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Feb 9, 2017
ACCA is a story that says to hell with expectations and preconceived notions on what makes anime good, throwing the staples of anime tradition to the wayside in favor of a more subtle, nuanced approach to storytelling.

As such, It should come to no surprise to know that this winter season’s ACCA has dissenting opinions among the anime community. Some people have cited it as ‘People talking, the anime.’

After all, the show doesn’t aim to dazzle us in the way we’ve come to expect from traditional series— there are no explosive visuals, no internal monologue, no signature moves or battles, nor is there any trademark fanservice read more
Dec 29, 2016
It is only natural as humans to crave meaningful relationships with one another. However, for as much as we can try to foster worthwhile relationships with everyone, it is inevitable that we realize not all relationships are fortuitous. As we weed through to decide the ones worth keeping, mistakes and misunderstandings are bound to arise. In fact, we’re bound to get burned at some point or another. These mistakes can sometimes do us more harm than good, as the pain of being burned can serve to form mental walls, preventing us from being vulnerable.

While I can commend Girlish Number for attempting to explore these themes read more
Dec 29, 2016
Navigating through any social media outlets during this anime season, you’d be hard-pressed to not find any gifs or screen-caps of anime girls in swimsuits strutting their stuff. No, everyone didn’t suddenly become obsessed with ecchi overnight. It turns out, girls clashing their booties and boobies makes for an explosively exciting sport. And this is exactly what Keijo!!!!!!!! is all about.

Keijo is a professional sport where girls compete on a ring floating over water to push their opponent off with nothing but their butts or boobs. The competition is intense. For 18-year old Nozomi Kaminashi, she wants nothing more than to be the prize queen read more
Dec 22, 2016
Orange (Anime) add (All reviews)
There’s a particular scene of Orange that will stay with me for years to come. In this moment, Naho, the protagonist of Orange, attempts to console Kakeru by providing him with emotional support only to realize there’s nothing she could do to ‘save’ him from his own emotions. It was absolutely devastating to watch. Everything in this moment executed Kakeru’s frailty with a crushing weight that persisted through the scene with increasing intensity. The sullen look on Kakeru’s face as he avoids Naho’s eyes and the hoarseness present in both the character’s voices as they spoke punched me repeatedly in the gut. It was heavy read more
Dec 18, 2016
Alternative Names: モブサイコ100

Studio: Bones

Art Director: Ryou Kouno

Length: 12 Episodes

Every once in a while, we have that one series that slips under our radar for superficial reasons. Perhaps the art looks like something you wouldn’t vibe with. Or maybe it just sounds like something you’ve seen done before. Whatever the reason, you cast it aside to the ever-growing graveyard of ‘maybe if I’m bored enough,’ knowing full well that day may never come. For me, Mob Psycho 100 had fallen prey to that category. If it wasn’t for a recommendation from a close friend, I probably would have never given Mob Psycho 100 the time read more
Nov 10, 2016

Spanning 9 chapters, it’s no wonder such a beautiful manga such as Itsuya-San could be overlooked. Nonetheless, I can’t believe that no one has written a review for this series yet. Don’t let the series length or deceptively simple summary fool you – what we have here is a deeply introspective piece that will warm your heart and leave you yearning for more.

Yumeka Sumomo is exceedingly talented at creating pungent shorts that quickly cement themselves in your heart. I’m dumbfounded as to how such a short series could be filled to the brim with so many insightful moments. All the characters are read more
Nov 10, 2016
--This review is spoiler-free--

Quite frankly, this series was a huge let-down, right from the start. It is unfathomable to me how a series without any semblance of substance such as Yasashii Sekai no Tsukurikata can get away with any of the praise found in the review section below. At best, this series is painfully average, with heavy-handed attempts at being dramatic or introspective.

If you’re looking for a show with purpose, this is not it. The cast of characters are all bland and severely archetypal, resorting into a stereotypical harem environment filled with all its usual tropes and clichés. The pacing of the narrative was a read more