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Apr 8, 2012
I own this - I have heared the good reviews and upon picking up the DVD, the flattery continues; this is said to rival the works of Studio Ghibli (which I love) - my point being that I when into this wanting to enjoy it...
What a dissapointment. :(

A teen boy ends up getting roped into multipul conflicts that pretty much blow up at the same time upon accompanying a teen girl to her grandmothers countryside home; he must then work along side her family in order to save the world in a race against the clock.
This gives off the illusion of character progression, when the read more
Mar 28, 2012
When watching this, my mind invented a philosophical saying I should get halmarked, remeber people, I said it first:
"You obtain a wonderful large, one of a kind book, this book is very well written, highly valuable - you can't wait to read it.
Along the way, you incure a very, VERY tiny tear towards it's spine, most people won't notice.
You eventually get to the end of this book, yet you remember that insignifican tear somewhere within the book.
What do you do?...
Leave it alone and stick eith the notion of it being unlikely to draw attention to itself?
Do you get sticky tape to patch it up - read more
Feb 25, 2012
Gyo (Anime) add (All reviews)
If you read the manga and like me, were looking forward to this adaptation - prepare for a dissapointment, that is, if you bother to watch this...

Basically, someone has taken this story and though...
"How can I make this fairly well known story that bit more popular? I know! I'll make it a lot less mature (i.e. easier to follow) and conform to idealism by throwing in some well known cliche's - newbie's and the more impressionable viewers will eat this all up!"
... and her we have this hour long OVA. I'll expand on the above...
Originally, a young couple are at sea, when they see something read more
Feb 13, 2012
First off - I'm a massive supporter of FMA....
I rank the manga within the best manga's I have ever read, I loved Brotherhood, the Gecko season 1 and the OVA's.
The prospect of a feature film was something I looked forward to, I wanted to like it...
...and then it came!

The main character is a pretty (I assume) teen girl with a tragic past, living in a repressed civilasation - her journey begins pretty much just as Ed and Al are on the scene.
We now have a plot, so no need for persoanlity when we have the 'sad and serious' setting in place.
Now, we enter into a read more
Jan 18, 2012
When you take a glance at this anime, you're met by unconventional artwork off the bat, as it's the conventional that pretty much headlines anime these days, thus unusual is something some people may be attracted to or repelled by; if you're of the latter - reconcider.

Katanagatari is an action adventure anime that spans across a certian period of time whilst maintaining a fast pace.
We are met with a streetwise, serious yet not-too-competent female who is soon joined on her quest by a fairly clueless male who has a lot to learn.
The two form an unconventional relationship and set off on the female leads quest read more
Jan 5, 2012
There aren't to many anime's out there like this one.
Technically a harem - the set-up is far from typical.

A number of 'otaku', 'unstylish' females live in a 'ladies only' dorm - they're confident in eachothers company and they find comfort in things that are easily accessable - life is fairly peaceful.
One night, a stunning young woman* enforces her friendship upon the female lead and is egar to befriend the leads entire social group - the presence of a 'stylish' person is bad enough, made worst so that this 'ultra beautiful girl' happens to be a 'ultra beautiful guy'.

Unusual characters- infavour of the common 'harem' set-up read more
Jan 4, 2012
A must read - even if you aren't really into the original story, for a number of reasons:
1. It's easy to understand
2. You can't really go wrong with five chapters
3. The entire approach to the story is very different

MaruMaru has destroyed Yuno before the story kicks off - no Yuno present has put Yuki in emediate danger.
Whilst work has been put into place to bring Yuno back and restore a critical Yuki, MaruMaru and Akise replace the two leads.
This story is simply a case of the same scenario's witnessed in the begining of Mirai Nikki, only very different characters put into place to deal with read more
Dec 27, 2011
Forget about the Dragonball manga and forget about the Dragonball/Z anime - view this as a stand alone story...
Following the above steps only makes this special worst!

The reason why?
The story has little substance - a higly basic and short plot dependent entirely on the well known franchise.
Now, I'll delve further...

Goku's dad, Bardock, in his last special, faced off against Friezer.
Within this special, instead of dying within the blast theat blew up his planet, he was somehow teleported into a past time period.
Bardock develops a soft side for a cutsie young, kind alien who just wants to help him.
Not too long later,he comes across a new read more
Dec 19, 2011
I'll start by stating that, for me; a shounen viewer - this story is something very different.

The set up, without spoiling anything, revolves around magic girls fighing evil 'witch' entities. There is no real case of 'she is the chosen one' - all girls pretty much bought the situation upon themselves.
Madoka - the leading female, is a nice girl who is new to the chaotic life a magic girl has to endure.
Though if you take this concept and think that Madoka (the lead) then goes on to continuously save the day - you're wrong. :P

We often see the intro 'normal highschool student' in order to read more
Dec 1, 2011
Anybody who's into the games, like myself, knows the annoyance of the tiny personal storylines, conbined with the major plot, then ending with a cliffhanger at the conclusion of each game - which means we must wait another four or so years for another snippet of the story - a tedious cycle!
Does this movie fill in any holes...
If you are a fan of the Tekken video games and you hope this will do the popular series justice as an adaptation - you may be dissapointed.
If you think this movie will provide you with some anwsers the games have yet to deliver - you read more