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RiggyRascal May 7, 2017 12:34 AM
Hey man I don't blame you, I've been wrapped up in all sorts of life stuff myself, most of it work and school related. And after I think about all the stuff that's changed since the beginning of the year, yeahhhh, I can see as how it seem surprising.

My last run at HeartGold was the funnest I've had playing Pokemon in a long time, so I'm sure it'll be a great ride no matter what pokemon you use. So long as they're not constantly getting gamed on by every gym leader and every other trainer with a good gimmick. My tablet's pretty much the same, apart from the screen glitching out here and there. I've actually been playing im@s on my new phone, and it's been going pretty great, far less input issues than my tablet. Buuuut then I downloaded the Android 7, and now I got audio-sync issues. I'm pretty much playing the game on mute. How fun for a rhythm game, riiight?

I assume they did. I've read that it seems like it's because of the game's success being on the poor side. Some say it's because of how the costumes look rather similar to each other in one way or another unless you shell out. The end-game lives more or less revolve around certain costumes and accessories, leaving very little room for customization and such. Then there's the ungodly odds of getting the costumes from those end-game lives, and how they essentially made it easier to get them by buying P-drops. I say this doesn't make the game horrible, maybe just not as nice as a few of the other titles.

Hah, nice! I actually drew Koume's new card from a daily, then Yuki's after using the 10-roll ticket from the Tulip costume set. All this week I was just beating myself up over how I'd prefer Yuki since I'm not a big fan of Koume, so I went out on a limb. And I'm sure everyone was pretty amazed by Nono's participation in Answer, it was nuts. I was more surprised by the side that it brought out in Shouko though, I didn't think she could tweak the whole hyahaa deal into something calm and cool. Master+ sure has changed to, but into something slightly easier? The new mechanics are kinda tricky at first, but if you really grind a song or two, it's pretty manageable. I've only got We're the Friends into FC.

Lemme tell ya, lately, I've been going through a whole new SSR issue. It's not that I haven't been getting them, it's just that I keep getting ones that I don't want when I'm REALLY trying to gun for a certain character. When Sanae got put up, I drew perm Koume, Yuuki and Hajime before finally picking her up. Rina was a nightmare because I had one shot and Shin came home. So. It's more like I've been acting like a spoiled punk about a good thing.

Yeeaahh! Don't forget to pre-register if you haven't! They got a promotion going on where if they rack up a million pre-registers, they'll hand out a free SSR ticket. I think all you need to do is throw your e-mail address into a box and submit it. But you're right, the game looks real good.
RiggyRascal Jan 7, 2017 7:33 PM
Yeah, I've been wanting to transfer some other Pokemon over ever since I got the game. I was so confused when I found out that they hadn't worked out Pokemon Bank compatibility upon release, or a few days after. Guess i'm kinda spoilt, because they did set the date for making it work pretty close to the release. Man, I don't know what it is, but I've been wanting to use a Tyrunt in at least one playthrough. I didn't care much for it before, but after seeing some merch of it every now and then, I can't help but think "geez this thing is kinda cool kinda cute". Aw, I don't know what I'd do if my tablet died out, this is what I use for pretty much everything. I need to get a damn computer of some sort. Do you think you might jump ship to Apple or something?

Now I really don't know what other songs I'd want them to add. They really covered the bases for me here. I mean, I know it's probably hella unlikely, but if they went and added each of the Idol's solo songs from OFA, that'd be neat.

Whaaat. I really don't understand the theories or jokes these dudes come up with. The Mai thing, anyway. The 765 idols getting into starlight stage
sounds super great to me, though. Maybe there could be some sort of crossover events that feature a few SRs of them at a time. Or, you know, make it so that the only cards they get are one-time only limited SSRs. That'd be the wallet-crushing strategy of the century.

I did rather well. I looked at the cards, thought "ehh, a single 10 roll will be fine" and got Syuko's limited. I kinda wished that I got one of the others since I already have her perm, but I'm not muggin a gift horse here. But what REALLY crushed me, is that I rolled a daily a few days after. No loading bar. SSR envelope.

Hinako. Again.
RiggyRascal Dec 15, 2016 12:24 AM
Finding shinies is always neat, Pikipek looks decent as one too. I feel as though my SOS struggles have decreased dramatically after the Geodude fiasco. I had to make a whole damn convoluted strategy so that they didn't self-destruct on me and so I could check the abilities of which ever I thought was "the one". Had to catch and train two different pokemon that I wouldn't have if I didn't need them for that junk. Bahh I think you can handle it, it's one of those rather easier 27 difficulty songs. I can't really focus on it since I'm grinding through the live party for the featured SR. During that, I was able to play the Master chart for Yuki's CM for the first time, and it feels pretty fun. I probably would have FC'd if I didn't go nuts on one of the slides and accidentally press the app overview button on my tablet, screwing myself over.

