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Oct 15, 2017
Warning: Minor Spoilers ahead
Story: 8/10
The story was, overall, very enjoyable. I was able to sit down and watch the movie in its entirety without feeling bored or pausing for a break, which is pretty impressive considering my increasingly short attention span (something I deem a societal problem, not a personal one). It did have one rather jarring continuity issue, which unfortunately results in a "happy ending"--admittedly matching the tone overall, but contradicting the central message of the film: happiness cannot be achieved without hardship. I also disliked the montage around the 1/3 point of the movie, which was honestly unnecessary and kind of distracting. It read more
Jan 23, 2017
Nobita no Nippon Tanjou was certainly an enjoyable movie, and a great first impression for a person like myself who has never actually seen Doraemon, despite its overwhelming popularity in Japan. Albeit formulated upon a childish and roundabout plot line, this archetypal setup does not detract from the depth of its amusement and the value of its entertainment.

Opening up with a supposedly recurrent motif--that is, Nobito's tendency to attempt to run away--juxtaposed with the hunting excursions of a confused cavechild about to be sucked into a vortex, the film clearly aims to immediately earn the attention of it's intended audience (children).

The art is colorful read more
Sep 25, 2016
Madoka Magica is the most artistic, enthralling, and thorough evaluation of the human conscience I've ever experienced in anime. Probably every anime fan has heard it once before: Madoka is one of those shows you start off expecting one thing and leave with your heart ripped from your chest and thrown across the room in one quick swing of Satan's scythe--but when you actually sit down to watch it, it's still more intense than what you've been warned. While I expected something along the lines of "cute but morbid," something resembling Gakkou Gurashi (a show which I consider one of my favorites), what I received read more
Sep 18, 2016
I really enjoyed these shorts. While I have some things to critique, overall they exceeded my expectations (by far) and served their purpose (i.e. got my hyped for the game).
The story is what you would expect from a FF game/spin-off (or prequel, in this case)--but in my opinion, I personally like this story more than others from preceding games. It has a uniqueness I can't quite delineate--in fact, it might just be Noct as a character that draws me in, as opposed to, say, Tidus (lol citing basically the only other FF game I've invested any sort of time into). Despite the subtle cliché basis read more
Sep 11, 2016
Story: 9
Honestly, I really loved this movie. It had me immersed from the first minute to the last, and while I can understand why some people dislike it over its "lack of logic," I don't agree. For the first half, or even first 3/4 of the film, it seems rather realistic, almost as if it could be an alternate reality to our own. Undeniably, it takes an unanticipated twist at that point--and one that I felt personally bumped my overall enjoyment of the film from an 8 to a 10--there was no doubt in my mind that the change of pace was, for my taste, read more
May 21, 2016
This may be the first and last time I write a review based almost exclusively on the plot of an anime, but bear with me. This is not an entirely synoptic review, just a collection of my thoughts, praises and criticism (that is, one singular criticism).

I absolutely fell in like with Boku Dake ga Inai Machi right off the bat, as I'm sure most people did (I remember, even if it was for a very short time, there was a little car for ERASED on the 2016 hype train). I watched weekly until the 7th episode, when I realized if I was left with another read more
Feb 15, 2016
Story: 10/10
I've seen my fair share of negative reviews for Noragami Aragoto, for various reasons, but I'm writing this review to make the case for why Noragami is so popular, and why so many people love it: it makes you feel something. Actually, a lot of things. I'm a huge believer in the idea that what makes any piece of art gain success is the creator's ability to evoke an emotional response from the audience. This doesn't always mean its a good thing: terrorist groups, as an extreme example, achieve this "success" by evoking fear and torment. In most cases, however, the intent is to read more
Feb 12, 2016
The art of Natsume Yuujinchou is probably the least impressive aspect, which is not to say it isn't impressive. It's simple, soft, and fluid, and there isn't much to pick on about it. The character designs are simple but hardly archetypical, and the individuality of each is accentuated even further by their differentiability.

You would assume the character development of this series is limited to Natsume, as it is episodic in nature and most characters either don't reappear later or are purely fill-in supporting characters that are meant to be stereotypical, average high school students or adult figures. Wrong. In nearly every single episode, 1-2 characters read more
Oct 17, 2015
This is one of my more serious and critical reviews, not because I dislike yaoi or didn't like this OVA, but because I honestly REALLY did like it. Hybrid Child captivated me backwards, which honestly was a lot better than the other way around, like most anime does. (I'm not the type of person to sit through a show once I start it just because I feel like I need to...if something really bores me, I drop it.) The first part was interesting, no set the story up and introduced the main concept that would be fleshed out during the subsequent parts. However, it read more
Jul 4, 2015
Story: 8/10
The plot is simple and very easy to follow, but there’s never a dull moment. The theme could have been dark and dreary (a point gracefully pointed out in the first opening song), but it’s instead lighthearted and funny, which is a huge advantage for plot progression. The story manages to advance and remain mostly comedic, which makes sitting down and watching it feel neither like a chore nor like a total emersion in brain cell destruction. Lastly, it is inarguably an incredibly original idea that I have yet seen to be attempted by any other series—HOWEVER, I will say that if you’re read more