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Oct 4, 2015
For this being an infamous anime, its hard to explain why I oddly enjoyed this show so much (although it contradicts with my score, this is one of my favorites)

I try to make my reviews the middle ground of haters and lovers of animes so people in the mutual get the straight facts. so lets start:

•First off, the story itself was unique for what it offered to the viewer I'll leave it at that because it would ruin the fun if I was to start explaining things to you.

•The animation was quite weak, I felt like that factor didn't help the seriousness of the show read more
Sep 21, 2015
So I've seen alot of controversy over this show, and although both side (hate it\ love it) have good points, I hope this is middle ground for people.

I enjoyed the show overall. If you've come to watch something deep and meaningful, don't push it. Because in the grand scheme of things what show really is?

It does express the thoughts on what makes something a human, which isn't going to be life shattering (although I do look at my dogs in a different perspective now) but it does put a few thoughts in your head. That's all.

I enjoyed the story for what it was, (insert read more
Aug 28, 2015
Don't hesitate. Read it.

If you loved the anime, this will be great

If you hated the anime, this is redemption

If you havent watched the anime, Watch the anime first, the series, and then come back.

Although it's my personal opinion, this is much better than the anime. It's cleaned up, brings all of the characters together in a good manner, and the character development is much more enjoyable.

The psychological scenes have more meaning and aren't thousands of random pictures and images being thrown into your face

I haven't read a lot of mangas, but I couldn't stop reading this. It's funny, has lots of emotions, and read more
Aug 24, 2015
Neon Genesis Evangelion...
Enough said, right?

But no, this show is unlike any other. I can only give it such a high rating because its has captured my attention unlike any other show I've seen. The raw originality of this anime has never been reproduced, and most likely never will. It can be seen as a cliche mecha, but by giving it a chance, anyone can see it is much more than such a despised genre.

It has its humorous,ya know "haha" moments, but it tends to stick to its depressing, omnious theme.

You'll enjoy this if you like:
Giant things fighting other giant things
Mind melting psychological read more