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Fumetsu no Anata e
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Hello Harinezumi: Satsui no Ryoubun
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The Horizon
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Cryokinesis Sep 18, 12:30 PM
heyyy, ya missed me? i'm actually alive, lol, believe it or not.

>>>Awesome, now you can show off your 200 IQ brains to everyone. You're gonna get so much respect
true true, i can't wait to get meaningless internet points to satisfy my incomparable intellect and my sky-scraping iq for actually being able to decipher what the fuck anno was thinking about.

>>>I've been planning on watching the rebuild movies for 2 years, but haven't gotten around to watching even one of them.
i watched the first movie and it was ass. i had to adjust my volume every 5 seconds, no, not the ufo fate way, legit, not even a metaphor. so my enjoyment was really low, as you could not hear the characters for about 10 seconds and in an instant earrape angel explosions that i had to adjust my volume down again, and then i could not hear them again so i turned it up again and yeah, you get it. the same thing. to be honest i kind of prefer the original anime over the rebuild, but yeah i have only watched the first one.

>>>hmmm... not sure if I'd use "laid back" to define Pink Floyd. If you want something less "laid back" then you can check out the album "The Wall".
alright thanks, i'll look into it.

>>>even with the lyrics? that's weird. Because my first impression of Dark Side of the Moon was "holy shit, I need to get off my lazy ass and do something"
well, the first time i listened to the album i have not looked at the lyrics, i'm talking sound wise. it has a relaxing atmosphere, don't know about the lyrics but i know for sure that the instrumental is contributing to the loose feeling that i get whenever i listen to it.

btw, off topic but have you played any games?
UwU-vibes Sep 17, 5:32 AM
Also to BrianSuperPie i know you didnt ask me this question but 12 angry men is very good lol
UwU-vibes Sep 17, 5:30 AM
well took me a while to get it done but thanks for the recomendation, it was a good anime. I kinda had a burnout of some sort from watching too much airing anime and getting disappointed every season so I keep procrastinating on anime but finally got it done. i really enjoyed odd taxi at times it was corny but to its benefit
A11_1n Sep 12, 8:57 PM
>>really? I think it was before Jiraiya died.
Nah. Jiraiya died in 132 and Sasuke vs Itachi started 134. Not like the ep order matters tho lol.

>>I remember the premise of almost every anime/movie/show I've ever seen,
True for me too for the most part. But some anime that I've rated 1 or 2 I dont remember the premise but I remember some random bullshit that happens in some random episodes.

>>I was also under the assumption that I could come back whenever I wanted to, lol
What?lol. Maybe you are asking for too much.

>>that's how they get you. Need to be alert at every instant
Funny how the song recently crossed 1b views but almost or even more than half of the views are through memes.

How did you know I was referring to Barakamon? You read the synopsis? The first 5 min almost exactly reminds me of Barakamon but the overall anime is more focused on parenting which isnt what Barakamon does.

>>'ll add it to my ptw list
Do. I liked the first 11 ep while last ep wasn't what I expected to see.

Btw I am listening to CAS for about a week now and I am confused why are their almost every songs about Love and all songs sound kinda same but still I loved all 8/9 songs I heard especially Heavenly, Affection, Young &Dumb and Sweet. I listen to them in loop.
Sh1ro_ Sep 12, 11:29 AM
>>At least Asuka has some (maybe 1 or 2) redeeming qualities, unlike Kallen's -50
wow fair enough, I'll trust you with this one

>>Abut the MAL favourites, I literally can't take them seriously when Mikasa, Rem, Kirio, Senjougahara and Megumin have 30k+ favourites
I completely agree, the top is garbage just like those characters lol

>>And Euphemia was pretty good as well
oh good, she seems interesting so I kinda hope she will be good

>>I did like Suzaku, even though most hate him. He makes the exact mistakes as Lelouch, but Lelouch gets a free pass cause he does a thing at the end of the show.
I like them both equally (for now lol) but we'll see. Now I wonder if the thing he'll do it's gonna be really epic

>>some people might not have liked it if they were in for a feel good series
the first season, although dramatic at times, really managed to give those "good vibes" so I should expect a bit more drama from the third then

>>I meant their actual character design, fashion and all that.
oh I see, they all look cool so I agree with this one

>>I hate how HP Lovecraft was just an edgy bitch
wait what?? I take personal offence for that lol. how dare they do this?

>>People at the two extremes will definitely be more vocal about their experience with the show/movie.
yeah I guess, if you didn't really hate/love something there's no point to voice your opinion so much after all

>>But what even constitutes as childish?
For some people a show that aims towards a younger audience it's considered childish, therefore they refuse to say they liked it even if they did out of insecurity I guess? It's stupid but it happens
A truly childish show though, is one that's stupid trying to play smart imo.

