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Mar 26, 2020
At the start of the season I saw a new Idol anime was airing. Another series where i'll watch 3 or 4 episodes, maybe download the rhythm gatcha mobile game. What I actually got was a show that shows the excitement of being an Idol Fan.

A girl named Eripiyo's world is changed for the better when she walks by a small idol group preforming, there she would meet Maina. Quickly she falls into the dark hole we know as being an intense Idol Fan. From buying out the merch table of Maina CDS to going to every concert, Eripiyo is a true Idol Fan. All read more
Nov 15, 2018
I came to read this manga thanks to a weird obsession with body swap manga lately. I started it hoping for an okay manga, wasn't expecting much. BOY WAS I WRONG! I read all current chapters out, (up to 60.2) And I CRAVE MORE!

Story (8/10)
The way they swap bodies isn't very intresting or very new. After that the story improves very much. Still has cliches, but that's fine. The story is fantastic, and a great slice of life feel. It doesn't yet go into a lot of detail about how this happened to them, and I don't believe it will in the future.

Art (8/10)
The art read more