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Echelon 11 hours ago
Oh I don't mind talking about it! I do think it's one of the best Smash games for sure. I think it's just my gaming habits, I tend to move on pretty quickly thesedays. You're the second person here I know with 300 some hours haha... that's crazy but I can see how possible that is with such a beefy game.

I remember the home run mode, haha. Yeah they really messed up Link's normal sword attacks to me, I recall he has some weird ass delay to his running hard attack too, which messed me up so much with the timing. The new BoTW styled bombs seemed pretty worthless too. Good thing they have other Link's but like you said, they lack the power and I don't like how they have less reach too. A shame, but at least this game has Cloud, Shulk, and all those FE characters for swords haha.

That's MY person ranking list, so definitely no pro ranking or anything. I didn't use the Pokemon characters at all so that's my unfair bias. lmao, I'm actually not a fan of a Pokemon and seem to be in the ultra minority as a 90's kid who grew up not caring for it. Nothing against it though! I just never got into it or had any interest.

Ah yeah, "Platinum" is the final 100% trophy you get for unlocking all other trophies on Playstation, so the equivalent of all achievements. It was a pretty straightforward trophy list, I'd say the whole experience probably took ~20 hours. I'm not a crazy achievement/trophy hunter or anything, but I think they're cool to go for for games I really love and get some more mileage out of.

You going to get the Link's Awakening remake?
MushyPotato Sep 15, 7:38 PM
Mostly Dragon Ball Z and then later other Shounen titles such as Yu Yu Hakusho and One Piece. I have to dedicate myself to finish One Piece but I heard other people say that it's worth finishing.
Echelon Sep 15, 5:03 PM
I guess I just kind of sound down on Ultimate but it's kind of just like, I've moved onto other stuff at this point and I'm not sure what will bring me back. Maybe 2B? Haha... she was awesome in SC6. But yeah I still sunk in 20 some hours on Ultimate and had a blast with a few parties. A bunch of my local friends were on the hype train too, so we had a great time with it.

One thing Ultimate messed up, is base Link! They made him suck in small ways haha. At least Kid / Toon Link seem better. But he was always one of my favorites originally. Captain Falcon always been one of my go to characters that never fails. DK rocks too! I actually liked King DeeDee a lot in some of the games too. But DK seems like one of the faster big boys that hits like a damn truck. Ike ended up being my best character in Ultimate and my friends hated me for it, I always won our tournaments with him. I tried to show them some mercy and use someone else at some points, but that pissed them off more! lmao, they wanted me at my best which is fair... well they got it with Ike. lol

I was digging Cloud and Corrin a lot too. I know some people got annoyed by all the FE characters and I can see why, but yeah for me... sword characters were my comfort zone and the types I usually liked. Samus was good in the older games but I feel like she hasn't been that great in awhile.

Oh! I found the tier list I made haha... again though I'm a scrub, so this is just my preference:

I beat Control and got the platinum, it blew my mind. Absolutely loved it.

In comparison I'm several hours/chapters into Astral Chain and I like it... but don't think I love it? The combat is amazing. But there's a lot more to it and I'm not totally sure what to make of it so far. Kind of crazy I'm 9 hours in, still unlocking a lot and getting systems thrown at me. Gorgeous game though, pretty impressive for the Switch.
MushyPotato Sep 15, 2:40 PM
I've been trying to finish some series. Well I suppose you don't really have to add me, it's your choice.
NothingPalace Sep 15, 9:04 AM
-Madara- Sep 5, 10:57 PM
Oof honestly havent been on MAL in a G R I P. Sorry for the late reply. Lifes been busy.

On that note. Its should be 10 for all the subscriptions. Its worth it Id say.
Echelon Sep 3, 3:43 PM
I just hope the Halo releases hit Steam soon, I'm getting impatient and really want to replay them haha...

Hmm yeah, if your GF is playing solo that's still something. Does she play online? If she keeps playing maybe she'll get better. I played tons of Smash actually, the original and Melee. Kirby was my favorite in the original and the throwing was so overpowered, especially with Samus or someone with reach haha. Not sure about Melee, but I loved how Zelda/Sheik were some crazy dual character and used her a lot, along with Marth and Roy. The Wii one my friends and I still had tons of fun with thanks to the level editor. Hating the tripping in that one though... but yeah I kind of just fell out of Smash after that, they weren't too fun solo to me and I don't think I was gaming as much with friends on the couch during last gen when the Wii U one came out. Ultimate was good though and I'm glad I got it, but yeah.

Been playing that Control game by the way, it's damn good! Super weird too story wise, in awesome ways.

