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TheJaceX Mar 28, 1:23 PM
Clicked on your profile by chance and I just wanted to say I've never been convinced of someone's taste being good so fast. Beautifully designed profile. Might also be the push to finally get me to dive in Houseki no Kuni.
6437582910985 Mar 17, 5:25 AM
6437582910985 Mar 17, 4:53 AM
pfp artist source?
IAMVIOLET Mar 13, 2:41 PM
its ok don't mention it
i do it too sometimes i don't even expect non-friends to reply back tbh

im not an elitist by any chance i swear kappa

and no, generally i don't care about the way you present your ideas and opinions/ the way you phrase your sentences
but so far, my impression on you is you are serious, and quite critical when it comes to reviewing an anime

you don't have to if you don't want to
but yeah, using memes and gifs does ease the subtle 'tention' i felt from your reply since its hard to get an idea of your personality and your mood at the moment solely based on plain text

ok then i'm honored here

you are right i should
sometimes i'm willing to step outside of my comfort zone and watch anime that i thought i would not be fond of

ok, interesting
most slice of life anime do focus on characters and their interactions among themselves and thats the appeal of it since there are many people who do prefer anime with plots that are much easier to understand (or without if the anime itself doesn't have one, ex: nichijou, umaru-chan etc)
by seeing characters spending their time with others or by themselves, you're observing their life, most of which would include many hilarious/nonsensical or simply wholesome moments so you 'proxy' their feelings from seeing them showing theirs; and it does change your mood irl too i believe, unless you are really stiff and you're watching these anime expecting something else that are more substantially constructive

and yes, i know
since english isn't my native language, i would sometimes mess up my phrasing and the person i've talking to might misinterpret my opinions or think differently of me as a person because of it

i adore dark magical girl anime the most, but now i think i'm more open minded and i don't mind watching 'regular' magical girl anime, you know, those light hearted ones with lesser mature themes and serious moments
the last magical girl anime i watched before i entered my hiatus is ojamajo doremi

i see, you're fairly aware of your own flaws
since i'm not studying in an english only environment, i'm really willing to improve my english with any means that are constructive, such as conversing with native speakers or non native speakers on the internet
i disabled autocorrection on my computer simply because its annoying and sometimes it makes mistakes
on othe other hand, i am able to realize my own mistakes (if i have time to check of course) and correct them on time

thats common sense i think and thanks for ellaborating
people wouldn't admit that their current taste in things are worser than before since we constantly change our opinions on things as we form new ones at the same time as we gain experience and knowledge over time

ok thats a practical approach
i prefer phyiscal books too but only for manga and comic books because of their values as collectables plus i feel more passionate and obligated to read them as i feel their weights in my hands that there are something that exist in physical forms

im neutral toward live-action movies, because i haven't seen enough of them, and most of them are relatively mediocre imo so its better for me to watch more and get a better understanding of this form of cinematography and its appeal

wow cool! im not surprised though, consider how 'elite' you are with your choices of words and anime/manga
im sure the narrative structure wouldn't change much, but the visuals (since a decade would be enough to make an impact on technology)

the way the movie is presented is one of the most unique ones out there and i adore this kind of storytelling
it does lack depth i admit, as it heavily focuses on appeals

no i don't think you have
* and a little rant, i do believe its inconvinient to reply to others in paragraphs
overall, lenghty replies are tiresome to read and its hard to make connections among different pieces

yes, that's a big flaw of my arguments in my essays, said by my professor
well, i don't think i've done this often when i'm ellaborating myself in chinese (my native language)

anyway, its a pleasure to talk to you

well, don't mind me to ask, are you mostly active on mal? or the internet in general?
are you a part of other internet communities?
Stacys__Mom Feb 20, 10:16 AM
sotaiseiriron pic 👀
IAMVIOLET Feb 3, 1:32 PM
same here tbh
my meanscore was barely above 6.0 and I posted my mal account on a discord server
a few people there called me out and yiked me in my face for being an 'elitist' LOL

mushihime surely looks promising and i think its something i would like to read on a rainy day

and yea, now i can tell you are relatively easy to talk to and quite expressive despite not 'showing' your tone in your comments

honestly i made a post on cd forum about the usage of emojis/emoticons and abbreviations such as lol, lmfao etc on how they influence a person's perception of another as they serve as 'embellishers' of the conversations you had on the internet

it's hard to tell what kind of mood you're into when you're typing those sentences lol
and i can vaguely get an idea of your personality and your first impression of me

