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Dec 22, 2016
So I am someone that loves to watch Figure skating and for example Gymnastics. But I am always afraid to see some person get wounded so I barely dare to watch it. That's the first joy that Yuri!!! on Ice brought me. Being able to watch and I have to say that the art was detailed and they really paid attention to what figure skating was about. Hand movement, legs, everything that I as a not-obsessed-fan-person know about figure skating.

Second were the people in the anime. At first you have the annoying person Yuri Plisetsky but you learn to deal with all of them read more
Sep 29, 2016
It is obviously not the idea to compare animes with each other but ParaKiss was a little bit of a disappointment. Don't get me wrong I still loved it and thought about it a lot when I was not watching. It even kept me from other work that I needed to do.

However with a series like Nana I expected a little more. They could have done so much if they only changed the amount of episodes there were available. Twelve is not enough for a series like Paradise Kiss. They needed at least 24 and even if they covered the same amount of this read more