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Sep 11, 2021
Fumetsu no Anata e's pilot episode is the only good episode of this show, and gave me unnecessary high expectations that got gouged out and shat out into a steaming pile of garbage that is this show. This is a complete waste of my time.
Fumetsu no Anata e makes all the mistakes that Dr. Stone makes. What is that? It takes a limitless potential pilot, setting, and characters and turns it into the most braindead "character driven plot" which really translates to "yeah, author is just gunna do what he wants to do" without any sort of clever buildup, character development, or story structure. These read more
Sep 7, 2021
I'll admit, Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san is the type of show I'd usually avoid, but I decided to watch it just to spite the people that hate on this show because of what, she "abuses" him?
God, it's so contradictory. The double standard that this community is just super cringe. Sure, when a girl abuses a guy, it's a disgusting wish fulfillment fantasy in which it's only purpose "is to fulfill the viewers’ sadomasochistic fantasies", and I quote, how Nagataro "continuously manipulates and gaslights Naoto" but when a guy dominates and manipulates girl(s), it's a "masterpiece of epic proportions." (it's Kanojo mo Kanojo). Same guy I'm quoting read more
Sep 6, 2021
86 (Anime) add (All reviews)
If you combined something like the plot of Code Geass and the plot of a teen melodrama, you get 86.
There were multiple points where I was just wondering: "Why the hell am I watching this?" The characters and plot are so illogical sometimes that it really takes away from any sort of realism that the story might be trying to present. Sure, if you ignore all the inconsistencies, I guess it serves the function of a dramatic mecha show, but it really doesn't go farther than that.
Think about it for a moment. There are many moments in the show where the Undertaker group are acting read more
Sep 4, 2021
Vivy is what I'd describe as lacking in creativity and logic. Right off the bat, you got a bargain bin Miku main character, complete with an AI whose sole mission is to "make her audience happy." I can already imagine the design process. Take Miku's character model. Add in a slightly different hue of blue to her hair and drop the twin tails...BAM. Vivy. Of course, tagging along bargain bin Miku is wannabe Wheatley from Portal. Yes, similar in disposition with his bombastic and snarky personality, but dissimilar in likeability.
Ah yes, but how do we make Vivy and Matsumoto good characters? That's the neat thing: read more
Sep 3, 2021
I think to truly understand the mediocrity of this series, I have to give a bit of a history of Japanese webnovels. To anyone that knows the scene, it's pretty obvious that japanese authors have a distinctive genre: isekai. Pair isekai with the other themes emblematic of japanese webnovels: OP protagonist, "fluffy life", trivial obstacles, integrating japanese culture into new world, maids, western medieval world, super long title, unnecessary politeness that is a distinct contrast to actual power level, and cute obedient, and loyal subordinates, and you get Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita.
In fact, if you didn't notice already, these read more
Sep 1, 2021
People thought this was a...masterpiece? Gunna have to agree to disagree on that part.

I think people hype up this show because Odd Taxi is able to have separate storylines converge into one culminating conclusion and finale. But seriously, I really don't think this story was intricately woven, and nor are any of the characters compelling. Using the crutch that is the protagonist being a Taxi driver, having "coincidental meetings" happen that spur the story on while exposing our protagonist to trickling information each episode is not particularly difficult or a stroke of genius.
This show is pretty slow paced, for better or for worse. It read more
Aug 20, 2021
Zombieland Saga is the only idol group anime I like. True, I don't particularly like idol group anime at all honestly, but I've given a few a shot. Idoly pride, Love live, Show by Rock, 22/7, and a few others. But, most of them run into a problem. Compared to the traditional music genre shows where it's just focused on a single band with <4 members like Beck for example, Idol groups tend to be humungous. Like, 5 or more, and Zombieland Saga is no different. As such, it's practically impossible to go from a grassroots idol group with 5+ people and have characterization for read more
Aug 14, 2021
An interesting take on the dystopian genre. Shadows House, just like the recently aired Promised Neverland, deal in a twisted world and society, and have innocent, but rebelling children that want to take control over their own lives.
Shadows House, however, stands out in its premise: living dolls and shadows! It's quite interesting how there's an entire plot built on these two things, and how their worlds are dictated by shadows. But, what exactly are shadows? What the hell is soot? What is the objective of Lord Grandfather. Like any dystopian story, there's a lot of mysteries that get slowly unfurled and uncovered as the read more
Aug 10, 2021
"Do my words not reach you anymore?" Kurusu's voice actor speaks with powerful delivery, yet only his mouth is animated, and he's standing stock still because the animators were lazy.
Mars Red is truly what you'd call, "theatrical." I'm not quite impressed. Just on a purely animation standpoint, it cuts corners with bad CGI, not super amazing fight scenes, lots of scenes where people are standing still and talking with nothing going on. Of course, the animation is not actually that bad. Creative shots, good backgrounds, and still, some nice animated scenes overall still make me rate the animation quite well. But this show kind read more
Aug 8, 2021
Ah...revenge stories. I personally love a good revenge show. They always make me want to root for the main character when they can finally achieve their revenge. Or, if it's a redemption sort of story, the transformation that the character goes through towards freedom, inner peace, and the future also makes me feel good inside.
Jouran truly goes through the motions and touches the surface of what constitutes of a redemptive revenge story, but fails completely in execution and storytelling. It's one thing to rush a story, and another to just obliterate any character development or personality in favor for rushing through mediocre predictable rabble.
Jouran attempts read more