and yea, i can see the resemblance
doga kobo's works are always lighthearted and adorable! the first one i've watched is umaru (i even amazed by myself i assigned it with a score of 7 xP) by my standards its completely off but the feelings i had for the characters pretty much nullified the disfavor

most cgdct anime are plotless and they tend to focus on comedic moments
i've watched the first two episodes and i definitely can tell there is something going on among the characters; they certainly have a common goal to achieve, which means there is a plot for sure, serious or not

new game seems to have both

oh! i did not know ng is originally a four koma manga
thats interesting to know because the anime adaptions covers it up perfectly and i almost thought it was adapted from a light novel

and by the way, i never consider anyone to be condescending toward anything so no worries
and i do respect people's opinions since i know everyone's view on anime is distinctive by nature

unless someone is saying something 'wrong', like claiming things that are not factual [ex: serial experiments lain is a horror anime], i wouldn't jump in and try to argue with them

and yea thats something within my expectation but i was questioning netero's decision on its rationality
maybe i have underestimated the power of hunters here since i believe the entire squad can barely take on a single royal guard based on the displayed difference between their strength

i did recalled that scene too where netero hinted us that the organization had shifted their responsibility onto huner association

my bad, i was being unclear there but i was talking about yuuki yuuna
i have finished it already

that makes sense too
madoka earned a reputation of its own by incorporating unique character trophies and concepts into the magical girl genre, which makes it more of an unique presentation than a genre-deconstruction

franxx, hmm i have mixed feelings for this show
and i know how badly it falls off in the second half of the series and how subtle its 'originality' is

LUL that pic

it reminds me of a club titled k-on is objectively better than legend of the galactic heroes

oh man thats really well said and i totally understand the appeal of iyashikei: omnipresent tranquility, forgiving tension, utter simplicity etc
well there is a reason why it is called the genre of healing

and yes i feel it too
many shows are throwing things onto us, attempting to evoke our curiosity and further impress us with plottwists, newly introduced concepts and ideas etc
sol anime on the other hand focus on presenting all of the aforementioned elements instead of formulaically introducing them to us

oh yea, people surely think differently of the term 'overpowered'
i don't think the execution nor the origin of their powers plays a role in 'justifying' the character's quality of being overpowered at all but sure, a decent exectuion + logically coherent and interesting-enough origin of their power/aiblity would make you think positively of the show in most cases, though to many they are just excuses for undermining characterization and character development

oh yea thats something im working on to because i tend to get unnessarily lenghty when im talking to others on the internet
and not everyone is content with lengthy replies

and i wonder how many languages can you speak

your english in perfect in my dictionary

* ahh change in taste
thats something common and im not surprised to hear from you
it might sound a bit condescending to say i have 'evolved' my taste but i do think my taste has changed positively over these years

i see you surely have a passion for digital medium then
since you said you aren't that much of a movie viewer right now then its more than logical you do not use lterrboxd

the update on your profile is really neat!
girls' last tour mhm
it also echoes with your location too lol
IAMVIOLET Jan 27, 1:47 PM
i do think there are people who are sensitive to ratings
well... I've talked to someone who is triggered by my ratings before and it did not go well
but nonetheless, I will try to remain objective when it comes to discussions

and yea, art is the essence of storytelling imo and stylish/unconventional art always manages to impress me, giving me visual orgasms

* and I realized you've read mushihime
I've heard of this title somewhere
interesting enough I've added it onto my list too

and for me
beside artistic expression, the overall quality of the show is determined by characterization(and character development if we're going into details here), thematic depth, productive virtue and usage of transitions
these are the relatively objective elements I could think of throwing aside enjoyment and personal attachment

* LOL I did not expect something that moe from a serious person like you
aoba is bae

* and btw I haven't seen new game before (loosely watched one or two episodes on twtich when crunchyroll was marathoning anime)
is it worth a watch? it's not your generic cute girls doing cute things anime right?

and don't mind speaking frankly to me im honestly more willing to hear other's complaints on the anime that I like xP
so I can see it from different perspectives and understand how it is percepted negatively and what's wrong with the show in general

fair enough and well said
hmm chimera ant arc certainly is the most popular arc among all and the one that stands out the most for many hxh fans
im sure its intended to be 'philosophical' as the concept of the arc becomes darker over time as killua and gon undergoing psychological and emotional problems as the story progresses
and yes, i agree with you
the invasion seems epic because of netero's onslaught but without that, it's just really undramatic (since chimera ants are portrayed as powerful and egocentric beings who are relentless toward human, sending a selected few hunters to fight them is a rash and unwise decision to me)

im totally rooting for the positive part of hxh in this case since I gave it a solid 8
thanks for sharing with me your thoughts then! its my first time talking to someone who DOES NOT think hxh is a masterpiece among shounen

and yes indeed
Im watching it rn atm an so far im thinking positively of the anime seeing how creative it is with its concept

oh my bad I guess I failed to see through the message you were trying to convey then xP
I thought you dropped it because of other reasons you have not stated

madoka does deserve the popularity though as how iconic it is as a 'genre-deconstructive' anime
but i think some people should stop using it as a trophy to overshadow other obscure anime just to promote its popularity among magical girl anime
just saying

