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Jan 23, 2015
Binbougami ga! is an anime I've been wanting to watch for a while now, and while I had the time to, I decided 'Why not?' and gave it a look.

As expected from Sunrise, this anime contains a lot of parodies from other anime, such as Prince of Tennis, Death Note, and many many more! Despite all the comedy in it, this anime teaches you a very good life lesson. You might be rich, you might have all the money and fortune in the world, and all the best looks, but if you're arrogant; like in this case the main character Sakura Ichiko is, you will read more
Jun 17, 2013
When asked, a lot of people don't like idol anime or anything similar, or in other words, anime based on music and stuff. I'm one of these people. I don't usually watch idol anime, but I wanted to try this out because of the outstanding art that this anime offers.

At first I was really hesitant, even to the point where I removed it off my PTW list because I would feel embarrassed having watched something like this. Sure this anime might be targeted towards children rather than teens/adults, but it doesn't mean that teens/adults wouldn't enjoy this. This anime taught to me that hard work read more
Mar 30, 2013
Hello friends, today I am doing a review for the anime Kotoura-san :p

Story - 7/10

The story is just your usual comedy/romance cliche except for the first part. It revolves around Kotoura and this club they call ESP club to prove that psychics exist. The story starts by revealing Kotoura's past, and then continues with a hilariously fast rate where in my opinion, it was like Kotoura forgot what her past was like. It was basically your happy go lucky anime.

Art - 9/10

I liked the character designs a lot. All the characters were good looking, especially while in Manabe's imagination (which was fun to watch).

Sound - read more
Mar 26, 2013
This review might contain some spoilers, since it would be a pain to explain without spoiling a bit of it.

Story: 10/10

This story is about a group of friends at Sakurasou and their personal problems. Our main character is Kanda Sorata, your average highschooler who attends Sui High, and lives in the dorms of Sakurasou. In the first episode he meets a girl called Shiina Mashiro, and with that one meeting, his life changes for the better. Well in my opinion, the story is really nice and heartwarming. I really liked it. I loved how the story revolved on the whole of Sakurasou an their problems read more
Mar 19, 2013
Since this manga was highly praised by a lot of people, I decided to give it a read. Sadly it didn't meet my expectations. I'm not saying it wasn't good, it was actually quite good. The right word for this would be overrated. This review might contain a few spoilers, so be wary while reading.

Story - 8/10

The story revolves all around Kurosawa and how he changes throughout the story thanks to different people. In my opinion, it wasn't a bad story at all, I especially liked the 2nd arc of the story when he fell in love with Takigawa, and all his thoughts while masturbating, read more
Mar 15, 2013
First off, this review probably contains little to no spoilers, so you are probably free to read it without having any major spoilers seen in here.

Story - 8/10

As a 10 episode anime, I can't really give the story higher than an 8 since it was too short. There were bits and pieces I didn't really get in the story later in the anime, it's like something was being cut off from the original light novel of this. I did like the small story this anime gave us though. It's hinted that they will release a season 2 of this due to the flying letter read more