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Jan 19, 2016
To give a simplified plot summary of the show it can be shortened down to the story of two different factions of humans fighting each other, one for survival (the inhabitants of earth), and the other in order to claim ownership of earth and its resources (Vers empire). The Vers Empire being humans who colonized Mars and consider themselves to be of a superior race.
Oh boy was this show a fun ride. I don’t think I can remember one point in the show where I even considered dropping the show, something that doesn’t happen too often seeing as how in most of the shows I read more
Dec 17, 2015
I looked at the other reviews and was surprised at some peoples perspectives, and then in agreement with others. So allow me to shove my bias opinion down your throat.
First off, this show is bad, like really bad. A lack of interesting characters, a simplistic story which jumps all over the place and lacks an over-arching story/goal, cookie cutter characters who face “wavering” in their ideals yet never show any character development as result, boring art style; all in all it makes for a boring and uninteresting show. If you can complement this show on anything it would be the music. While not amazing it read more
Dec 1, 2015
Sadness is a state of mind that can often strike us when we least expect it. Seeing as how we have no control over 3rd party factors, which are usually the cause for these emotions, we all come face to face with these feelings. The World God only knows, written by Mamizu Arisawa, takes these metaphysical emotions, and gives them a corporeal and physical form as ‘lost souls’. Interestingly enough, the term lost soul is also referencing a person who has perhaps lost their way, or is not of right mind. This further compounds on the idea that these supposed lost souls are the result read more
Nov 8, 2015
For generations the question has been asked, over and over again, "Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon". Truth be told I went into this show not knowing what to expect, seeing as how depending on the answer to this question, my life, the world even, could fall into ruin. For real though, this show doesn't really bring anything new as the sole purpose for its creation is to pander to the easily satisfied masses who are more likely to watch a fan-service show filled with swords and magic than a psychological thriller. This show falls into the still growing genre known read more
Nov 7, 2015
Let me start off by saying that I went into this show with no idea of who directed it, and even if I had, it would have made no difference seeing as how I was never really that big of a fan of Angel Beats. People praise it like it’s the second coming of Christ yet I only see it as an above average show that barely managed to pull on my heart strings. This of course is by no means a stab at the show, but rather a stab at the people who glorify it. However that is a topic for another day. Charlotte's read more
Nov 6, 2015
Bird Go!
Gatchman crowds is basically a re-imagination of an older TV series known by a similar name: Gatchaman. This show tells the story of a group of heroes united under one goal: Stopping all evil. Pretty simple right. Taking the more light-hearted shounen like path in story telling; the plot unfolds from the perspective of our main heroine Ichinose Hajime, a fun and quirky character who has just become a gatchaman, one of the legendary and supposedly mythical heroes who protects the world. However as her own character conflicts with the normal identity of secrecy that is being a gatchaman, she soon reveals to the read more
Nov 5, 2015
Corrupted by darkness, the land is facing the threat of invasion by demons sent from the clutches of the demon realm. Overcome with despair, the only hope left for the world is for the goddess to choose her six heroes, and send them on their great quest to vanquish this evil. But what will they do when a possible seventh and fake hero is hidden among them? As our hero becomes the prime target of suspicion, he is tasked with proving his innocence, or otherwise facing the consequences of death.
When starting this show I didn't look at the genre labels, and therefor was expecting your read more
Nov 4, 2015
By day she is known as the famous perfect girl with princess like qualities: Umaru-sama, but by night she transforms into the fridge raiding, cola drinking, snack munching, and brother mongering girl known as: Umaru-chan. She is the epitome of cute and fun characters; she gives off the kind of aura that makes you want to forgive her for even her biggest grievances. She is adorable, she is malicious, she is conniving, and all the while still manages to be sweet. She is the kind of character who will make you froth at the mouth with anger, and then seconds later offer you her favorite read more
Nov 3, 2015
MMOs, SAO, power fantasies, Over-powered protagonist, RPGs/JRPGs. If you enjoy any of the previous items, then more likely than not you will enjoy Overlord. Bam, there you have it. Now you can go watch the show without having to finish my review. Now for those who are still here, I'll let you in on a secret. This show is neither good, nor bad; in fact this show is just about average. The story details the start of Momonga's (Ainz Ooal Gown) eventual development towards... wait a minute..... I actually don't know, seeing as how the show never really tells you what his final goal is. read more
Nov 2, 2015
Shokugeki no Soma, is a cooking oriented anime that focuses on the growth of our main protagonist Soma as an aspiring chef who goes from working in his family dinner to enrolling in an upper tier cooking school. Now you might be thinking to yourself: "great another boring high school slice of life show with a hint of cooking in it". Now that is where you would be terribly wrong. When this show was first announced (being an avid reader of the manga series) I was with one of my friend and I almost slapped him for not being excited over its adaptation's release. Luckily read more