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Initial D First Stage
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Devilman: Crybaby
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Koi no Choujikuuhou
Jul 28, 6:29 PM
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Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
Jul 25, 5:53 PM
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TexhnolyzeMe Mar 26, 2:51 PM
Oh, I see and more or less we are in the same field since I'm an engineer.
Anyway, you never know, I understood it late but I like arts way more and maybe I will change one day.
We've had so many giants in comics but most of them are full known only in France, the real country of comics. For before the groups of Cannibale, Frigidaire and Valvoline (Mattotti, Kramsky, Igort, ecc) we had Dino Battaglia, which is like Toppi, Micheluzzi, who has done the kind of comics like Pratt or The Collector, Gianni de Luca, whom I forgot to mention but he started to experiment with teatrical layouts (one scene with characters moving) as you can see in his Shakespeare adaptions and inspired lots of artists, like Miller too. The list can go on.

Yes, I have read Understandin Comics and he isn't even the first one to show the differences. For the fact that Japan didn't get in touch with the rest of the world I consider comics and manga 2 different media and I even use different rates.
I think that the last time that manga developed was when Otomo discovered Moebius and started to revolutionize manga. You can still find some out of the ordinary manga in the underground circuit, though I haven't find anything impressing and the best for me are the Nishioka Kyoudai, Kago and Yuichi Yokoyama.

Btw, it's nice to hear that you even studied Buzzati! Then I guess maybe you also know Guido Buzzelli.
TexhnolyzeMe Mar 25, 4:50 AM
If you are really that young then you're ahead and you are on a good road since I presume you, like me, started with manga.
Until 5 years ago I was a huge fan of Koike and I used to think that he was the greatest, I knew very little of comics outside manga but I still knew Moebius. That's to say that when you start to expand your knowledge and you 're not just a reader that seeks entertainment then you start to analyze and think what's behind that work. In this way I started to understand that Koike was a copy of Moebius and Caza, like Manara was in the start. Well, copies with a bit of identity for sure, but If I compare Koike UH to what Moebius did 45 years ago he comes up with broken bones. The same goes for Caza and even Manara's Lo Scimmiotto, which is really close to Koike 's style, is absolutely better.
That being said I still think that Koike is good and the best mangaka, and there are a few other good ones. Though, even the best is nothing compared to giants!
I would say the same for Giardino and Juillard vs Taniguchi or Blame!? Nihei also was influenced by Metal Hurlant, especially by Bilal as he said in a conversation with Bilal himself. You can see that the sketchy lines are common in both but there is a huge gap even with Nikopol, and Bilal kept on becoming better. Bilal fuses different styles, chalk, cranyon, watercolor ... while Nihei tries to give depth with a simple screentone! Besides Nihei's chara and anatony knowledge is weak compared to EU standards.
Anyway I appreciate the early works of Nihei, but lately he is annoying both in style and narrative ... While people like Miura are common in Europe, really you can check Soleil production and find that all titles have better art and I don't have high consideration of those artists.