* and I wonder how do you feel about cute girls doing cute things anime
that aoba gif, again, surprised me lol
and i have been viewing your list for awhile and realized some cgdct anime are rated with relatively high scores (5 or above)
(yuru yuri and biyori in particular)
cannot be helped if the story itself has a vagueness attached to it
no matter how flexible the narrative intends to be, the message remains the same so for me, Id gladly embrace the vagueness and challenge myself to interconnect the pieces and come up with my own understanding
and personally its kinda wise here to adopt a non chronologically-linear storytelling structure
and yes, the visuals are greatly improved compare to the original, so is the shaping of atmosphere
the second episode is quite engaging for me and it 'saves' the first episode from ruining the entire mood for me

and yea, one thing that i adore about the show is its protesque themes (reminds me of lain and renmei) and im not entirely sure its ok to call it 'edginess'
but definitely the enigmatic nature of the show increases the enjoyment for me

mo dao zu shi is more of a show for you to 'feel' rather than to 'consume' I would say
not much for you to think when you're watching and all you have to do is to sit back and relax when the overpowered mc's doing his own things

for sure! feel free to share with me your thoughts when you finished begonia or balladonna

and sorrybout that
im having a hard time remembering every single word you've said to me (perhaps I should go back and read through your comments)
[just in case you do not know, english isn't my native language so I might misintepret your sentences sometimes]

and don't mind me asking here, are you a movie enthusiast too?
or perhaps an avid reader of manga/webtoons/novels?

certainly you do seem really knowledgeable of anime as a medium so i wonder if you are interested in other similar mediums too
I have a feeling you have an account on letterboxd hehe
IAMVIOLET Jan 24, 7:22 AM
hmm idk how to describe the quality of the animation to you..
but there is a slight difference between the two (perhaps its because I finished watching liz on my laptop, while I watched euphonium on my desktop computer so that would make a difference)

anyway the animation quality is top notch so is the artstyle
im not bothered by it whatsoever

hmm yea basically

tbh with you I decided to not rate any anime initially because of two reasons

1 i think an anime's quality and enjoyment cannot be measured by mere numbers therefore statistifcs cannot imply any of my ideas/thoughts on the show nor my feelings for it

2 i tend to have a harder time dealing with criticism a new anime fan i do dislike arguments with others

and not at all i think thats enough for me to trust your judgement and i don't need you to ellaborate on that
but im happy you actually did right here
that's fair, quality can determine enjoyment though imo and vice versa
its just really controversial (funny thing is lately I've talked to some friends of mine about tatami galaxy. Some of them were telling me the humor and satires in tatami are off-color, but the story is of great depth, therefore it becomes more enjoyable to watch; while some others were telling me the quirkiness you felt through the entire anime had 'improved' the quality of the anime)

woa! thats something I'd like to hear from other viewers too
you do get the bigger picture here for sure
slowburns are something I adore right now but I used to be less patient with slow-paced anime since I just got introduced to modern ones, most of which imploy relatively faster pacing and a lot of action sequences

and yea you are correct
it doesn't discourage me from watching it though, but I do think there are episodes that are off the track since they either have nothing particularly important to do with the story itself, or are heavily comedized into less serious pieces so you can no longer feel the tension anymore (no spoilers here, so Imma stop from here)
im not sure you are into older shounen anime but you can check it out if you are interested (and I realized you assigned hxh with a score of 6, that makes me wonder more lol you are probably the second user i met on mal who has given hxh a score lower than 8 im sure you have good reasons)

