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May 14, 2021
As someone who has never seen a Godzilla movie, I absolutely love this show for showing me the appeal of the Godzilla series.

Initially I was intrigued because of the eye-catching characters and visuals; however I saw Godzilla in the title and was afraid it's going to be those anime only the fans would understand, or just some big monster battle scenes... thankfully, it isn't.

Pacing for the dialogue and "content" is pretty rapid fire in a good way; while the build-up to the Godzilla may be slow, all the logic, science, explanations are there so that anyone can enjoy this show, even if you weren't read more
Mar 26, 2020
I seriously hope they delayed the episodes to up their animation skills because it's one of the trashiest I've seen and I thought my tolerance had been pretty high.

I'm caught up to the most recent chapter in the game in Japanese and the story's as good as other prominent idol games (ie. idolish7, which is thankfully blessed with good art studio). It pisses me off these lovely a3 characters receive such poor treatment in comparison.

They screwed up on the body motions? Fine, whatever. But they just had to also screw up on some basic face turnarounds, like c'mon. It's an idol anime and the read more
Jan 5, 2020
Okay first of all WHERE TF IS THE ROMANCE TAG?????

I watched this show w/o watching season 1 and just treated this as a romance focus series; it's amazing. I love it, given the ship is the focus. I also absolutely adore Azazel's relationship with the boy. Honestly a lot of the existing romance shows out there would benefit from having this amount of general substance instead of 100% romance.

Now I'm really intrigued to watch season 1. I don't regret watching season 2 first.

I feel like this season serves as such a good hook to what happened 10 years ago personally. Saw in the read more
Aug 16, 2019
This is a great film; I really enjoyed it. Definitely worth the watch. Many people are confused about the ending, I was too, but I thought about it and wanted to share my view.

<spoiler below>

I believe many others like myself are left confused near the end of the film, how Shino tells Hamaji to connect with her forever but ends up leaving her to go elsewhere. While it may appear contradictory, it does come to make sense.

Throughout the film, Shino struggles to embrace his identity. He tries very hard to remain human, but as a fuse, he faces immense difficulties restraining his read more
Aug 10, 2019
Initially I was reluctant to watch this series because I thought it'd be depressing, but glad I didn't linger on that assumption.

They did a very nice job balancing Benio's fresh personality from the first movie imo, while occasionally revealing her struggles and gradual changes in adapting to a new reality. It's done in a non-depressing manner and fits Benio's character really well; another thing I'm glad about, how they didn't just hop on the typical shoujo depression trend. There's some tropes that would've been annoying, but it's directed very straightforwardly so to speak so it's not dwelled on to the point that brings frustration. read more
Jul 30, 2019
This is sadly underrated. The animation is pretty good, characters also look very nice. Plot's intriguing as well, sticks to the historical events and great way to get a fresh overlook on Nobunaga's timeline.

There's some people set off by the BL? But there is none (as of now) nor would it ever be focused on from the current pacing; only people dumb enough to keep thinking a woman who got their breast cutoff equals man in the comments section. Rip all flat chested females by that logic.

It's a nice show to watch during break time, aesthetically pleasing and informs the brain a bit. read more
May 15, 2019
Blood+ (Anime) add (All reviews)
Watched this after I ran out of shows to watch and read all the superb reviews about it.
I was a little disappointed ngl; would've definitely dropped it if it weren't for Haji.

First half of the series is so insanely boring/awfully slow paced even watching it at 2x speed. It did have a good initial setup that made me curious about Saya's past, but I'd recommend just skipping around after the first 2 episodes to get the basic gist of what happened afterwards since the execution isn't that worthy to waste time over (it's another one of those mandatory tragic backstory to prep for the character read more