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School Rumble
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 7: Steel Ball Run
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NHK ni Youkoso!
NHK ni Youkoso!
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FukThis Aug 9, 12:02 PM
Love the future diary profile picture. Loved that anime awhile ago.
AngryAkko Jul 17, 8:12 AM
I like your posts about the forums. Also I started watching Mirai Nikki again partly because of your profile pic. I had dropped it but giving it another chance from Episode 16.
Auron_ Jul 6, 2:35 PM
Yeah well I don't agree with that, but given JP's AoC it wouldn't be too surprising. I think there's a line between victimless material/services for therapeutic effect to those w/ mental disorders and straight up exploitation. And where this one in particular would lie would depend on AoC laws. I think a high estimate for AoC is preferable in order to be safe than sorry personally.

I too used DuckDuckGo but didn't go that extra layer of security, that being Tor browser. Hope it doesn't bite my ass lol. I think it just means scanty clothing, at least it seems to be in the context of that Subreddit and Pornhub site. I will say though that I didn't inquire much, simply bc I don't really want to find smth I'll regret.

Yeah it was obviously gonna get nuked, I was trying to post as quickly as possible but to no avail :p
Auron_ Jul 6, 12:31 PM
Fuck, I wasn't quick enough for my post on your locked thread. Well, I'll drop it here in the comments in case you're interested on input.

At a certain point you concede that you don't have any data concerning whether lolicon in media leads to a higher or lower number of sex offenses committed. Substantiations are a crucial part on empiricial claims like these. As for the culture argument, I do not think it is analogous to rape culture as the issues exacerbating rape culture all share, within themselves, a shared idea which is about diminishing and making light of the significance of consent. Loli jokes aren't a counterpart to that as they're not about diminishing severity of rape. And locker room talks are known by their vulgarity and sexism by treating women as a reward/badge of pride which lewd loli convos aren't an equivalent of (not that I'm aware of at least)

I don't take issue with a highschooler making monetary transactions with an adult as long as it's not a sexual service, which would include sexual act, sexual performances, sexual messaging, and sexual talk (irl or phone). I think stupid but ultimately harmless shit like having a cup of coffee may actually have a therapeutic quality for them so I'm ok w/ it as long as it stays within that boundary.

Whatever that Chaku Ero is, that's really fucked up. However I couldn't find any article about it by searching both in English and JP. I dunno about it but if it's like a fringe case practice I don't think it should be used a slippery slope the same way I wouldn't say Western CP (another extreme fringe-case) is indicative of their outlook on CP.

So I maintain the position that as long as it's not demonstrated to map onto a statistical reality of sex offenses against minors, lolicon depictions are amoral. Unless you could give me data to that end I don't think you meet the burden of proof that'd justify restricting the distribution of lolicon material.
traed Jul 3, 3:38 PM
Same I answered a lot neutral since I had no strong opinion one way or another or I saw the question as too vague or it was a situational thing where I think one thing is good in certain countries but not all. Also it focused a lot of revolution questions on violence instead of more modern forms that use things like hacking and political subversion (if thats the right term for infiltration to gain power)
traed Jun 29, 11:51 PM
Difficult to answer that. I don't actually like the left right spectrum even when you add the authoritarian and libertarian spectrum. I think left and right sometimes just don't accurately describe viewpoints always and sometimes someone can have both left and right wing views. But regardless on political compas I am lower left quadrant. On Spekr it also puts me in lower left and labels me left libertarian. On vote1 I wind up around de-Leonism or Left Communism or Democratic Socialism and sometimes around Luxemburgism I don't consider myself to be a part of a specific ideology because I feel my knowledge is too limited on them. I don't really feel like I am at extremes i consider myself pragmatic and I am situational in position where I take different stances depending on the country in question and time. I had wanted to read all the major political literature from many ideologies maybe including ones I know I would likely oppose but I just can't be bothered since I am more focused on psychology, pharmacology and neurology. I have touched on some works but a lot of political liturature is a difficult read. There are some easy short essays though like Why Socialism by Albert Einstein, The Soul of Man Under Socialism by Oscar Wilde, and the collection of speeches and writings of Eugene V Debs. Ironically I've always said how I hate politics but I feel forced having to be knowledgeable since politics are unavoidable. Ideally I also would like to fully read every major religious text some time and better research pagan religions and occultism. Also want to read into philosophy maybe .....i like way too many heavy subjects.
San-Diego Feb 26, 2019 9:28 PM
Did you hear UN what is doing right now?
there's hope, please support UN by banning Anime as a whole because it insults literature.
No Anime means it will save the morals of the entire human race to end degeneracy.