Changing subject, Crepax Fantagraphics are really good.
I don't like Manara and Pratt collaborations because Pratt is good only when he writes his own stuff.
I'm really curious to know where you study comics because I didn't know that Pazienza was known outside Italy! He has just been published in US ...
Pazienza is too much italian, like no one else, that's why I think he is pretty unknown outside Italy, while here he is like Pratt.
It's really amazing studying something underground like Pazienza! You even know Frigidaire!
So you're planning on becoming a comic artist?
TexhnolyzeMe Mar 24, 2:08 AM
Edicola is a place where they sell newspapers and comics that go into there like Tex, Dylan Dog, etc. While Fumetteria can have everything.
Anyway if you like The Collector maybe you know also Sharaz-De by Toppi, this is one of my favourites ever, you can pick the Nicola Pesce edition, which costs 30€, though.
You should get something by Magnus, for example you can pick "Erotico e Fantastico" from Rizzoli Lizard, it contains 3 of his best works. His most known work is Lo Sconosciuto, you can pick the Oscar Ink edition which is wonderful and cheap. 26€ for french size and 400 pages and actually it is also at -25% even on Amazon.
Also his Tex is really wonderful, it's called La Valle del Terrore.
Do you know Francois Bourgeon? The Passengers of the wind and Companions of Twilight are a must. Oh, Hermann! The Towers of Bois Maury is the greatest historical pick you can have. All 3 are in Historica, a Mondadori collection, really cheap for the quality.
I think you know Bilal, Nikopol and Monstre at least.
Druillet? My favourite from Metal Hurlant, Lone Sloane and Salammbo but we have only comic book formats, the english versions are better.
UnaStoria by Gipi is his best work.
Andreas is another must. Cromwell Stone and Rork, same comic book format and I have also the french edition because he is amazing.
Manu Larcenet's Blast.
Gli Equinozi and Portugal by Cyril Pedrosa. Il Celestiale Bibendum by Nicolas de Crecy.
Some argentinian now, Alberto Breccia is the greatest artist that comics ever had. You can maybe pick up his Perramus from 001 Edizioni or Comma 22 stuffs, which aren't easy. His son, Enrique Breccia, is also highly recommended, there is Che from Rizzoli, which is done by him, his father and Oesterheld, then lots of things from 001 Ed.
Alack Sinner by Munoz and Sampayo. Cara Patagonia by Jorge Gonzalez if you like very ethereal stories.
Torpedo by Bernet.
Jacques Tardi you know? A real master, Era La Guerra delle Trincee should be his best but anything is fine.
Lauzier? Recently Rizzoli republished Sono un Giovane Mediocre, amazing satyre still today. There is Loustal, maybe la Notte dell'Alligatore.
Crepax? You know Valentina for sure. Oh, Pazienza's Penthotal or Pompeo.
Frederik Peeters' Aama.
Vittorio Giardino you know? He is the guy that Taniguchi imitated, pure ligne claire. Max Fridman or Jonas Fink from Rizzoli.
Oh, and on the same style there is Juillard, Le 7 Vie dello Sparviero from Historica.
Igort? 5 è il numero perfetto and his Quaderni Giapponesi.
Manara's Giuseppe Bergman!
Ranxerox by Liberatore.
Van Hamme's XIII.
And so on, and so on. I named a small list of the ones I know, which is nothing compared to what is still there to discover.
Anyway, since you're in Italy I would pick italian authors. So go for Mattotti, Magnus, Toppi, Crepax, Pazienza, Giardino ...
In the end, all of them do things that you will never see in manga, first because their language is limited, you will never find a really good text but always something that looks like written by a 17 years old guy compared to EU standards. Then their drawing style is so standard and constrained, again by weekly and monthly publications, and because their culture is restricted, while EU shared points of view and kept on experimenting. You will see absent backgrounds for no reason, not because they are minimalist, large vignettes that don't respect reading time but just "emotional" like big faces and so on. What about color? There isn't. Is there even 1 full black and white manga? Always screentone ... There is no ink, no shadow work with black and screentone just serves to speed up the drawings. Japan has a lot of limits and mangaka is considered just a normal job there, here you consider fumettisti artists and France respects the medium even more.
Manga and anime are just a product to make money, I'm sorry to say it but the artistic intent is close to 0, infact the public can vote to make a manga disappear from jump even before it reaches a volume. Everything is done, by the editors, for the readers, not for the work itself.
I hope you can find something good but if ai were you I would go not to fumetteria but straight into book stores like Mondadori and Feltrinelli, they have good graphic novels and you can easily find Oscar Ink's stuff and it is full of good things, the last I will name is Nostra Madre la Guerra.
That's all.
TexhnolyzeMe Mar 23, 8:11 AM
Hello, sorry for my late reply but I don't log very often now because I'm too busy. Anyway for edicolaria you maybe mean fumetteria, comic store. If so then I'm sorry to say it but I think only Naples has some good ones, like Starshop and Alastor, as you can see or go for Salerno since Nocera is near, while for little cities I don't know but there aren't lots of comic stores. If you meant to get Keiichi Koike in italian then keep your french copies, because we only have Ultra Heaven 1 and 2, I own the 3rd in french and the same goes for Heaven's Door.
If you have more questions, write here and I will try to log more often!
Oh, yeah, we have more or less the same taste, but too bad I'm not too much into manga anymore, I prefer way more european and argentinian comics and like I'm seeing from your list you also suggest some of my favourite all time comics. Toppi, Mattotti, Jodorowsky, Schuiten, Gimenez, Oesterheld, Pratt, Gipi, Gibrat! I like them all and have read more or less all their works.
As you already know probably, Keiichi Koike's style is highly influenced by Moebius, Caza, Manara, etc.
It's a nice discovery, usually I meet people that share only my manga taste or viceversa.
Omnivision Feb 1, 5:31 PM
Happy Birthday! It's been such a long time, man! I hope all is well with you and your family. If you ever wanna reach me, there's always still MAL, but I've pretty much ditched Skype and switched to Discord. If you wanna continue keeping in contact there, just PM me for my Discord and I can share it with you. Alrighty, you take care and have a good one! :)
Konakana Feb 1, 2018 1:38 PM
Happy Birthday :)
Reya-san Jan 17, 2018 6:17 AM
Well, I can say French comics (or they look like they came from France) are often seen in our libraries, but I don.t really like them and their art style :( I prefer Japanese comics and this are selling even better in my country.

