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Mar 3, 2019
Okay, this review will be hard to write. For a very long time, I tried to avoid this movie, do to the rumors of it being one of the saddest movies ever made (alongside The Green Line, Schindler's List), and being one of the few Ghibli movies I didn't watch, I had to go through it once to truly make my opinion about it. And dear Lord, it was way harder than reliving my grandfather's funeral... (no kidding)

First things first, it wasn't the first scene that pulled my tears, but the very first musical piece with the glockenspiel and strings... Yes, the music pulled more read more
Aug 28, 2018
In all honesty, of all the non-action animated movies I've seen in my life, both Western and Eastern, this movie is almost at the same emotional level as Spirited Away. The characters are nearly top-notch in terms of designs (both the human, divinities and spirits), the backgrounds are just drop-dead gorgeous, the soundtrack is like the first time I had a Chinese herbal tea (in short, marvelous). The only microscopic gripe I have towards the use of CGI is sometimes a little out of place, like you can clearly see that it just don't add up to the rest of the setting of some scenes; read more
May 17, 2018
Redline (Anime) add (All reviews)
Hoo boy. This is going to be hard to describe this movie in a nutshell...

Ok, story is like Fast & Furious on steroids (as if it wasn't enough on LSD already...), with a little bit of romance and political subplot thrown in.

The characters are nothing mind-blowing, they are simple, they have understandable stories and motives, although the side characters, both helpful and antagonists-wannabes, take a bit more place than the main cast.

When it comes to the music, I'm not a huge fan of electro music and all that kind of stuff, but since it's a racing movie, it fits the driving and action sequences pretty read more
Feb 10, 2018
Well, for an adaptation of the classic silent movie by Fritz Lang, this movie hit the spot right on.

The story, while being way different from the original one, still takes place in the same city but with more mature subjects.

The soundtrack and voice acting are great, but not perfect (some voices are a little too quiet).

The animation, in one word: gorgeous!

Overall, if I had to compare these two versions, both are worthy of deserving a gold medal, but personally I would give it to the 1927 version. Why? Because I re-saw this movie in concert in a cathedral two years ago with an organ improvising read more
Jan 20, 2018
The first time I've ever heard about this movie was by doing some research in Osamu Tezuka's many works, when I stumbled upon the adult animated trilogy "Animerama" (consisting of "1001 Nights", "Cleopatra", and "Belladonna"). I first watched "1001 Nights" (sadly in Italian...) and was quite surprised that the father of Astro Boy and Kimba could do something so silly and mature. I glanced then at "Cleopatra" and quickly stopped because I already saw two movies destroying the image of the last pharaoh (with a feathered hat-wearing Gaul, nah mean?), then I finally got to see "Belladonna", and let me tell you, if you thought read more
Jan 15, 2018
I must say that, for the first adult animated movie of the Animerama Trilogy, it was quite enjoyable, except for the fact that the only version I was able to watch was in Italian (with no subtitles), and me can't speak well spaghetti e pepperoni... -_-

Story is a mix of tales from the 1001 nights: Aladdin, the magical ship, Babel Tower (why in the frog is there a biblical tale in this movie will always get me).

Sound is quite well done: mix of classical music and original soundtrack.

Art is a blend between limited animation and psychedelic cuts for the more ecchi stuff (*wink wink*).

Overall, this read more