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Apr 3, 2020
Keraku no Ou (Anime) add
An impeccable cumming of age story about a brain-damaged* young boy (age 18) whose penis is the size of an old CRT television and stinks like a closet filled with dead deer. I can't remember the main character's name but I do remember that he seemed to have a different English dub actor in each episode (one of which sounded suspiciously like Shinjiro from Persona 3), and after the first episode they might have switched animation studios because his design changed a lot.

Anyway, my man has a 5-foot trouser snake with a girth similar to his abdomen that secretes semen pheromones from its pores, making ...
Jan 19, 2013
It’s been over three long years since Studio Khara’s brilliant Evangelion 2.0 graced our unprepared eyeballs and earholes with its fresh and exciting take on the classic anime series. Fans grew antsy and expectations ran higher than ever for this third film in the Rebuild of Evangelion tetralogy to deliver the goods, and Neon Genesis mastermind Hideaki Anno knew he really had to shake things up with the newest installment to keep everyone flocking to theatres and DVD racks in enthusiastic anticipation. And he shook things up alright.

Picking up where part 2 left off, You Can (Not) Redo — or Q Quickening, if you’d rather ...

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