I didn.t managed to watch to ALita yet, not even read the manga because I have to learn for a lot of exams.. maybe I will start reading it after I finish with all exams (one month to wait) .. What did you do this days? You are preparing for exams too?
Reya-san Jan 6, 2018 12:38 AM
Well, Chunchu is a historical manga about some tribes and a war between them. I.m not a fan of historical stories, as you know, but this one have some well-outlined characters and a thrilling story .. It all starts with the king and the queen of the kingdom who unite all the tribes. The queen give birth to two twins, but only one of them can became king in the future.. Also, the blonde one is born with a curse which involve a demon stone to appear on his arm, so he can.t be the future king cause the cursed one will be expelled.. That.s why he give his brother, from envy, the curse.. The black-haired twin have a demon stone on his chest now and he is expelled, many years later, from the kingdom by his father.. And a lot of interesting things will happen one he join a tribe formed by some fugitives XD

Oh, I see.. You read a lot of mangas recently, haha ^^ I will search for them but the last one you mentioned (I mean Battle Angel ALita), I planned to read it and also watch the movie adaptation (it.s only an american version) XD The story seem very interesting, but I will start with the movie cause I don.t have time to read manga now with the start of examination session T^T

Niceeeee, I had the change to read Spiderman one time in the past, at a childhood friend.s house .. He had the collection (or just a part of it) and I was able to read some of them, but I can.t remember much XD I don.t have access to comics in my country, they are very difficult to find at bookstores.. But I watched a lot of movies (like Spiderman, X-Men, Captain America, Avengers, etc. etc.)
Reya-san Jan 3, 2018 10:27 AM
I spend my holidays with my family too, it was fun and relaxing at the same time ^^ About courses.. well, the first semester was lighter than the other ones from precedent years, but I don.t know how the next semester will be, I have to wait a little bit more to know :D Well, all courses are fine, but there is a short period between exams, so I must learn for them earlier (that means I took some days from my holiday to learn and finish my project for faculty).

You said you built a PC, that.s an interesting thing to hear, haha. Is it difficult? (I bet it is, lol)

And mangas.. well, I read Chunchu and it is already one of my favorite manga ^^ But it.s unfinished T^T There are only 50 chapters and it sais that this manga is still on-going .. A lot of years pass, but no one try to translate this manga.. :/ What mangas did you read? Or, if you didn.t, what mangas did you planned to read this holiday? ^^
Reya-san Jan 3, 2018 10:03 AM
Thank you and I can say I had some nice days ^^ I hope the same to you too !! XD

By the way, how have you been ? Something new? How are courses? ^^
Omnivision Dec 24, 2017 8:43 PM
Happy Holidays!

Reya-san Dec 24, 2017 6:25 AM
I wish you a Merry Christmas beside your family and your friends! (^_^)/

Reya-san Oct 1, 2017 8:45 AM
It's not a problem ^^ I know it is difficult to enter on MAL when you are busy .. I will start school tomorrow, but I won.t going cause it's the opening festivity, I.m a third year student so it isn't necessary to go :3

Well, I started reading Chunchu but I.m so disappointed that no more chapters are released.... It's stopped appearing five years ago or something like that.. But this is the first historical manga I enjoyed so much! Also, I just started reading Amon: Devilman Mokushiroku but I don.t like it at all so far..

How is it at your faculty? Did you managed to meet with your friends? (what a stupid question, of course you met them, haha) Are you a first year? XD
Reya-san Sep 6, 2017 2:54 AM
It's ok, I don't mind if you respond to my messages with delay ^_^ I thought that you started your courses that's why I didn't insisted to write you.. By the way, what University do you going to? I know some universities from movies (like Oxford). And how was for you to meet again with your friends? ^o^

I will begin courses in October because that's how it goes here, in Romania :D The courses start in October and are finished in June, but the high school is the same as you said, it starts in September and are finished in June .. Also, I am busy too.. I have some exams in this period for increasing my marks at some courses.. A lot to learn ..
Reya-san Sep 1, 2017 4:19 AM
Oh, so you are very busy for now. I will wait after your reviews, I think I'm a patient person sometimes (that's so new for me, haha, I'm used to be impatient all the time).

Do you already start your courses?