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Jan 30, 2018
Starting with the positives: Karakuri Odette is an enjoyable read. The female protagonist is very likable, and is what makes this series truely shine. For the most part, it makes you want to continue reading, and only becomes draggy somewhere in the middle. Nonetheless, Karakuri is a simple, light hearted read. If you are looking for a shoujo with a serious romance (I'd go as far as to say that there is no romance in this series and it's more about Odette and her friends) and solid plot, then I'd suggest avoiding this series.

The negatives: My main issue with Karakuri, is obvious lack of read more
Dec 13, 2015
Cat Street started out really good. The story appealed to me a lot, since I could relate to Keito and her friends, feeling like "stray cats". I liked the idea of a free school, and the characters were unique and realistic.

Unfortunately, somewhere around chapter 15, is when it started going downhill. The pacing suddenly grew REALLY fast. The plot lines and romance were extremely rushed, and the mangaka even threw in time skips, all within like 15 chapters. Its like the mangaka suddenly found out that she had to condense her story into 35 chapters when really, it could have been at least 50 chapters.

The read more
Oct 1, 2015
Story: 7/10 Good old Wagnaria. I've been following this series since the first season began airing. Its truly been a pleasure watching these characters on screen. The story is a simple yet enjoyable slice of life. However, the third season had much more substance compared to its preceding seasons.

One downside to Wagnaria, is that its jokes follow the same repetitive formula. I wouldn't recommend marathoning all three seasons because of this. Thankfully this issue wasn't as severe in this season since as i mentioned, it focuses on multiple plots throughout the series.

The biggest disappointment for me was the last episode. The pacing was strange and read more
Jun 17, 2015
This manga was interesting and entertaining. It intrigued me from the start and introduced some great concepts.

Unfortunately, starting from the Nanako arc, it went downhill. Towards the end, everything grows rushed and ends flat. All the terrific character development is abandoned as Manabu, one of the main characters, is reduced to a minor character.

While the manga introduced multiple fascinating concepts, it failed to fully utilize them and ultimately failed to be meaningful. Instead, the author throws a bunch of twisted "wtf" moments and overplays it in an attempt to be meaningful. Could fool those who are newer to this genre, but (sadly) it read more