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Pokemon Movie 12: Arceus Choukoku no Jikuu e
Pokemon Movie 12: Arceus Choukoku no Jikuu e
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Pokemon Movie 03: Kesshoutou no Teiou Entei
Pokemon Movie 03: Kesshoutou no Teiou Entei
Jun 15, 2018 11:06 PM
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Dudu Mar 27, 4:45 AM
Oh shit. Late thankies for the birthday wishes

How are you?
Black_Sheep97 Jan 28, 2:15 AM
Really liked your recent video on Hauntology, although to be honest some of it I didn't understand.

The part where you said you got bored of my hero academia was hilarious considering you posting a video about is what made me wanna watch the series, out of curiosity when did you get bored of it?
Black_Sheep97 Sep 14, 2019 12:59 PM
Thank you, I'll do more research into what you've written to understand it better. Then I'll come with doubts , if I ever start to annoy pls tell me
Black_Sheep97 Sep 14, 2019 7:02 AM
Damn, pretty well put together I would say, I'm gonna need a dictionary first for some of the terms you used.

Can I ask you? Did you come up with this elaboration on the spot or did you take time to properly formulate it?
Black_Sheep97 Sep 10, 2019 1:09 PM
Both would be nice to hear? I'm still trying to figure that out if there is a fair objective criteria and what should factors should be considered and their significance to the works quality, or just self indulging in the subjective is valid enough?
Black_Sheep97 Sep 6, 2019 12:47 PM
What makes a piece of fiction good and what makes it mediocre?
Black_Sheep97 Aug 19, 2019 12:58 PM
Fair enough, can't argue with that.

Not really gotten into isekai that much , the ones I've experienced didn't really appeal to me, can you provide me with some recommendations.

Also, to inform me better can you list some things that you mentioned isekai does poorly.
Black_Sheep97 Aug 16, 2019 10:41 PM
Nothing particularly, I was just wondering what the goal of your rant was, if it was in general about defending isekai as art, against those who dismiss it.
Black_Sheep97 Aug 8, 2019 11:57 AM
Hey, just saw your rant , it was great , what in your opinion is the best isekai right now? Plus , maybe I wasnt paying attention but was rant to defend isekai in a
way from people who dismiss or simply to rectify a misunderstanding
CHC Jul 31, 2019 9:50 AM
I'm born in mainland China, raised in Hong Kong. Did my high school and undergrad in the UK. Thereafter mostly moving between Europe and Hong Kong.

If you can read Chinese I can send you some articles I find interesting. Quite a lot of people write about anime/manga from the perspective of cultural studies here compared to the West (but there are fewer formalists). There is even an essay contest being held in Taiwan right now.

I see. I guess perhaps that explains our difference in perspective. My interest has been mostly philosophical than journalistic throughout my life. (I can't really hold my attention digesting too many facts and details without some totalising theorising.) I did my undergrad in math and theoretical physics. Experienced a Kantian shift midway and so I went on to do philosophy as a postgrad. Mostly analytic philosophy but hugely influenced by German philosophy. I've found it hard to get into contemporary French philosophy though because of the lack of scholars doing it in the Anglophone world (most Anglophone commentators on "French theory" are from English dept and so on and so they don't really write in a way that answers to the concerns of academic philosophers. For example, a lot of people recommend Rick Roderick but I think he has made too many sloppy arguments in his lectures. For me Raymond Geuss’ lectures on Marx and Nietzsche provide the gold standard of philosophy lecturing.) Though I've been trying to get more in-depth with French theory recently because it certainly is relevant to a lot of problems I care about.

I’ve been watching anime and reading manga pretty much since I have memory but for most of my life my interest was not academic at all. (It’s not very academic even now.) Personally I find the problematics in modernist high culture more relatable (ie. the problematics of modernity) but it has also led me into a nihilistic dead end so I have become interested in looking for alternative perspectives from other stuffs. One thing that interests me philosophically about anime, for example, is how often it is more about artificially sustaining your libido (through fantasy) rather than doing alienating reflection on it (clarity often ruins desire.) But then it has also created a gulf between itself and the mainstream society which I think is pretty much the reason why every rumour about the KyoAni incident still mirror Miyazaki Tsutomu in some ways, even though this time it is anime itself being attacked.

Film: ハウス (1977)? I like that film too! For cinema I’m mostly into art house stuffs like Ingmar Bergman. I feel nostalgic about Kaijuu and tokusatsu but I’m not sure I can experience them in the same way I did as a kid. Btw how did you think about Trigger’s Gridman? Have you got a letterboxd? mine:

Novel: I’m a huge fan of Kundera. I also love Mishima, Dostoevsky, Kafka, etc. My taste is obviously biased toward the philosophical lol.

Music: classical, experimental, 80s Japanese pop, post-rock, etc.
CHC Jul 30, 2019 4:43 AM
Language: Yeah I definitely would like to see more content like that. I think it is a helpful way to engage your perspective and expertise with fandom.

Are you from Laos? At first I thought you were second generation immigrant. Do you also read Chinese?

Btw I'm curious about how did you get into what you're doing right now? I mean, were you interested in games and anime so you became interested in doing cultural studies about them or was it like the other way around, you were interested in cultural studies and it motivated you to get more involved in otaku culture?

What's your favourite films, novels, and music beyond otaku culture?
CHC Jul 12, 2019 8:53 PM
Architecture: In your video you mentioned about 趣都の誕生 which reminds me of a story I've read about somewhere. It says that the reason why Akihabara has grown into an "electronic city" and now an otaku mecca, is that Akihabara had a pretty messy land rights distribution, so it was often hard for developers to merge different lands to build a single normal-sized building. That's why a lot of 5-10 storey buildings there are like only 5-meters wide. The lack of horizontal space has made it harder for big brands and more suitable for small shops. It has also lead to the specialisation of each floor of a building, which creates the kind of "hidden" conglomerate of subworlds that defines the landscape of Akiba. Urban history/ecology like that really fascinates me, especially as someone who loves urban travelling.