Yeah I watched the footage today! I'm ready to sink my life into that one. lol
MushyPotato Sep 3, 8:35 AM
Idk, I don't think we ever met. I found you by another person's profile friends list and so I saw your profile and I thought you were pretty cool.
Echelon Aug 27, 6:38 PM
Oh Forza's always looked and sounded pretty cool. I kind of fell off the racing genre but it's one I'd like to dabble into again someday. That is one good Xbox series that looks interesting, but yeah like you said with all of them on PC now, don't really need the console haha.

I've never played the remaster of Halo 2, so I'm really excited to check that out finally whenever it releases on PC. Also, I liked the Halo 1 remaster a lot, but I didn't like what they did with the music. They were remixed just a tad... but enough for me to really notice, so I'm hoping on PC maybe someone will mod that version with the original OST. Still probably my favorite Halo overall, but I dig all the Bungie ones all around.

My local friends and I have been into fighters again these past few years. Speaking of Xbox One, the new Killer Instinct was one of the best games on it for its first few years there haha. Had a blast with that one, then from there we've played a lot of Tekken 7, SFV, and dabbled into some other stuff. Smash is fun but never anything I take too seriously, I really did enjoy Ultimate though. Personally I got pretty into Soul Calibur 6, I wish it got more love. Mortal Kombat X was pretty cool too and we played a chunk of that. I still need to check out the new one. I'm not big on Guilty Gear but I do think DBZF is pretty cool.
Rsurect Aug 26, 11:00 AM
how's it going dude?
Echelon Aug 22, 4:47 PM
Have you kept up with next gen talk? Seems like the next consoles will all have SSD's in them. It would be great to knockdown these load times that we've gotten too accustomed too.

I skipped Xbox this generation and at this point, I'm really glad I did haha. I've never been too big on Gears and the 343 developed Halo games just don't do it for me. So beyond that, I don't know what Xbox offers me anymore. I'm excited for them going pseudo-3rd party though. Apparently Gears 5 will even be on Steam. And I'm stoked for the Master Chief Collection to hit there. Even though I still have a 360 and dig it, it'll be great to have the Halo collection on PC.

Not sure I have any particular favorite matches, but I'm always the most hyped about the Tekken tournaments. It's so badass to watch and looks like a real fight haha.
CrashRHCP Aug 21, 1:12 AM
No prob, sometimes it's hard to associate, since my nicknames aren't exactly the same, nor am I the most active Oil member either.
CrashRHCP Aug 20, 9:22 AM
Oh, soz, I'm from Oil, which is why I added you. Also, apparently you talked to me...
in 2013.
RunningIn90s Aug 16, 9:14 AM
Fuck, sorry, I was a dumbass and forgot my password to here tbh. Yeah, man, don’t go killing yourself over a game, sounds like you take your games really seriously. It never feels good to get your ass handed to you over and over again. I am sure you played fine, we all have off days.

Agreed, as Kagura said, he pretty much gets his piano theme and beats everyone else to death with it. Kira had to be taken out by the whambulance. A Diavolo fan? Interesting, what draws you to him over other characters?
Echelon Aug 9, 4:30 PM
Nice! Did you play it on the 360 originally? I bet the Definitive Edition looks a lot nicer. I bought a lot of 360 era stuff over again on PC myself over the years haha. Well as a retro gamer I'm not obsessed with graphics, but for FPS's I really do love that buttery smooth framerate and high resolution thesedays.

There's 4 Thief games, the two old PC ones that are my favorites but a little dated for some. Deadly Shadows (3) was on PC and the original Xbox alongside Deus Ex Invisible War. Then there's the 2014 reboot which you're probably talking about. It was also made by the same team behind the two newest Deus Ex games. The atmosphere is amazing and almost seems higher budget than the new Deus Ex's, but yeah it's flawed. I say Dishonored 2, Human Revolution, Mankind Divided, and Prey are way better priorities. But yeah for fans of these genres, I still think the 2014 Thief is worth a look at some point.

Fun fact, the Thief 1-3 main character's voice actor, is the same guy who did Corvo in Dishonored 2. I'm sure that was intentional heh.

The Thief games have some incredible music, if you like some dark ambient droning stuff:

No worries on Discord, I'm just an old dog and keep to myself with gaming haha...

Hell yeah Jenemba! Did you watch any of EVO by chance? This was the first year I caught a lot of, SC6, DBFZ, Samurai Showdown, and Tekken. It was a blast to watch. I'll have to grab DBFZ on a sale one of these days. SSJB Gogeta is one of my absolute favorite designs too, so it's cool to see he's getting in too.