I haven't watched it myself but based on my experience with anime I can already see myself watching this anime with both mind and heart

hmm sure then, i did told you I was unfamiliar with magical girl anime so I wouldn't mind trying it out
another magical girl anime that im looking forward to watch is yuuki yuuna wa yuusha de aru
it has been suggested a few times by my friends on mal

it'll take some time for me to read it but sure
hopefully there aren't spoilers

that's a pity...
but still I would encourage you to give it another try and rewatch it when you are bored or finding yourself in an anime shortage
its basically a mature and twisted world disguised in moe
not sure if it should be considered 'dark' but I know it's those type of magical girl anime that makes me think and question about morality or even existentialism
the story itself might not seem to be exceptional but what really intrigues me is how the story is being told
fairytale aesthetics aside, the script features unexpected turns and constant shifts in atmosphere in addition to the anime's surreal nature
it totally nails it and brings storytelling to another level
the use of metafication is also prominent in this anime, as you can see how characters' personas are reflected through metafictional spins as they struggle to realize their identities and fulfill their purposes(i was bewildered tbh and I think thats the whole point of it) and I wholeheartedly love the way how maturity and innocence are being presented together in the forms classical ballets and orchestral pieces without one ended up overshading the other
kinda sad it isn't popular enough to contend with madoka

* seems like you've finished boogiepop thats great!
an 8?! that was quite unexpected.. as much as I know how vague and 'edgy' it seems to be to many viewers

besides anime, do you watch chinese cartoons? (literally, not memeing here)

check out big fish & begonia

i did not see it on your list so i assume you haven't watched it
it heavily explores the mythical world (it has several references to chinese folklore) and the animation is just gorgeous
it doesn't has high analytical value however
IAMVIOLET Jan 21, 6:24 PM
oh yeah I just finished it recently and it was impressively well executed as an anime with a spinoff story!!
the animation quality is a little bit worse than euphonium though, but overall it's decent and consistent, which I appreciate

I see, that's how your score works
now thinking of it my score has been constantly dropping lately lol
when I first got onto this site as a casual my score was around 8 and afterwards I went through a transition because I discovered psychological and thriller anime (you can say my taste has changed over time); it dropped to around 6 last month because of my unsatisfaction with many of the seasonals I've watched
I think I should be more selective with my picks right now

hmm do you usually research the anime before you watch it? like going through trailers and spoiler-free reviews or so

fair enough
you're the third person I've met on mal who holds a relatively lower regard of bebop

well said! tbh I do think depth is subjective too regardless of one's ability to analyze and intepret critically
I do think enjoyment and actual quality of an anime can be easily differentiated via observation and experience you had with anime of different genres but thats just me, and I think quality comes after enjoyment as for now (was quite harsh with my score for a while, and I thought I should lower my standards and focus more on the positive parts of the anime I'm going to watch)

its been a while, well, is it going well for you now?
on episode 5, I can imagine how slow it was going.. and the lack of interactions among characters was really a turnoff for many first time viewers

* I have seen that girl on your profile a lot of times and I finally figured out she is from houseki no kuni, another anime I am going to watch recently

and you're watching precure now wow
im not familiar with magical girl anime guess I have to watch more to understand it's appeal
the last one I watched was princess tutu (which you have dropped I think, i guess it's too boring and predictable for you?)
loved it! and i know it is a relatively mature magical girl anime
IAMVIOLET Jan 17, 3:05 PM
I'll be watching it tomorrow
surprisingly its a movie (thought it was a 12 episode series)so its easier to get into the story and it takes less time to consume the pieces

and thanks! I certainly will

oh, I see
Dragon Dentist is something that's really odd concept and story-wise and the animation is decently appealing to me

as for cossette, its more of a stylish appeal to me, because it is gothic and has a soulful atmosphere attached to the series

* nvm,mb I just saw your ratings
you do rate most of the anime 5/6

what usually discourages you from giving an anime higher than a 6?
is your rating based on depth?

*yet another surprise you have bestowed upon me lol
you bother to go back and watch the old boogiepop, which I regarded as a better anime than the new one
it's pretty off-color isn't it? in terms of style and design
IAMVIOLET Jan 16, 10:51 PM
hey there!
thanks to your post in one of the theads from anime discussions I have discovered liz to aoi tori, the sidestory of euphonium
it seems really promising to me
and nice taste in both anime/manga btw!
i'm a bit surprised you have watched the dragon dentist and cossette no shouzou recently, both of which I've given relatively high scores to
Huss Dec 29, 2018 7:51 PM
i love your pfp
Josh Dec 14, 2018 5:22 PM
I'd never heard of Nettaigyo wa Yuki ni Kogareru until I just saw it in your favourites, so thanks for the introduction! It's syrupy sweet, plus you can't go wrong with sea creatures.
protoplasm Nov 29, 2018 3:11 PM
such a pretty forum set!
Calal-Chan Nov 19, 2018 2:49 PM
Thank you. I appreciate that.