Btw that's also why I love shows like Mitsuboshi Colors where the town itself gets heavily thematised.

Book club: I would love to but I don't have a decent mic. You guys will record the meet up right? I guess I'll listen to it afterward. Btw do you have a schedule for the club activities or something like that? I'm still struggling with Discord's interface.

Simon Obirek: Thanks for the recommendation! It's kind of weird that all of a sudden the whole leftube seems to be talking about Mark Fisher. I've never heard of him until like this year, and no one seems to be talking about him outside of youtube. His stuff seems pretty cool though.


Yeah I agree with you that retreating to defining themselves as entertainers when criticised is often what these infotainers do. Perhaps I'm less bothered by them because I almost never watch them. (Like, I have seen one or two videos from The Anime Man? Then I decided his content is not for me and I've never yet again watch another one of his video.) Sometime if I want to know what's the general perspective in the Western fandom, I just take a skim through MAL discussion board. I do see the tendency of the Western fandom to be largely ignorant about how anime works in Japan. For example, I've never seen anyone mentioning the fact that narou-kei web-novels are often a participatory creation. They're often written by amateur writers who do not have a very firm idea about what and how they're gonna write. They often take inspiration and advice from the comment section. A lot of readers take fun in being an "editor" in the process. That's why a lot of narou-kei seem to have terrible writing but are still enjoyed by many because of this participatory nature. For many Western fans because anime is the only thing they watch and care about, this context is completely lost to them and so they keep asking why the isekai genre is so bad. Another funny thing about the Western fandom is the insistence to the idea that "anime" (as opposed to cartoon or animation in general) can be defined in stylistic terms. They both share the same problem of not trying to understand anime in the original context of its own creation.

If I have any complain about your content, that would probably more about the way you present your idea than the idea itself. A lot of the video you've made are pretty confusing to me because of your (what seems to me) overly baroque language. In my opinion it is often more helpful to write a colloquial script if you are to present it in a speech form rather than in a written from. A lot of jargons can be rephrased in a more simple language if they only have a secondary place in your overall argument and shouldn't be at the centre of attention. They slow down comprehension even if the listeners know the jargons. It's particularly hard to follow when your idea is complicated and you don't present a clear structure to your argument. It often feels like you're talking to whoever is already fairly familiar with anime studies. I think in fact your most recent rant is actually pretty nice in terms of the presentation perhaps because it's unscripted or less scripted and so your language was more colloquial and you made more emphasis and tried to repeatedly phrase your most important points in more than one way.

But I mean, that's just from my perspective as someone with a different academic background, and perhaps more relevantly, from someone who speaks English as second language. I often feel uneasy about making this sort of outsider criticism, because, y'know, I'm the kind of guy who often finds Walter Benjamin's and Fredric Jameson's writings unreadable despite the fact that they've got ideas that I can appreciate. (I mean, yeah, I read Hegel. But still.) And then there are many writers who I think write perfectly clear also get criticised by other people who are less familiar with their ideas and concerns. So I don't know how much the clarity of a presentation can be measured objectively. It seems to be always relative to habitus. But, yeah, I think it's a great idea to hear from people who are not anti-intellectual but are outside of your immediate academic habitus, if you want to communicate to a broad audience. And I think it's also important to convey how your idea is relevant to the general viewer, who does not necessarily already have an interest in the perspective of cultural studies.
CHC Jul 6, 2019 6:56 AM
I'm looking forward to your video about Ichigo 100%! It's one of the shounen manga that really gave me a conscious boner when I was like 12 while reading it for the first time (Kitaooji's scenes). Not that I didn't have a boner before. It's just that I wasn't quite conscious of the nature of it.

Thanks for the pointer. I've taken a brief look of the content. The book looks pretty interesting especially with the chapter about architecture. I've been always interested in architectural/urban criticism though I didn't know where to start with.


I guess I probably don't have a very good grasp of the context to which you were reacting to. Out of the three content producers you named Gigguk is the only one I've seen . And it have always seem to me that he is a comedian/memer and people don't watch his stuff for reliable information. So I'm sorry to have gotten you wrong. But, yeah, generally I think the Western anime community are pretty much very out of touch with the basic knowledge about anime because most of the popular anituber doesn't seem to bother with it let alone learning some Japanese and looking up Japanese sources.

Haha, did someone send you this post?
LoneWolf Jul 5, 2019 9:02 AM
Yea man I saw the rant, I'm glad you're able to get your thoughts out about something you seen as an issue. Looks like the response is a bit lukewarm though, but it's hard to expect most people to be at a certain level of understanding especially when its something as specific as the isekai genre.
CHC Jul 5, 2019 12:16 AM
Btw I've seen your newest video. It's pretty great. Although I think you're probably expecting too much from people who just want to entertain and to be entertained, I also can feel for you, particularly when it is the exact same meme culture that have discredited a whole bunch of slice of life show as "motherfucking tea". I mean, I sometime do enjoy anime memes as well, but if there's no complementary effort in taking anime criticism more seriously, some damn memes can become the mastercode through which the average anime viewer interpret anime. (That reminds me earlier someone has made a video criticising about how youtube's obsession with plotholes has crept into the film industry.) But then, I don't think it's going to change because y'know, most anitube viewers are teenagers who doesn't really care about intellectual engagement. I mean, some of the most popular anime videos are "The Best 10 Anime Waifu", etc.

Sometime I have this sense of loneliness in the "anime community" that most people are going to be animalised consumers and they will never care about what I care about. So it's really a great thing to meet people like you.