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Mar 19, 2020
The anime is pretty good at its job of being funny, but it has one problem. There is really no strong plot that drives us to keep on watching. Each episode may have one individual plot, and elements of other episodes do carry through, but in general, each episode is comprised of like 3-6 short "specials" that have the similarity of the main girls in the anime making sex jokes. It was funny at the beginning but became tedious to finish.

The art was pretty good, the sound was meh, the characters were pretty good with their own personalities, the enjoyment was fair, and the read more
Oct 13, 2019
This is my third review of all time, and I have to say, this anime was shocking, but somehow very meaningful. Even though I initially watched it for the sex scenes, I still ended up watching all of it.

Before you start this anime, you have to be ready to not accept sex scenes, but twincest. Now, this is not a hentai, and the sex scenes do not show any genitalia, but they are there, and you have to accept it.

The story is about a pair of twins that go back to their childhood town after their parents died. In the town, the main character read more
Jun 26, 2019
What the fuck have I stumbled upon. I enjoyed My Sister My Writer and a whole array of other trashy incest shows. But those, at least those had plot. I HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON ANYMORE. THERE IS LITERALLY NO PLOT TO THIS.

If you want a hentai, make a hentai ffs. Don’t half ass it.

First of all, lolis that wanna bang the main character appear out of thin air, and if that wasn’t bad this guy has a power that makes the souls of his ancestor’s previous concubines (wives)/nurses/etc. appear and gives the affected person dissociative identity disorder where their read more
Jun 1, 2019
The story was great. Except, be warned. Around Volume 4, there are so many plot twists that you start to get kind of confused. But otherwise a really good manga.

Books 1-3 are pretty mild, they learn what happened, think about why they got "lost" in space, etc. But in Volume 4, they really start to discover stuff. Especially around the end of Volume 4 and the beginning of Volume 5, there is so much learned in such a short time that you might be confused. I would also recommend trying to read Volumes 4-5 right after each other to help with the confusion.