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Sep 30, 2016
My Romantic Comedy Snafu is basically a better version of Watamote. Both follow painfully socially-awkward protagonists, who find themselves in a variety of relatively ordinary Japanese Highschool situations. However, while Watamote's only draw is just how cringey it is, Snafu has some substance beneath its cringe.

The story of Snafu is an easy one to summarize: Its an average Slice-of-Life, but the two main characters are cynical to the point of parady. To say that there's anything particularly original in this concept would be a gross exaggeration; Haruhi Suzumiya did the Cynic Protagonist years ago when it practically codified the Slice-of-Life genre, and in my own read more
Sep 15, 2016
Story N/A, its just an animation reel

Trigger-chan is a short animation of trigger Studios of Trigger Studios was a character in one of their shows. Its damn good, flashy, perfectly animated, has some great audio and bass-bumping music to go with it, the character designs are pretty great and interesting looking.

But its just a 30 second video. Uts trigger patting themselves on the back and having a nice wank. Its got a lot of style, but no substance.

At the same time, its just a 30 second video. In terms of a pure enjoyment:time spent ratio, this is amazing.

Overall watch it, you have no reason read more
Sep 10, 2016
Steins;Gate: The IBM Ad is a series of four four-ish minute long OVAs created as a collaboration with IBM to explain the impact their Cognitive Computing (AKA advanced weak AI) could have on daily life. The shorts follow the Gadget Lab some time after the OVA episode as they relax and live normal lives together. Mayuri brings in a Upa she brought that have Cognitive Computing on board and they proceed to use it for a variety of mundane yet entertaining things.

The story is weak, but it doesn't do anything to hurt Steins;Gate's great plot. Its place in the timeline is clear, but its read more
Sep 8, 2016
Looks can be very deceiving, because this show looks every bit as good as the original series its "derived" from. Unfortunately this movie is a joyless mess, a head-in-the-clouds follow up to a fantastic sci-fi anime, a husk that leans on tired cliches and worn out tropes where the original went out of its way to break down and rebuild those same cliches and tropes. Where Steins;Gate was clever, creative, consistent and subversive, Burden of Deja Vu is just that: a burden.

The story is based around a contrivance: A year after the events of the OVA episode, Okabe is disappearing for some reason, and when read more
Sep 8, 2016
Steins;Gate is an excellent show that I have tried no less than four times to watch over the years, but have never found myself able to get past the 3-episode mark. Now, having finally decided to watch the Dub instead of the Sub (More on this blasphemy later) I can honestly say its a near perfect anime marred only by its extremely slowly paced first five episodes.

Story-wise, Stein;Gate is fantastic. Its a very internally consistent universe, important for any hard sci-fi series such as this, and once the ball gets rolling it is very, very hard to peel your eyes away. Tense mysteries and conspiracies read more
Sep 6, 2016
An extremely strong first three episodes give way to a slog of a show as Trigger finals starts to show that they aren't infallible. While Kiznaiver has dazzling visuals (Though we should expect nothing less from Trigger at this point), an amazing OP and soundtrack, weak characters and a predictable twist, as well as a sudden shift away from drama towards shipping in the last few episodes make this show very unenjoyable. While the fantastic quality of the art and music might've dragged me through the unenjoyable ending to this series, i don't imagine that will be the case for everyone.
Sep 6, 2016
An absolutely phenomenal show from start to finish. Never has a show been able to go so effortlessly from comedy to drama, back to comedy and then to pulse-pounding tension and terror with such ease and grace. The pacing throughout this series is absolutely golden, never too fast and never too slow.

The characters are all beyond likable, by the end of the series you'll feel like a part of their inner circle, knowing them as well as they know each other. In addition, (the spoilerific character) is a fantastic commentary on the nature of viewership, fandom, and creator intent.

The art is far from read more
Mar 26, 2016
Stardust Crusaders's OVA is, lets be perfectly honest here, pretty bad overall. It removes a lot of the more entertaining fights in favor of streamlining the series for a 6 episode run.

The visuals range from outdated to just plain bad, the characters look strange, even compared to Araki's art style, the colors are faded and washed out compared to Araki's more bright and flamboyant style, which is a damn shame.

The sound design is bad in most places, until you get to the very last episode, which I will cover later. The voice acting is flat and lifeless, sound effects have no impact, and the read more