They probably really wanted to sell the catalogue for holidays, I guess. When they really should have been giving some priority to catalogue six. Little Match Girl being put up is one tremendously great thing, but 9:02PM and i make it tons better. This is the first time I'll have to get each song from a catalogue.

Hey, any guess is as good as mine. Coincidentally though, they did just put up an Ai Hidaks card in the CG mobage for some sort of collaboration event. That alone is kinda cool, although I doubt that would make her a Cinderella Girl, considering there would probably be confusion between her and Ai Togo. But hey, at least this means she'll stay relevant for some time to come. Maybe there's hope for Eri and Leon, too.
RiggyRascal Dec 5, 2016 4:45 PM
Don't blame you for that, I invested quite a bit of time playing Sun myself. Just recently I tried catching one of those funky looking Geodude with its hidden ability and that took hours of sitting through SOS chains, off and on. Don't even know if it was worth it all, I'll have to wait and see. In the mean time I'm in the same boat as you when it comes to FCs; I'm over here trying to maintain my sanity over this Evermore Master chart, as my tablet continues to get spooked at the sight of slide-tap combos. But yeah, the new SSRs are pretty great, right? I decided to daily roll through the gatcha which has threw a limited Fred my way, meaning I finally have SSRs of all three attributes. Nearly took a year, but it happened alright. Good luck on Nao, I would have loved to have gotten her too.
Geeez, speaking of the upcoming CMs I'm too excited to hear from Ryo. I never would have guessed that she would get hers so soon, before Takumi no less.

Ohh geez that would definitely prompt a look of "i'm uncomfortable and i want to go home" look from Chihaya, no matter how good she is at that song. Huh, that does seem like something most game companies would do in that situation. Lame that something like those games had to end on such a sour note, they were pretty fun.

Really sad. The game acted like Leon was going places, and it's just kinda weird how the only one that made it out of the dearly stars alive was Ryo. Kinda wish that they could have at least been thrown into something else. Like if there were another dearly stars title with Leon worked in somehow, that'd be interesting.
fofo808 Dec 2, 2016 9:03 PM
New Season when though
RiggyRascal Nov 17, 2016 4:45 AM
Well I bet that her permanent will end up looking cooler anyway, her limited looked kinda simple. Still though, to get an SSR in just five singles is something else. My trust in the gatcha is too far in the dirt for me to think that something like that could happen. I ended up struggling to stay within the tiers for Aikurushii too, my new job has me working these night shifts that cut in on a sizable chunk of play time. I'll get home at like 2 or 4 AM and not even feel like it. Hopefully Flip Flop will go better, but hey that will probably end up being a token event, so that could be a pain.

Y'know, I recently made Takane, Iori and Yayoi crazy strong so I could be worth a damn in the DL LIves, but I'm starting to get a little tired of what they sound like together. Sometmes I just want a group that could kill EdeN or Overmaster, but they'll sound a little goofy. Geez, I haven't played a pro skater game in a hell of a long time, I used to bum around at my cousin's place and watch them play all the time when I was a kid. I guess there being a more recent game totally went under my radar.

So far I've only seen stuff about Alolan forms, what looks like new pokemon you can catch in the starting areas, and some crazyass looking Exeggutor, but that's about it. The jump to the game should be exciting with that little information known. Yeeeeah, this catalogue does seem a little lame. I kinda did see Only My Note coming at some point, but man I never liked that song. I guess it's a good reminder of OFA though, seeing as how Leon will probably just fade away.
RiggyRascal Oct 31, 2016 2:07 AM
Maybe it could act as some sort of encouragement for them to get more voices on board. More voices means more characters which means more episodes then, you know. Then again, they could just shove unvoiced characters in the background and have them do generic things like nod or move their mouths in time to a bunch of chatter caused by several other voices. All in all, I'm excited for a fun thing like this.

Ohhh, I guess she could pass for a Yuno lookalike with a little Hiro angle too. Egh, my card has done that a few times. Banks just don't seem to understand the micro-transacation deal, I guess. Really sucks that this sort of thing happened right when Akane came back. Hope you got a chance to reel her in. I almost forgot they were going to throw another limited out after the rerelease. I feel like this one won't be hard on so many people. Hell I like Karen, but not enough to break myself over her limited when I got her permanent.

