expectations for the viewers
Maou-sama does not bother with putting in that extra effort to pander to the viewers
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Jul 21, 2019
How can one read through all these chapters of verbal abuse and not feel sick in their stomach? For those who do - admit that it's a guilty pleasure. I acknowledge that there are people who are into it - being talked down and degraded by an anime 'waifu'. But nobody in their right mind should find it "cute" to see anyone being bullied. Ever.

You do not bully others because you like them. You do not bully people to the point of crying. Takagi-san is a great example of how one can utilize playfulness and proper pranking/teasing. What Nagatoro does is straight up abuse. read more
Jul 19, 2019
TL;DR: Overall, I think this deserves a 9. The season was incredibly well done and undoubtedly an incredible reward to those who have waited for the anime. For those who read the manga (like myself), it was also incredibly satisfying to watch. This season does the manga an incredible amount of justice, with its incredible artwork, action, and facial expressions (save for the *very* few instances of CGI). The soundwork still lives in the shadow of the first season in my opinion, but still very well done. The lore is delivered very well and it feels like the (bloodstained) journey traveled to reach this point read more
Jun 26, 2019
TL;DR and final score: I believe that an objective score for this could range anywhere from 7 to 9, so I'll say that it deserves an 8. The reason is that if you haven't watched any of the source material, you will not catch several references so it'll feel like an average slice of life. As someone who has watched 3/4 source anime, I really enjoyed its concept and execution. It is an adaptation that doesn't bring a whole lot of new stuff to the table, which doesn't make it a masterpiece. The art and sound fits in very well with the series, and the read more
May 29, 2019
TL;DR - This anime is not for your entertainment. If you're watching it to see some badass loli do cool stuff and save the word or something then turn around. You are not the intended audience. Watch this anime and try to understand its take on wartime. Whether you agree or disagree, you should be able to acknowledge the depth of the anime. Once again, if you're coming for an isekai like Konosuba, then you're at the wrong place. There is purpose in the art, sound (and lack thereof), designs, and characters. Overall deserves a 9/10.

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Mar 13, 2019
This was a nice anime that doesn't seem to be attempting much more than bringing a more casual romantic comedy. If you're hoping for a lot of romantic progression, this anime unfortunately won't deliver on your expectations, but it is still very nice in my opinion.

The story is lacking, but that might be what they intend to do. It really comes down to the intentions of the original work, whether it was supposed to be a more slice-of-life style or a romantic story type. From the theme of the opening though, I think they wanted to lean towards the story side, but it felt read more
Mar 10, 2019
Do you want an OP main character that is OP and can basically tell everyone else to f**k off? Fanservice? Big boobed elves and cat eared lolis? Borderline hentai? Especially if you said yes to the last three, you will enjoy watching this anime, but please do it privately.

The story isn't anything too special, and the characters aren't very dynamic. It's your classic isekai trope with the socially awkward NEET main character who gets transported into a different world with OP abilities, his entourage of pretty girls, and everybody gets surprised at how strong our MC is. The characters don't develop that much, and read more
Mar 9, 2019
'Tsuki ga kirei' ... "The moon is beautiful" This is a well known Japanese saying that also serves as a confession of 'I love you'. It is a representation of how true love between two people transcends simple words. This anime tells a heartwarming tale of a love that didn't need a white knight or an overly charismatic gigolo. In a sense, it was love in its purest form. The anime captures the essence of romance simply through the expressions of the characters, their posture, and their fidgeting. Watching the two inexperienced lovers, you can't help but cheer for them.

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