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Azur Lane
Azur Lane
Dec 7, 10:55 AM
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Pokemon (2019)
Pokemon (2019)
Dec 4, 12:46 PM
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Azur Lane Recap
Nov 20, 4:57 AM
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Xelecus 10 hours ago
Phew, hope you’re totally better now !!

LOL, BnP is the most fetal weapon to kill someone without committing a crime lmao.
Xelecus 10 hours ago

Seriously tho, I’m deeply sorry for the hiatus. I had 6 exams as well, 2 on Tue, 1 on Wed, 1 on Thu and finally 2 today. It was really tough week, there were also a lot of problems as well, my brain was in a chaos from the overload, Yesterday I forgot my bottle in the uni, and today I forgot my phone in the class, my friend knew that there’s something wrong with me. My brain needed a real break. Annnyways. The first exam was hard af, fuck it, second was cool, third one was hilarious, it was Biomath theoretical, it’s a very hard subject especially for someone who hates math like me, the prof – while distributing the papers – said : “Try to solve the exam alone”. WE all whispered to each other .. “Try ???!!!”. The prof continued, “It’s okey that 2 students sitting next to each other have the same exact correct answer, BUT it’s not okey that they make the same mistake”. We all laughed and got what he means. It was the quietest exam ever, the prof kept reading a book, we all cheated without being afraid or anything. I took even the paper sheets from my friend and copied all of his answers AHAHAHHA but I copied his mistakes as well lmfao, but at least that’s better than leaving the whole exam empty, he for sure made some mistakes but that’s much better than me trying lmao.

The exam after that was cool, I got 90% in it as well. Today’s exams, 1 was so easy but I was so tired yesterday so I couldn’t study for it, I did bad as well. THE second one was … lmaooo .. That was the 3rd exam for this subject and every time students cheat for it from the slides – via phone – since that no one studies it. The prof said today before the exam : Please, don’t cheat from your phones, When I correct your papers I find some common spelling mistakes and I found out that I did these spelling mistakes in my slides, so don’t cheat from the phone please, today, I made the exam very easy to not cheat. We actually laughed at how cool he was. BUT WE STILL CHEATED FROM THE PHONES AHAHHAHAH, The girl sitting beside me – who Idk – offered to give me the answer for a question – cause I couldn’t read the handwriting from my friend’s answer, both were the same answer but handwriting y’know-. So it was really easy peasy.

Next week, on Tuesday, I’ll have the worst exam ever, I’ve to beat my meat ass to pass it even, like all of our seniors tell us how easy it is to fail in this subject, so I hope I pass it at least lol. I also have to retake an exam on that day as well, so 2 exams on Tuesday and another exam on Friday. My reply this time won’t be as late as this one but it may take few days, sorry tho ;-; my exams are too near to be finished so I’ll be able to reply quickly !!

IF I don’t fail in any semester OR if there’s no sudden problem that comes out of blue, I’ll be able to finish my BSc. In 2022, I hope tho. Yeah I hope also !

HaruChoi Today, 7:42 AM
for CDrama's: Rent a Girlfriend Home for New Year, Perfect Couple, and Legend of Hua Mulan but also try some TDrama's: Fall in Love With Me, Bromance, Fabulous Boys, and Hana Kimi, these are some good ones if you havent seen them yet. Ha ha yeah, I mean if it's long I still skim.

Ahhh I see. Looks like they have a lot of people qued though. XD

omg you need to use it man, it's basically MAL but for drama's. ;; o ;; It's good to keep track for sure. It's okay, If you noticed my "Plan to watch" list is huge. This is because I decided to start from scratch and what Anime's even I've already watched again and give them proper reviews and such.

Feel free to use my list than as a guide to watch some new stuff than. Korean Odyssey is for sure a good one, it is one of my favorites, tho my list isn't in any particular order. ;; w ;;

I'm from Ontario, Uhhhh, the side that's Piche is French/Native mixed with the French side migrated from overseas

I mean it does do real time, so like if you busy you might miss text messages, chat rooms and phone calls, but I usually just use hour glasses to play the whole thing within 24 hours. their are many routes tho.
animesthetics Today, 7:22 AM
Lmao I bet! Costumes are great investments in games. I love great costumes too but so far I have not been able to spend money for it yet haha.

Yup it's massive haha. I played with my friends so it was pretty fun and I like the character designs.
animesthetics Today, 7:02 AM
Well, good luck! Haha

Indeed a tough choice lol. Do you spend money for the game?

The last game I played was rules of survival and I stopped last year ><
Alys0nHKU Today, 6:26 AM
But that's just the problem, because the rest is amazing, the characters are well developed, the action is good, the animation is great.
HaruChoi Yesterday, 2:30 PM
Yeeee, I like all asian drama's as well. No problem, I feel like it's nice to know abit about a person before hand. ha ha I want to do my profile up like yours as well, but I've been busy/lazy.

Best Part to list favorite drama's would be:

My last name is Piché - w -)b

and yessss! you should play it for sure. Feels like your in a kdrama. > o <)/ My baby is 707/Saeyoung. I want to hug him ;; m ;;
hariettehime Yesterday, 7:47 AM
grrr my sentence was lacking

" i think no one doesn't know the name of exo and bts " -the correct one

hahaha i know IU since 2013, then i bias her hard after moonlovers <3
Alys0nHKU Yesterday, 5:33 AM
Yes, the manga has pretty Hiato problem, this is really bad.
hariettehime Yesterday, 4:22 AM
hahaha i think no one know's the name of exo and bts [some of the influential boygroup] internationally XD

i dont stan any bgs though, they just look too cutesy lmao. except for bigbang, love there songs~

in ggs a lot XD twice,itzy,iz*one, everglow,gfriend, twice, mamamoo, blackpink for now

in soloist, IU [my bae] , chunga and a bit of Sunmi <3
Alys0nHKU Yesterday, 4:15 AM
Worth watching HxH, if you liked Yu Yu Hakusho, you probably would like HxH.
hariettehime Yesterday, 3:06 AM
yep, exo is a boy group XD
hariettehime Yesterday, 2:56 AM
bakehyun from exo, IU, and some actors also.

that'll be a secret XD i wouldn't attempt to reveal my name in this server hahaha
Fuckery Dec 11, 9:04 PM
hariettehime Dec 11, 8:00 AM
yep he made a cameo ahahah. cuz int'l fans were crazy about the two [including me] in their last drama moonlovers XD i think they did it in purpose for fans~

nope XD at first i did want to put my name as my username but then i wanted to put a different one hahah so yea~