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galimx Oct 3, 3:44 AM
Hey~ Whats up?

May I ask you about Maria-sama ga Miteru? What did you like about it? Is it very "shoujo ai" ? Is it character-driven? Do you think its worth the watch? Looks pretty interesting tho... Also, I think I already told you that, but you got really nice and diverse favorites =)
Grotesqueness Jul 5, 9:17 AM
I don't know, why are you sorry? You embarrass me with your kindness. You have no obligation to reply me or anything, after all. Haha. If anything, I'm happy that you replied me. I like to talk to people in general. So, if I see an answer or a message, that makes me very happy. Patience is good for me, also. :) Though, admittedly, I met very lovely, kind and mature persons on this site. I thank them very much for this experience. I'm quite sorry that, I haven't been keeping up with these replies. I don't think, I articulate myself quite well. Most of my writing is repeating and nonsense, admittedly. I don't want to write an empty reply-- even though, it might seemingly long. Heh. When I first saw your reply, I didn't know what to do. Was a little busy in the past few days, also, (I guess you are, too).

There is nothing left for me to say, then. Haha. You wrote an excellent view on Touch, then again. I completely agree with you on this view. And as for Perrine, as you may guess, and read a little bit your message on Dolphy's profile (though, saying this is kind of a stalk-ish thing, haha). I agree: Anne is quite similar to Perrine, in many ways. The vibe is amazing; though, the direction part was weak, compared to Anne, admittedly. Other than that, WMT never let me down so far. My idol, haha. Perrine was one of the best experiences I had from WMT, along with Anne, hands down. I thank you very much for mentioning it, haha.

Other than that, I'm quite obsessed with Dezaki's works. Lately, I want to explore the rest of Kajiwara's works (Ashita no Joe's author). I had high hopes for Karate Baka Ichidai, but it let me down. Though, I so want to watch Kyojin no Hoshi, but there are no subs. Damn it! What about you? May I ask you, what were your experiences with anime lately? :)
Grotesqueness Apr 20, 10:25 PM
Touch is a story of passion, I believe. I'm not exaggerating when I say that, by the way. Touch's 5th opening, Jounetsu Monogatari, means A Story of Passion.

Some lyrics are like this:
"If there is an ocean where I could throw away only sorrows...
...I will collect your tears in my hand...
...and row a ship of stars.
I have passions!
Please look back at me!
You know what it's like to be lonely!
And so it begins...
...I'm in love with you!
I can't hold back my passion!

The whole show builds up this thing, and it explains its content quite well. And funny, how Kazuya is used only as a tool (even though, it's dramatic) for Tatsuya and Minami. For many, that's an irritating thing, too. The story basically is the growth and responsibility. But Touch is no other coming-of-age story. It was too different. What is that saying? Vital point? Touch does that quite well. I did relate to Tatsuya a lot, while watching the show. And there were times, the dialogues were beyond words. I'm not sure, did you feel this way, but Tatsuya is easily one of the most human characters I've ever seen in any anime.

I agree with your beautiful comment, but I believe this show could be much better. Don't you think? 30-40 episodes are full filler. At some point, it was too heavy to handle. Minami is with Nitta, Tatsuya is jealous; Tatsuya is with Nitta's little sister, Minami is jealous. And then, it resets. Plus, Minami is way too irritating. At some point, I could have killed her. Touch has a lot of irritating characters, that's another negative point, if you ask me. Yoshida was REALLY unnecessary, especially.

But I can't say anything. After all, all of them are only used for Tatsuya's development. And the show tries to tell us one thing: you must have a passion, you must try hard. If you don't have a passion, then life is this and that, and all that other stuff. Did you realize that? While Minami was so successful, Tatsuya tried so hard. Even then, he couldn't bear to see Minami like that. He had an inferiority complex at some point, while seeing Minami like that. (Even though, he said that he didn't care.)

Touch is quite nice (it has a very meaningful message, like you said), but those fillers were really awful...

