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Apr 26, 2023
It's definitely one of the weirdest anime I've ever seen. The idea is crazy, about a boy who was born looking like an old man and grew up very fast.

This 30-minute anime is divided into 3 small arcs: The arc of the boy who is bullied, the arc of the lying boy and Nana, a girl who does not have a very good financial situation.

The protagonist wants to be a great leader, just as his father was considered at work, so he always helps anyone he can and gives motivational speeches.
I found Nana's arc the coolest, and even emotional.

The design of some characters is bizarre, ...
Mar 9, 2023
Anime with 13 episodes of 50 minutes each can seem "scary" and it also takes a lot of people away from a work. In the case of Figure 17, it works very well.

We follow the story of Tsubasa and Hikaru, two little girls who end up becoming twin sisters.
As much as it has action and a lot of science fiction, this is far from being the focus of the anime. The focus is everyday life and the relationship between the characters.
But what makes this anime so special? Simple: Realism. An anime where it treats everything in a very realistic way, even more so when it ...
Aug 1, 2022
I'll cut to the chase to tell you why this movie is garbage.

I know that each Precure group has their own anime series, but still the relationship between the characters in this short period of time is very strange. But this isn't even the biggest problem, the problem is the story itself.
It is amazing how this movie contradicts itself in a matter of minutes. The villain's goal is to make everything be one thing, and then he starts, only he never really absorbs the powers he needs for this, even with many opportunities (nothing convenient, right?). Now comes the ultimate contradiction: The villain spends the ...
Jul 2, 2022
I'm in the saga of seeing a Mecha anime of each year starting in 1975, even without following the order, I just choose a random year and see.
Megami Kouhosei was the second of this saga, and was the first bad Mecha of the saga. The first one I completed from this saga was Densetsu Kyojin Ideon, which is the best Mecha anime I've seen so far.

Megami Kouhosei is a strange case in that it's bad, but I don't hate it.
This anime is extremely slow, and things happen not only slowly, but erratically as well.
It's poorly written, doesn't know where it wants to go and the ...
May 8, 2022
Beautiful art and consistent, good animation. Is it just that?

It doesn't matter if it's hentai, it should be minimally well written, and this one isn't. The "story" is extremely vague and explores nothing. The characters only have a brief flashback that doesn't say much for narrative, as the anime doesn't even have time for that. This hentai is much more concerned with good animation than the story. I believe it would take at least 3 episodes to develop everything that was shown in a lazy way - an example is the final stretch where a guy appears out of nowhere and says that the other ...
Nov 12, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Contains spoiler.

There is not much to talk about this anime, but I will give my opinion anyway.

It's like the name of the anime says: A collection of stories by Inukk Kanako.

This OVA presents us with 4 stories, and 3 of them are basically similar.
The first story is what is in the synopsis. Bukita keeps chasing girls around school and telling them that they are in love with him, and since he has a scary appearance, everyone is afraid of him. In this first story Bukita dies in a traffic accident, but comes back to life without a piece of his head, just like the doll ...
Oct 20, 2021
I found this anime in the most randomness... I was entering user profiles here in MAL and saw in the favorites of a user, then I went looking for subtitles but only found dubbed in my language (Brazilian Portuguese).
This anime is extremely stupid and full of black humor. In my language dub it is full of swear words, which makes everything funnier. I usually don't like this kind of anime that much, but it was funny to watch because of the dubbing. It was compiled on YouTube all episodes in one video, 01:30:00 in total, and I watched it all at once.
It was an anime ...
Oct 19, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Short review.

Bosco Daibouken is another anime from Nippon Animation that adapts a western book. An anime focused on children where the focus is just being fun.

It starts with Princess Apricot already on a flying ship after being kidnapped, I suppose she escaped from Fountainland to get help, since she escapes from the villains in the beginning and gets help after Speak arrives in a village called Bosco.
The anime follows the same formula in basically every episode: The villain comes, tries to get Apri and gets screwed in some comical way and this builds up the adventure of the anime in various locations with various events. ...
Oct 9, 2021
Contains spoiler.
English is not my language and may contain errors.

This movie was better than I thought it would be.

I watched only a few episodes of Uchuu Senkan Yamato, but I dropped it. I decided to watch this movie because it is the only one from 1978 that I have left, since I am watching one movie from each year starting in 1960. I went to see this movie thinking it was going to be pretty average, but in the end it was very good.

I know that this movie takes place after Uchuu Senkan Yamato (Movie) which I have not watched, but since it is an ...
Oct 3, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Seton Doubutsuki: Risu no Banner is another anime from Nippon Animation that adapts a western book. Directed by Yoshio Kuroda, director of one of my favorite anime, Flanders no Inu.

The story of Seton Doubutsuki: Risu no Banner is simple and functional. Basically the protagonist, Banner, is raised by a cat that he calls his mother. One day, where they live, there is a fire and they have to separate, and this is when "it all starts. Banner goes to the woods, a place totally unknown to him, and he ends up making friends with an owl that doesn't eat him because of his different way ...

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