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Feb 17, 2020
This thing was brutal.I have read lots of NTR doujins but this one is something else.This thing tries to tell that mother's love is nothing compared to carnal pleasure.

The MC is a whiny little bitch who cant do anything except watch as his mom gets ravaged by his friends,and when he cant take it,he also becomes a bitch of the guy fricking his mom.

Only good thing that I liked was that he could at least get to frick his mom and actually make a bebe with her as compared to other mind corruption and NTR doujins that I read where the girl succumbs to it read more
Sep 21, 2019
This anime was so annoying to watch.I watched it only because I heard that it was good and many people liked it.But when I actually watched it,oof.Disappointment!The jokes are so bad and felt so out of place.

Tohru Honda,the main protagonist,is the most annoying anime character I've ever seen.No one talks like that.And even in a bad situation when she starts smiling it pisses me off so bad I felt like smashing my screen.

This show was so cringe,that I need to pause between the episodes and think up of a better plot to kill the cringe.The characters are even more cringey as hell.

The animation wasnt also read more
Jul 27, 2019
Everything is 10/10 in this anime.Why did it have to end.I thought it was gonna drag on for like a 1000 eps.The greatest anime of all time is finally over.This is so sad

Everything from art work to sound was outstanding(even if it was not).Words cannot describe how great this show was.Naruto can go home.This is my new favourite anime.

This anime should really have a second season,and a third,and a fourth and so on.Hope my wish comes true smh.

And wtf why cant I submit this review it keeps telling me to write more how the frick am I supposed to write an essay.Words cannot describe this read more
Mar 21, 2019
First of all,this is not for those sensitive guys who can't stand NTR.If you even read this and reach the NTR part,you will feel like tearing your skin off...

Now to the plot...
This starts off as a typical doujin would.Married couple,living happily,no child,trying their best to have a child and yada,yada,yada...Then the husbands parents force him to have a child but it seems like he can't.Because it looks like he only gets off when he sees his wife getting banged by other guys.And from here read it yourself and figure out what happens next.This was sum epic shit!

Overall an NTR masterpiece!!!

(P.S-I'm sayin' it again,this is not read more