I thank you very much for these. I'll definitely check them out. I believe, Maria-sama and Perrine are excellent. As for Doremi... well, I see that show in everywhere, heh. It suddenly became everybody's favourite, haha. But it's too long, so I think, I'll watch Maria-sama first (because of your splendid long comment)! :)
Grotesqueness Apr 20, 2:31 PM
I'm glad that you liked Touch. Before leaving the site, I was curious if you have seen it or not. But glad that you finished it. It's phenomenal, isn't it? So inspiring and delightful. Tatsuya's development is terrific as well. But I guessed your favourite character in the beginning, haha. You have certainly a thing for hard outside, soft inside character type, heh. I'm getting back into anime again. Any recommendations from you is impeccable. So, if you have one, please feel free to mention :)
NotDolphy Mar 25, 7:20 PM
I don't have Remi downloaded unfortunately. I ended up really, really loving Nadja though (watched the entire second half in 2 days) and wanted more like it after i was done. Wish I had Remi~

(and speaking of dezaki, i still need to finish ganba and takarajima. ganba rules but i was having trouble getting into takarajima tbh. i hear it gets better tho so i'll get back to it eventually)

also i am terrible and still haven't finished heidi
NotDolphy Mar 21, 11:58 AM
i feel like jewelpet could do a lot more than precure has with that longevity. especially back when it was with comet, each season felt really different and they could basically do whatever they wanted. as much as i like precure, it really does retread a lot of ground. my melo felt complete to me after s2. s3 didn't have much left to do with those characters, s4 reboots and does awful, so i'm not sure what i'd want out of more my melo anime.
NotDolphy Mar 12, 3:44 PM
Sukkiri isn't nearly as good. It takes them a loooong time to adapt to shorter episodes and even by the time they do, it still just feels like bonus features or something. At least Kuru Kuru Shuffle has such a perfect ending. wraps up pretty much all of the important stuff in a super satisfying way. Also Sukkiri isn't subbed and there aren't really any good raws for it (i ended up using shitty youtube rips). It grew on me by the end but after a masterpiece like Kuru Kuru Shuffle...

(the final season is a lot worse tho)
NotDolphy Mar 11, 9:58 AM
I will! Eventually! I don't have it downloaded so it will have to wait until I have good internet again, but i am curious about it.
galimx Feb 10, 7:11 AM
Oh, yeah! I am really enjoying it. I will tell you my thoughts once I finish with it. Btw. did you saw many World Masterpiece Theater shows? Do you have any favorites from them? I only saw Romeo no Aoi Sora and it was pretty good. I also saw Ie Naki Ko, the original from 1977, which is very near to a WMT show, but it isnt one.
CyberZeta Feb 9, 4:54 AM
You got great taste in favorite anime.

btw your profile picture looks so handsome.
galimx Feb 8, 5:23 AM
Great list and favorites.
xpaula Jan 27, 7:24 AM
Yeah, it's definitely rough around the edges. But still, there's something about it that makes you want to see the next episode every time. Yeah, I love island survival shows as well XD. I do like the rest of the characters though. I like Menori a whole lot more than I thought I would at first. Haha, I've only watched the Ashita no Joe animes. The manga wasn't fully scanlated at the time I finished the anime, I think. I really need to go read the manga.
xpaula Jan 26, 11:02 AM
Your review of Mujin Wakusei Survive was really good! It convinced me to watch it and I like it a lot more than I expected to (except for Howard, I find it hard to watch him XD). And I love that you have Ashita no Joe on your favourites list.
Grotesqueness Nov 18, 2015 1:56 PM
Greetings! I just want to say that you and NotDolphy's Akage no Anne reviews articulate my feelings. Delightful and impeccable, if you ask me. Except the fact that I don't think I'll put my thoughts so smoothly, thoughtfully, respectfully and objectively, but good to see someone has that ability to do so, haha.

Thanks for your kind efforts to write phenomenal reviews for Akage no Anne. Me and I'm sure the others as well, enjoyed your reviews. I know my thanks means nothing for you, but please take my humble one, haha.
NotDolphy Oct 24, 2015 4:17 PM
HI PARIAL. Still sick, unfortunately. In the middle of moving too, so it's rough. Trying to take it as easy as possible though. BTW FINISH KURU KURU SHUFFLE (and you're about to pass me in Pripara :O)