Ahh, that actually sounds like a good idea. In the past I picked according to which exclusives I liked the best, but these days I try to avoid looking at any new Pokémon so I can jump into a new game and look at all the new ones sideways, it's too fun. Of course I've seen the starters, there's no avoiding them. I like the little owl guy, I might pick that. Now that they went and added what they have, I gotta think carefully about what songs they definitely wouldn't add. I feel I can confidently say they wouldn't revive Aoi Tori, that would be super nuts.
RiggyRascal Oct 23, 2016 3:14 AM
It's all good mane I've been wrapped up in a few different things so I didn't think you were dead for too long, maybe a day or two.

I see where you're coming from, you don't really cash in on the geekburger experience unless you got a few good people right there with you. By yourself you can do shopping for cool stuff, but then you couldn't say stuff like "Daaamn look at that over there" nor have as many stories to tell.

It's exciting stuff, it seems like they could get a whole lot of mileage from this show given how many damn characters they could feature. That part has to be the greatest since it should put the spotlight on idols that are being overlooked. Or y'know, make the already great ones even greater. Question is if they can top the amount of Puchimas episodes, which shouldn't be too difficult.

An event with Rock the Beat plus Kirari and Ryo would have been something I'd definitely sign up for. But the event as a whole is cool, the MV is a duet that the game deserves, and the cards look really well-made. Might as well focus on what I /can/ get as far as cards go, since the star jewel count is looking hideous. Goodbye Kanako. Last roll brought Yuko home though, so I can't say I regret much anything. She's not a favorite or anything, but damn if she ain't fun.

Ahh I still don't know which of those to get. Not even sure if I'll get one of them on launch, there are a few games that have my attention as is and I'm not exactly rolling in spending money right now. There's also that Platinum Stars DLC coming up with Here We Go, which I was totally joking about them adding, never did I actually believe they go through with it. Of course that means I gotta get it.
RiggyRascal Oct 5, 2016 8:34 PM
I had a feeling there would be some sort of event for it, the following definitely seems large enough. never thought of an anime expo being held in a racecourse stable though what, did they think people were gonna get buck or something pfft. Never been to one actually, comic con is the closest as I've come to that. I'd need to find someone to go with to the nearest anime thing, not many people I know are into that.

Yeah, they do want to cause as many people to panic as possible during any limited gatcha don't they. That's reaaall super of them. I actually went and used the last of my 10 rolls on this one because I felt like I need few of the featured cards. Brought in Zaizen and that's about it. Watched an MV with her and it was more than a little spooky. She's always got that glare and half-smile. It all seeps with murderous intent, kinda too much for me.

The challenges are neat, kinda brings in a new type of close call that's not that one NICE or health depleting. Earning the rewards feels kinda slow though, and I don't feel like recharging stamina myself because it's not so competitive.
danilitoleon Oct 4, 2016 2:44 PM
I'm very lazy as well, I love sleeping everywhere but home, well, sometimes at home too xD

I think the same, there are few things recently that can get my attention.
danilitoleon Oct 4, 2016 1:23 AM
Laziness into an art form? How come? XD

I'm trying to have a last All-nighter, 'cause I start classes next week and won't have time for nothing, so this will be my last for the year :')

danilitoleon Oct 3, 2016 10:36 PM
Yeah, you get it right! :)
Thanks for agreeing to be mates! How are you? :3
sweetdrops Oct 1, 2016 7:10 AM
Yeah, luck is definitely an strange thing. I do think I was kind of lucky this last cinfes, though! I got 3 new SSR in one roll! None of them limited though, but I'm still so thankful to Chihiro. I got Kyoko, Hinako and the wrong Jougasaki...

Don't get me wrong, I'm super happy I got Rika, I've always wanted her SSR, I like her so much!! but I really wanted that limited Mika, too. :P Actually, I wanted all of the three new limited SSR haha.
Now I know I'm waiting for Christmas Cinfes to roll again.

I've never been too much of a Vocaloid fan, though there was a time I used to listen to a bunch of their songs. I still listen to World is Mine and Melt from time to time ^^ I've never played a Project Diva game, either... They look like fun, though. What about Platinum Stars? Are you interested on it?
I definitely recommend Atelier, it's such an enjoyable and cute game.

I haven't noticed Chieri's phrases on the room, I will have to add her to mine to hear her being cute ^^

Yeah, I hope the anime songs don't go straight to the juke box, that'd be a shame...
Thank god Rin's event is not a ranking one. The moment they announced she'd be the "ranking SR" for this new event, I knew I wouldn't make it as I was already too tired over Dooky's one and I knew it would may be more crazy than PCS event.
I'm taking my time to get used to this new event, but I'm definitely liking it. I like the song STORY as well. The awekened cards look beautiful as well, I just hope I can get enough points and ateendes by the time it ends if I want to get my hands on that Rin SR.

Don't worry about the PCS event, there are times I couldn't make it either even if I really wanted the SR (like that KWSM event ; ;) because I didn't have enough time. Good luck on this one, though!!