>>By this logic, every movie by Studio Ghibli would be childish wouldn't it?
Well yeah, Ghibli movies might have that fairy tale vibe and they might be even similar to Disney movies but that's not childish in any way

>>You don't like villains?
How can someone not like villains? I only said that cause villains are supposed to be hated but everyone ends up loving them anyway lol

>>watching just one episode a week feels like I'm getting an incomplete series for some reason.
yeah but it's fun to have something to look forward to evey week, if the anime is good at least. I understand why you'd feel that way though

>>I'll rather rewatch Charlotte than continue watching The Boys
Don't tell it's still airing now haha

>>There's also this one short called "Furiko", I think it's 5 minutes long but it's pretty great
okay thanks now I have enough short stories to check out
just googled it and it's shorter than 5 min omg

>>Angel's Egg is absolutely amazing. I think there's like 4 or 5 lines of dialogue in the entire movie yet I was hooked from beginning to end
Really? That's going to be interesting

>>And if that wasn't enough, a sequel movie was made which was pretty damn boring.
oh my goodness, that movie was super boring. It was supposed to be.. idk, funny? But all they managed to do was making me sleep.

I don't think I'll even bother with Maasaki Yuasa anymore. Style over substance is exactly how I'd describe his works.
Makoto Shinkai is overrated too.
Also Cat Soup? This dude is really into "traditional" cat gastronomy lol, isn't he?

>>yeah, the final "arc" of the "story" is pretty awesome. The ending was great as well
Good, I'm gonna finish it one of these days. Can't wait to see how it ends

>>lol, I liked Kyoko from the beginning. I don't think I hated even a single character from the show.
She's so immature it's kinda hard to like her, lol. But yeah, I don't really hate anyone in this show either.

>>I didn't like the first third of S2, but the rest is absolutely fantastic.
Is it a bit slow? I'm watching it as soon as I finish a few others
BrianSuperPie Sep 12, 8:01 AM
Hi, how are you doing? I have a question that i want to ask to you

Is 12 Angry men worth watching?
EnchantedHeart Sep 12, 12:59 AM
Yeah, same here.

I think Tom is a great Peter but a bad Spider-Man (not a fan of the whole iron man sidekick thing), Andrew is a horrible Peter but a decent Spider-Man (loved the swinging in his movies, resembles the game's style a lot), and Tobey plays both roles so well. My sister says Andrew is the best because "he is more attractive" and I'm like..."this is why I don't watch movies with you anymore"...

DazeTheOtaku Sep 11, 12:28 PM
What slime anime?TF
EnchantedHeart Sep 11, 12:38 AM
I like how whenever I visit your profile I see something that catches my eye. In this case it's The Prestige. I love Hugh Jackman, should be a good watch.

Also, Is Tobey Maguire your favorite Spider-Man actor?
A11_1n Sep 10, 7:36 PM
>>me neither. There was some sort of mini war but I don't remember anything else
Mini war? Wew I dont remember that. Lolw. I think Sasuke vs Itachi was after Jiraiya died so maybe thats only thing I remember. If I am correct.
I mean can u even remember everything from 700 anime you've watched. I don't think I remember 40% from the 12000 eps I've watched especially when its SOL and anime I rate low.

>>lol, Nina usually gets this amount of hate from everyone
I think she is pretty deserving of the entire hate. I actually dont wanna believe if someone comes to me and say "I like Nina".

>>I might get some sort of quirk and that could be awesome.
There might be a huge risk. What if you get some crap ass quirk like a quirk that lets you control your weight or bs like that.

>>Damn, Rajesh has completely lost it. We need to separate him from his mom
Looking at his username I think he is from India so maybe you have the higher chance of stopping him. I hope you save his mom.

>>haha, another one bites the dust x 2
I genuinely thought it was link for some youtube video talking about the real deal. I didn't expect to get rick rolled lol.

Btw I think you should watch first 5 min of ep 1 of this anime called 'Poco's Udon World'. It reminds me of an anime that you love too. Maybe it will interest you.
Shayeh Sep 10, 1:10 PM
u should really read slam dunk bro its so hype and amazing art and cast
Sh1ro_ Sep 10, 10:21 AM
>>Idk about their authenticity as "readers" then, lol.
yeah me neither

>>really? Kind of hard to think anyone missed out on HP as it was all the hype when I was a kid
believe me or not I was never interested in what was popular much, mainly because I grew tired of always seeing people talk about them (and not just HP but anyhting in general)

>>I hate how the show tries to push the agenda of her being a tragic character, but completely outbalances that by making her irritating af
I'm reminded of Asuka again, I don't even know what they're trying to acomplish by making characters like these. They're terrible.

