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Apr 29, 2014
I'm writing this more for the people that haven't seen it yet and perhaps want a better understanding of what they are about to watch.

Word of warning (or highlight if this is your sort of thing) this anime does have a lot of sex scenes/nudity, scenes of sexual violence, horror/gore, and general things that can turn the more timid among us away. I urge you not to drop this one though (even if you have a weak stomach) because it's totally worth it.

More importantly, don't get too caught up if you're raising an eyebrow at first. Admittedly it can be quite strange in places. read more
Apr 27, 2013
I can imagine many people bashing their heads against the wall trying to write a review for this anime without revealing spoilers; so I'm going to do this as best as possible...

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom. One thing for sure is that this is one masterfully written and awesomely portrayed bit of story telling. In the twenty six episodes you'll find that you keep saying to yourself: "just one more episode", since it is almost impossible to watch just one episode at a time. (I gave the story a solid 10/10).

The art and sound department did a superb job (the opening theme "Karma" in read more