SadMadoka Jan 22, 2019 9:18 PM
Cool. Keep me updated on what your favorite tracks are.
SadMadoka Jan 22, 2019 7:42 PM
Since you mentioned black metal in a post, I thought I'd share this metal playlist I made with you. It gets progressively more intense, with black metal at the bottom. If a link doesn't work, just look up the song elsewhere.
San-Diego Dec 5, 2018 3:18 AM
Other than Metal Gear Solid, you should try these games that meets high standards for Elitist.

Some are for PC while others can be played by using emulator.
San-Diego Dec 4, 2018 3:09 AM
Maybe the games you played are mostly multi-player MMO shit, just try some older Triple A games that are made in 1990's up to 2012.

Metal Gear Solid is the very 1st Video Game the revolutionize storytelling in video games that proves video games can be art with depth.
Back in 1990's most gamers are frown upon the society because they're nerd losers until Playstation 1 came, many people are now accepting videos games then Metal Gear Solid came along in 1998, the image of video games completely changed and it's now accepted in society.
Here's a video that describes Metal Gear Solid but this video was presented in silly way, other videos were kinda very long for you.
San-Diego Dec 4, 2018 2:04 AM
Seen those type anime you mentioned but the truth is most of them are so Dull, Pretentious, lifeless robotic characters, it's like the writers are trying way too hard to imitate those type of deep movies from 1930-1960's.
Most anime i watched are always in english dub because japanese dub is very painful to my ears it fucking hurts so much!
Even German, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Greek, French and Russian is more pleasant to hear it.

Yes it is, San Diego is the 2nd best most decorated WWII ship in the entire world according to Guinness Book of World Records while 1st place goes to USS Enterprise, known as the Legendary Holy Saint Ship of the American Military.

>Doki Doki Literature Club

That game is awful horrendous mess garbage, it's the same bullshit as FNAF and Undertale, most cancerous awful garbage game i've ever played in years.

If you want high quality psychological game then try Alan Wake and Silent Hill 2.
If you want high quality Meta-storytelling game then try Metal Gear Solid franchise but don't bother Phantom Pain because it's shit.
San-Diego Dec 3, 2018 9:45 PM
I've seen tons of anime and they mostly suck and it doesn't match my standards, i'm too lazy to add it to my list because they're too many of them and i dropped a lot.
I'm a gamer and i play a lot of games for more than 10 years, but when i try to watch anime it gave me worst bitter taste in my mouth because most of them had worse story than most B-rated movies and Low Budget Video games.

Azur Lane is on my PTW because i can't wait to see San Diego to be animated, i'm also aware the anime version is gonna be zero effort cashgrab because it's just there to advertise the game.
Azur Lane is a chinese PC/Mobile game about anthromorphized ships but way better than Kancolle as a game because Americans and British ships are the good guys while Japanese ships and German Nazi ships are the bad guys that expose all the bad things they did on WWII.
Azur Lane is a not high quality game it's my guilty pleasure, the reason i play it because my favorite American Light Cruiser San Diego is on that game, even my Great Grandfather is part of the crew of USS San Diego back in WWII.
San-Diego Dec 3, 2018 9:21 PM
You choose the wrong path!

This is why most anime had garbage story filled with unrealistic escapism bullshit.
Stick to western Cinema because they follow Art House Literature path that appeal to universal audience because THEY WANT A GOOD STORY!

Anime is Garbage, Anime is not good to begin with.
Japan sucks as a whole, i will never forgive for what they did to China and everyone from Pearl Harbor.

Quit Anime and become a normal human being, it's the only way to save yourself.