>>Lelouch is no different. S1 Lelouch is okay, but S2 Lelouch is a completely garbage character.
really? people really seem to love him though, did you have a favourite character btw? or at least someone you didn't hate lol

>>S2 is awesome. It keeps getting better with every season.
I've already started noticing people who say the final season is the worst, don't know what to think since most of them just hate blindly

>>The red tentacle guy is Akutagawa, whom I hate as much as Atsushi
That's surprising, I always thought you're gonna like Akutagawa for some reason

>>If you ask me, the only good thing about the characters in BSD is their design
I like how every character is inspired by an actual real novelist while their skills are based on their own works

>>Damn, just realised that the guy (white haired Russian) is named Dostoyevsky, Fyodor. Kinda fitting name looking at his actions. 
Just found this site where you can see where all the characters were inspired from

>>Boy and the Beast is one of the, probably four, isekai that I actually love.
wow didn't know it was an isekai, I'm not too fond of those either but I'll still check it out sometime if that's the case

>>And Wolf Children is way simpler, in terms of setting at least. I'm still amazed how much it was able to achieve in just 2 hours.
Seems like there are two kinds of people when it comes to this movie, those who say it's a masterpiece and those who really hate it

>>Oh, and it also has (possibly) my favourite romance subplot ever.
woah really? I guess this is the next movie I'm watching then

>>these two are much more grounded and a lot more slice of lifey.
I have a friend who didn't like them because they're "too childish" or something like that. Well just because it's something made for a younger audience doesn't mean it's bad though

>> I want to see how the handle that.
I pray they won't mess up with this

>>I've always liked Twice since that small introspect he got back at the end of S2
same here, he is really likeable despite being a villain. he's also funny

>> I also liked how Gigantomachia turned into Superman
lol that giant for sure is a tough one

>>For me it's going to be 1 and a half years as I like to binge watch anime
I still can't see the appeal of waiting all that time lol. Maybe binging it all is worth it
When I see an episode is out, I can't help but watch it haha

>>lol, ironically, people like it because it has violence and sex.
that's literally like other 99% works out there lol, it's either one or both of them. I guess this is what sells best. Probably never gonna check that one out though, never been interested.

>>the tag line of the show is "taking the fight to the heroes", but it's hilairous how plot saves the main characters every bloody time.
well it's a comedy right? then it doesn't need to make much sense as long as it makes you laugh lol. Unless they're serious about all that..

>>oh boy, I remember that trainwreck. It's almost as bad as The Boys.
almost? so it's better? I don't remember much about it, just that it was really cringe

>>The second was by Katsuhiro Otomo if I remember correctly
The guy who wrote Akira? The second episode was hilarious and definitely not as meaningful as the first

>>Can't remember who directed the third one.
So according to wiki, Katsushiro Otomo directed it and the second one was made by Tensai Okamura

>>There's also this one collection called Sweat Punch which has pretty mediocre stories, but one called Kigeki is absolutely amazing. It's only 15 mins long, so you should really give it a try.
It actually seems interesting, I'm gonna watch it

>>idk if you've seen them or not, but I'd recommend watching Rain Town and Tsumiki no Ie
I've seen Tsumiki no Ie but never heard of Rain Town. And yeah, Tsumiki was really emotional, they should've made it longer but being as short as it is has its charm as well.

I like both, I guess it all depends on my mood. But I do appreciate those who put some effort in their work, it makes it even more beautiful.

>>the second one's from Angel's Egg. 
oh good, I was actually planning to watch this soon (sorry Wolf Children, you'll have to wait)

>>Also, holy fucking shit, Tatami Galaxy a 1?? I agree it's overrated af, but a 1? 
There's nothing in this world that pisses me off more than this wannabe "deep" kind of shows. The pretentiousness was over the top in this one and although the main idea the show hovers around can easily develop into a good or even inspirational story, the execution was abysmal. I'm not even kidding, it was absolutely terrible. I was expecting at least something okay-ish if not decent since it's Madhouse and it has such a high rate but all I got was bullshit.
About what I liked, Ozu wasn't as bad as the rest of them so I guess this counts for something.

>>I especially love the cat who says he's gonna marry a girl if she doesn't listen to him, lol
I love how he's speaking like marrying him will be some kind of torture lol
And yeah it's pretty good so far, I like the fairy tale vibes and the story is actually interesting. The whole concept with the prince who lost his heart drew my attention from the start. And I really wanted to see how the duck will manage to save him. Each character seems to have something that makes them interesting.

>>I see that you finished and liked 3-Gatsu no Lion. The second and third thirds (wow that sound's weird, lol) of the second season are absolutely amazing, especially the burnt field arc
Yup this one was a recommendation from a friend and it didn't disappoint at all. It was beautiful and realistic, the drama didn't feel forced at all like it is with most anime that atempt to do this. It was actually heartwarming in a way, loved how every character adds a glimpse of color into Kiriyama's monotonous life. Poor guy had to face a lot of hardships. Also, although I kinda understand a bit how Kyoko feels, she's still a piece of shit. She's so immature, I wonder if she gets better.
Burnt field arc? I can't wait to see how it's gonna be. Heard the second season is even better than the first.
DazeTheOtaku Sep 10, 6:25 AM
Anyways your taste sucks
Me too
DazeTheOtaku Sep 10, 3:15 AM
Atleast your taste is Good
DazeTheOtaku Sep 10, 3:13 AM
XD says the who rated Fumetsu no anata 6 and MHA 7